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Sealand after the Fire - Part 4

Continuing Part 4 of our rolling series on the Sealand Fire - Rejuvenation

The aftermath, a report & pictures from Tuesday 8th August 2006

Securing hoist arm Sealanders Mike Barrington & assistant on deck

Sealanders working on deck

Harwich Pilot Vessel

One of the Harwich Haven Pilot Vessels passes close by at speed, a familiar sight from the fort with the crews often waving their greetings

Burn out Gardner 180 Generator

The burnt out Gardner 180 Generators

Mike Barrington

Mike Barrington with the Essex coast behind

Water tank in remains of desalination room

A water tank replaced in the area that was once the desalination plant

"Elsewhere, much clearing & cleaning has also been done throughout the North Leg during the last few months, too"

"A great deal of fire-tender hose water ended up falling down this side of the Principality & pooled at the base of the lift shaft, this will be completely pumped out from the bottom in due course"

The charred Row

The charred Row at deck level looking South

"Many upper areas are in the process of being re-wired"

State Office repair & repainting

State Office in process of cleaning & redecoration

"The businesses & associated technical hardware housed in Sealand remain fully operational, chiefly in the South Leg, as was the case throughout the fire itself"

"The State Office of The Principality's Bureau of Internal Affairs has temporarily moved to Row 3

Lounge being cleared

Clearing the lounge

Another view of lounge Lounge door to Row

The Lounge PC & book shelf area & Lounge Door to Row

New galley window

New Galley window

"Some windows have now been replaced & many of the upper living quarter areas have either been made good again or are being cleared in preparation for the arrival of new equipment & furniture"

Galley interior

Cleaned up Galley

South leg level 7 (G)

Looking down into the murky depths of the South leg fromlevel 6 (F) to 7 (G)

The Chapel

The new Chapel at level 2 (B) of the North leg

Bedroom North Deep level 4 (D)

North Deep leg accommodation level 4 (D) berths are now known as Cottages

"Meanwhile, full rectification of the gym, chapel, jail, conference & sleeping quarters in this leg are as you can see, either already in good condition or about to be returned to their respective original standard"

Supplies hoisted aboard Roughs West Cardinal Buoy

Last supplies this trip go aboard & a view of the Roughs West Cardinal Buoy

Sealand Flag

The National Sealand Flag flying from the top of the forts Helipad

Sealand Overview

Leaving Sealand

"There’s still a lot of effort needed, as can be seen from these images taken on 8th August; but Sealand is already way ahead of its rejuvenation targets"

RNLI Station Harwich

Arrival at Harwich with RNLI Vessels moored at their berth

25/10/07 - Web Site Message from: Mike Marshall Hi, Just stumbled across your site looking for WW2 generator info. Sorry about your fire as the engines were a piece of living history but could probably be overhauled again. I noticed the large alternators. Could you tell me if they were made by Mawdsleys & if so let me have some detailed photos of the rating plate & the gen housing. This is a long defunct great british company & I am trying to get all data I can of surviving examples of their products which were a significant part of our defences during WW2 for radar power and searchlights etc. Keep up the good work. I often wondered what became of the old coastal forts!!

My very best regards, Mike Marshal

07/08/09 - I want to know if you are able to ship a copy of the Sealand documentary all the way to the western coast of America for me. I have been reading a lot about the history of Sealand and I find it fascinating. I am sorry to hear about the fire and I hope that my DVD purchase can help a bit. I would buy a t-shirt too if you had a nice Sealand shirt for your supporters. It's not much but it could be an easy way to raise some funds. I think people would buy them once they have heard your story, it truly is remarkable! - Adam Kaffman

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