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Scotland & Northumberland

Another look around Edinburgh, the borders at Hadrian's Wall & Northumberland

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Princes street gardens & edinburgh castle

26. ... in the shadow of impressive Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street Gardens were created in 1820's after the draining of Nor Loch & the building of the New Town

Princes street gardens walkway

27. Princes Street Gardens

West bow & cowgate

28. Junction of West Bow & Cowgate below Victoria Terrace

Mr Scotsman

29. Kilted gentlemen in Grassmarket

The hub

30. The Hub on the Royal Mile

The gun that never was ......

One o'clock gun 1

31. Self explanatory

One o'clock gun 2

32. The infamous gun from the Castle's high terrace

Determined rain, but let's wait awhile it's only 10 minutes until the firing!

One o'clock gun 3

33. Princes Street Gardens

Won't be long now!

One o'clock gun 4

34. Poised for the firing

Sergeant at Arms checking the time, all very theatrical playing to the large crowd

Waverley railway station

35. Waverley Railway Station (Edinburgh Central)

One o'clock gun 5

36. 'Just a few more moments by my watch - FIRE'

'Oh %^*> that didn't work'

North bridge & carlton hill

37. North Bridge with Carlton Hill beyond

One o'clock gun 6

38. 'em now lets see, dud shell, oh well there's always tomorrow'

The 1 o'clock gun failed to fire on 29th September 2010

Edinburgh castle building facade detail

39. Edinburgh Castle

Side detail of the building which houses Scotland's Crown Jewels

Great hall edinburgh castle

40. Great Hall part of the War Museum

Keys to the city

41. Keys to the City of Edinburgh

Military prison edinburgh castle

42. Military Prison

Edinburgh Castle Leaflet

43. Edinburgh Castle

ok, let's go for a walk

Arthur's seat from castle ramparts

44. Hilly Destination

Not before a tipple though ...

Oxford bar window detail

45. The Oxford Bar window detail

... at the Oxford Bar at 8 Young Street in the New Town where writer Ian Rankin created John 'Rebus'

Very much a setting of his books The Oxford Bar is his characters & own favourite watering hole referred to as the Ox' & sometimes 'The Sutherland'in the novels

Other pubs get a look it too such as the The Cafe Royal Bar

John Gates

46. John Gates former Landlord

John Gates above was licensee of The Ox' from 1994 - 2005

Visit The Oxford Bar to see how little has changed over the decades


Arthur's Seat ......

Arthur's seat 1

47. Set in Holyrood Park - Arthur's Seat

Arthur's seat 2

48. One of the various route's to ...

Arthur's seat 3

49. ... the top

Arthur's Seat is formed from an extinct volcano

Arthur's seat 4

50. No Monster

At just 250.5 meters (823' above sea level) is quite an easy walk from the eastern approach of Dunsapie Loch

Arthur's seat 5

51. Halfway point

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