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Christmas 2007

A copy free feature of a break in the Fenlands

St Ives Town Centre at Night

Nighttime in St Ives Town Centre

Information on St Ives

Old Ferry Boat Inn Frontage

The Old Ferry Boat Inn said to be England's oldest Public House

Old Ferry Boat Inn Garden Side

Now part of Old English Inns the building dates from 560 AD

Old Ferry Boat Inn Patio

The Inn is down a long dead end road & on the banks of the Ouse or Old West River

Old Ferry Boat Inn Garden Side to River

After heavy rains had encroached up to the buildings walls

Moody River Ouse

River in full flood viewed from the patio of the Old Ferry Boat Inn

Lounge of Old Ferry Boat Inn

In the main lounge bar Juliet Tewsley who committed suicide after being jilted by her married lover in 1050

Julliet Tewsley's Grave

She's buried under the granite slab which is washed every morning

Framed Newspaper Cutting Haunted Inn's

Said to be haunted we stayed a few days but picked-up nothing but good vibes from the friendly place

Green Goddess on Holywell Front

Hollywell Front Old Ferry Boat Inn distant Green Goddess Fire Appliance one of two in the village being restored

Houses on Holywell Front

Houses along Holywell Front

Thatched Cottages on Holywell Front

Pretty cottages

Row of Thatched Cottages on Holywell Front

Plenty of thatch

Sunshine over Cottages on Holywell Front

Looking all the better for winter sunshine

The River Ouse in Flood

After a generally wet year the ground just isn't able to absorb the water

Brook House Iron Gate

Brook House front gate

Hill Farm House porch

Hill Farm House front door porch

Hardy Blooms

Determined hardy blooms

Last cottages before Holywell Church

Final cottages before Church road

Holywell Church

Holywell Church, the footpath Ouse Valley Way leads from here to St Ives just 1.5 miles away

The Holywell

The actual Holywell in the Church grounds

Ely Cathederal

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathederal & Minster Tavern

Ely Cathedral & the Minster Tavern

Information on Ely

St Ives Quay

Evening at the Quay from the old road bridge St Ives

There's a Visual Tour from here

St Ives Ducks fed at Shops

Ducks enjoying their supper kindly put out by St Ives shop keepers

Look at a Guide to St Ives

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