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The 1990's - 0000's includes photographs provided from the Bates family archive

2010 Sealand has begun to demonstrate it's sporting ambitions dabbling since 2003. With some healthy athletes already involved with Sealand watch this space for more

Football on Sealand might join the FIFA world cup. One of the early signings is said to be the Suns showbiz editor after Michael's son Liam joins the team to playing in Malta. The idea is to raise a team of 'Didn't quite make it' footballers with sponsorship. The idea's being put together by a guy called Neil Forsyth who is a sports writer and author

Bosuns chair

Ahoy there! an impromptu visit to the Principality on 6th June 2010

Mike & Kevin on The Row

Mike Barrington & Kevin Turner chatting on 'The Row'

Plenty has & will continue to be written about an old rusting World War II Naval Fort off the British coast

Whatever your view let's applaud the great British eccentricity of the whole enterprise

Sealand Title Pack

For a limited period of time only: To celebrate 30 years of victory over the Dutch and German terrorist invasion of Sealand. The Principality is offering 'Individual Noble Titles' Lord, Lady, Baron and Baroness in recognition of support

During the invasion Prince Michael of Sealand was held prisoner for four days until being landed illegally on the Dutch coast. Sealand launched a counter attack sliding down ropes from a helicopter 100 foot above the raging North Sea to recaptured the fortress island

N.B Also in appreciation for their services to the Principality of Sealand honorary titles are being issued to a select group of supporters, including Danny Wallace, Ben Fogle, Terry Wogan, George Stroumboulopoulos and Jeremy Clarkson

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Sealand seal

Offshore Radio Sealand came close but never quite to fruition

Finally, Did you know that 'Sealand' is a name shared by various others - Sealand: Marine Products, Villas, Shooting School, Clothing, Retail Park, Stadium, Road and even Toilets!

This feature does not intend to duplicate information published elsewhere or make legal or otherwise opinions, reference links are provided as applicable

With grateful thanks to Michael Bates for his help in producing this article

A number of the original photographs used in this feature were lost in the 2006 fire, fortunately digital copies were taken for the Sealand Grand Tour DVD

Additional photographs; Chris Stewart, Paul MacLaren, Chris Watford, Bill Rollins

Sealand History : Clarkson for PM : Sovereignty : More News

News can be found on Sealand Facebook

A VCD sanctioned & approved for release by Prince Michael of Sealand is available with over 150 photographs and history soundtrack tour of Sealand to order your copy go to Offshore Shop

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