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Scotland & Northumberland

Another look around Edinburgh, the borders at Hadrian's Wall & Northumberland

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Hadrian's wall 2

78. Hadrian's Wall

The stonework was topped by 6' of timbers over it's 84 mile length, care to work out how many trees Hadrian's Wall History

NT signpost

79. NT Signpost

Hadrian's wall 3

80. Hadrian's Wall

Is without doubt one of the British Isles most remarkable man made features

Hadrian's wall 4

81. Hadrian's Wall

Roman Britain

Hadrian's wall 5

82. Hadrian's Wall

The Walls Archeology

Hadrian's wall 6

83. Hadrian's Wall

Site of a guard house Hadrian's Wall, Forts

Hadrian's wall 7

84. Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's wall 8

85. Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's wall 9

86. Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's wall 10

87. Hadrian's Wall

For walks look here Walk Hadrian's Wall

Housesteads fort hadrian's wall

88. Housesteads Fort, Hadrian's Wall

National Trail Leaflet English Heritage Hadrian's Wall Leaflet

People have been walking the wall for over 2000 years, find out more

Northumberland - Newton Dunes, Newton Point ......

Newton 1

91. Grassland walks to rugged out crops

Newton 2

92. But more typical Northumberland, long remote stretches of foreshore under big blue skies

Dunstanburgh castle ruins

93. Ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, Alnwick

Beautifully remote with wonderful walks, but take warm clothes and waterproof boots it's muddy

NT Dunstanburgh Castle

Newton 4

94. Wild & windy open coastline

Newton 5

95. Not much there

Lookout cottage newton

96. Rather nice 'Lookout Cottage'

Newton Point

97. Newton Point

A few cottages and the turnpike road, strictly no parking

Newton Point main service road

98. Newton Point

A great place to visit on foot, more at NT Newton Point

Pttergate at alnwick

99. Pottergate, Alnwick (pronouced Anik)

Alnwick castle

100. Alnwick Castle

Used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Films


Seahouses ......

Seahouses 1

101. Seahouses

Better known as the gateway to the Farne Islands, with boat trips running from springtime to autumn

Farne from Seahouses

102. Farne Islands from Seahouses

Seahouses harbour Rejoice

103. Seahouses Harbour
104. Fishing boat 'Rejoice'

Couquet RSPB Tours Leaflet

105. 'RSPB Coquet Island' part of Farne Islands from Seahouses

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