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Sealand Fire - Part 5

The 23rd June 2006 fire the aftermath & Fort restoration in our rolling series on the rejuvenation of Sealand

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West side of deck

53. West side of deck looking South

Generator house looking east

54. Generator house looking East

Oil drums & general debris

55. 45 gallon fuel oil drums & general debris

Wooden remains of generator house

56. Wooden remains of the generator house

Wrecked portable generator set

57. Remains of portable generator

Redundant derrick on north west end of fort

58. The old Derrick on NW Fort End

Top deck view north

59. Top deck looking North

Top deck view north west

60. North West view over remains of the generator house

Top deck view north east

61. North East view

East side of fort

62. East side of Fort

Water purification area

63. This was the water purification plant between the office & generator house

Water purification area

64. Water purification area between the office & generator house

Water purification area

65. Water purification plant in between the office & generator house

Sealand state office

67. Sealand state office & communications room

Sealand state office to Row

68. Sealand state office with door open to the Row

Sealand state office wrecked furniture

69. Sealand state office wrecked furniture

Sealand state office towards window west

70. Sealand state office looking towards West window

The bosons chair

71. Time to leave

Leaving Sealand

73. In the trusty bosons chair

Tender returns to port

73. Leaving for port

With grateful thanks to Chris Harrington (Church East) & Prince Michael of Sealand for their considerable help in producing this feature

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