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Sealand in 2010

A short visit to the Principality on 6th June 2010

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Lift shaft cable runs

45. Cable runs through munitions lift shaft southern leg

Sea water valve

46. Salt water valve level 6 (M) southern leg

Inspection cover

47. Seabed inspection cover southern leg level 6 (L)

Looking up lift shaft 1

48. Looking up munitions lift shaft

Looking up lift shaft 2

49. From level 6 (L) southern leg

Mike with his cat

50. Mike nursing the Fort cat

Looking south from roof

51. View South from top of roof stairs

Sealand Flag

52. The Regal Principality Sealand Flag


53. Pigeons they're everywhere, not unusual for homing pigeons to roost on Forts 

West side of walkway

54. West side of deck walkway


55. Departure

Looking north

56. Looking North

Looking north west

53. Looking North West

Southern leg detail

54. Reinforced concrete detail of South Leg

Southern leg looking up and west

55. South leg looking up and towards West

Top part of south leg

56. Top portion of South leg


57. Looking West at underside RSJ's

Mike looking down from east side

58. Mike looking over side

Southern leg detail looking south

59. Looking south at South leg

Looking up at west side

60. Looking up at West side

Looking north east

61. Heading home looking North East

And finally ...


62. Presentation time ...

Ben Fogle with James & Charlotte

63. Ben Fogle visits Sealand with a TV crew to receive his title as 'Lord of Sealand' on 24th September 2010 pictured above with Prince James & Princes Charlotte of Sealand

The BBC Television One Show in their series on the Islands of Britain included a piece on Sealand, which transmitted on the Wednesday 16th February 2011 at 19.15 hrs

Visit photographs by Bill Rollins navigate from here for Sunk Head & Radio Tower TV

Photographs # 62/63 & feature approved by Prince Michael of Sealand

We can't promise they'll take you out to Sealand but for Wildlife Cruises in the Essex backwaters aboard the 'Karina' call 07596 597 615

13/11/10 - My father Horace Perrin was a Stoker 1st Class service no.B17285

He served on Roughs Fort during the war, your pictures have given me some idea of the solitude and discomfort he must have experienced at the time he was posted there

He was a reservist and came home twice on "survivors leave" once from HMS Brilliant following an attack by enemy aircraft during convoy duty in the Channel during the Battle of Britain, and from HMS Buccaneer run aground at Montrose, Scotland and taken off by beachers buoy, again after a run in with an ME110

So his posting thereafter to Roughs Fort was at least some comfort in so far that leave was regular on a turnaround basis. To think he probably looked after the generators you feature - Ann

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