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Scotland & Northumberland

Another look around Edinburgh, the borders at Hadrian's Wall & Northumberland

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Issue: 1 Updated: 7th January 2011

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Starting at Cramond Island .......

Cramond Island & Causway from air

1. Cramond Island & tidal causeway (MTCV)

Cramond Island & Causway

2. Cramond Island

Reached by a tidal causeway which has a WWII submarine defense boom running alongside


3. A fearless Heron

Just a few feet from the causeway Herons fish the mud pools oblivious to passing pedestrians

Cramond Fort

4. Cramond Islands Fort

There's always a Fort which is actually a 75mm Gun emplacement

Cramond 75mm Gun emplacement

5. The 75mm Gun emplacement had it's own searchlight in WWII

Fortified the island has a number of surviving 1940's gun emplacements, stores, shelters & engine rooms

Gun emplacements

6. Gun Emplacements (Steven Harrison)

The only remains of the barracks are a few large concrete stumps largely buried in the undergrowth

Cramond Island 1

7. The view North to the top of Cramond Island

The Romans probably used Cramond Island in support of their Fort & outpost in Cramond village: Preserved Roman ruins are buried adjacent to the car park

Cramond Island 2

8. View South from the top of Cramond Island

The island supported sheep farming which remained until the 1960's. Fishing, and oyster cultivation was from the 17th century, the beds long being depleted

The ruin of a small stone farmhouse, abandoned in the 1930's can be seen in the island's small wood

Cramond Island 3

9. View East towards Inchkeith

Cramond Island 4

10. View South East towards Edinburgh Western Harbour & Leith Docks

Houbd Point & the forth bridges

11. Hound Point Oil Terminal with the Forth bridges beyond

Forth rail bridge

12. Undated - An old postcard of the Forth Rail Bridge

Forth geometric river bed

13. Postcard of the contours of the Forth River Bed (July 2007)

Inside 75mm gun emplacement 1

14. Inside the 75mm Gun Emplacement

The island is only a third of a mile long and covers around 17 acres, it doesn't take long to complete a circular walk

Inside 75mm gun emplacement 2

15. Causeway from the 75mm Gun Emplacement

Today the island is famed as a venue for Punk gatherings, festivals and picnics add to the mystery of the islands double life

The Kaiser Chiefs & Punks O'Polli the Gaelic group and in 2003 a Terry Wogan lookalike competition was staged - Terry came third!

The River Almond ......

Return across the Causeway to walk the banks of the River Almond

River almond estuary

16. The River Almond Estuary at Cramond

Reach Cockle Mill, take refreshments at the Cafe in the old office building, view remains of the dam, dock and other buildings nearby

River almond weir 1

17. Upstream to the man made weir

Fairafar mill forge 1

18. Fairafar or Niddry Mill

The ruins are that of the Mills forge

Fairafar mill forge 2

19. Solid stone built walls remain intact

Fairafar mill forge 3

20. With low door ways and windows, suspect the ground has been in filled

The mill driven by the Almond's waters turned a water wheel which worked a trip hammer

River almond weir 2

21. Mill Dam

Water cascades towards the sea

River almond weir 3

22. Mill Dam waterfall

Farafar mill wheel site

23. Down river to where the water wheel would have been

Further upriver there are ruins of Peggies & Dowies Mills

Willows & stone

24. Dark & dank

The path wanders by the Almond overhanging Willow tree's flank the banks creating a catastrophic atmosphere

The Cramond Association has a lot more history and pictures of the village

The City of Edinburgh .......

Princes street gardens

25. Princes Street Gardens ...

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