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Sealand - All The W's

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Another chapter in the Sealand post fire series looks at the Wind Turbine, Wood Burner & Water Tanks ...

N.B Levels referenced in Naval manner A-G then base, rather than Sealand terms A-G for North Deep (Leg) & H-N for South Deep (Leg)

1000 ltr tank

38. 1000 litre Polyethylene liquid storage tank ...

Tank is on Northern Deck

39. ... on the North End Deck

Another 1000 ltr tank

40. Separate tank ...

41. .. being built into the ...

Prep' work Prep' work

42. ... Seawater Osmosis plant area ...
43. ... Prep' work done

Tanks fitted

44. Tanks fitted

Time to leave

45. Time to leave ...

Going down

46. Going down ...

Back soon!

47. See you soon?

This feature series approved by Prince Michael of Sealand

Holding The Fort

16. Holding the Fort

'Unwrapped' the Sealand Fort as told by (Prince) Michael Bates

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09/02/16 - Lovely article Bob. Keep up the good work! Long live pirates! Chris

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