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Sealand Fire - Part 5

The 23rd June 2006 fire the aftermath & Fort restoration in our rolling series on the rejuvenation of Sealand

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East side of fort from north end

27. Eastern side of Fort from North end

Fuel containers on north end

28. Remains of poly fuel carbuoys on Forts North end

Fuel containers on north end close up

29. Close up of fuel carbuoys

Burnt out generators from north west end

30. Burnt out generators from NW end

Burnt out generators looking south east

31. Burnt out generators looking SE

No more power

32. Not ever going to produce power again

Bare wires

33. Bare wires


34. Nuts, bolts, screws, fixings & the charred remains of the wooden generator house

Video cameraman

35. Video pictures

File & Gloves

36. Rusty bastard file! (and gloves)

Scorched deck

37. Charred wood & scorched bitchumen deck

Water under generator

38. Water under West side generator

Perkins generator

39. Perkins Generator

Scrap metal

40. Scrap metalwork


41. The devastation, hard to absorb

Molten metal

42. Molten metal

West Gardner generator fan

43. West side Gardner 180 generator fan

West generator exhaust manifold

44. West side Gardner 180 generator exhaust manifold

West side Gardner generator

45. West side Gardner 180 generator

Deck bolts

46. Trough deck fastenings

Perkins generator

47. Perkins generator

Perkins generator

48. Perkins generator

View westwards

49. Looking West

Centre of generator house

50. Centre of generator house

Bell housing

51. Bell housing

More debris

52. Metal & wooden charred remains

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