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Sealand - Galley

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With so many post fire & refurbishment photographs we plan to publish in sections

This sequence covers the Galley


21. Work Party - Chris, Matt & Dave after a hard days graft

Coke demolished

22. Dry Fort, always the rule

Card School

23. Card School


24. There's always Monopoly

Replaced units & worktops

25. Replacement Galley units & worktops

New floor covering All mod' cons

26. New floor covering 27. All mod' cons'

New cupboards

28. Cupboards

Cooker in use

29. Cooker in use

Home from home Plate warming rack too

30. Home from home 31. Even a plate rack

Calor Gass Cooker detail Worktop support

32. Calor Gas cooker Detail 33. Worktop support

Draing board area

34. Other side of Galley

Sink detail

35. Sink

Curtained galley window

36. Curtains at window

Skirting boards

37. Skirting boards!

Dining area TV

38. Dining area Television

Dining area detail

39. Close up dinning area

Fully equipted

40. Sink and worktop with waterpump priming switch

Pots n Pans

41. Pots n pans

With grateful thanks to Chris Harrington for his help in producing this article

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