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With much interest in our Lovely Old Ships feature including images from the private archives of Jerry Pitcher ...

1. The P.S City of Rochester off Cliffe on the River Medway

2. The P.S Clacton Belle

3. P.S Crested Eagle

4. P.S London Belle

5. P.S Medway Queen, Portside Stern

6. P.S Medway Queen steaming

7. P.S Medway Queen coming alongside

8. P.S Queen of Kent

9. P.S Queen of Thanet pictured on 10th July 1934

10. P.S Queen of Thanet

11. P.S Royal Eagle on the River Thames

12. P.S Royal Eagle passes under Tower Bridge

13. P.S Royal Eagle returns down river past the Tower of London

14. P.S Royal Eagle & P.S Queen of Thanet at Margate Pier

15. P.S Royal Sovereign off Margate Pier in 1906

16. P.S Royal Sovereign off Ramsgate

Royal Daffodil off Margate Pier

17. Royal Daffodil off Margate Pier (Wayne Potter Archive)

18. The later M.V Royal Sovereign

19. M.V Royal Sovereign

285' length, twin screw, 1,851 gross ton capable of carrying 1,783 passengers at 20 knots

20. M.V Queen of the Channel

21. M.V Queen of the Channel off Ramsgate

22. Attempted post war revival of Paddle Steamer coastal pleasure cruising in 1945

23. P.S Waverley

Not what it was in its heyday, but trips from the East Coast Towns run troughout the summer season onboard the P.S Waverley & M.V Balmoral

Occasionally the P.S Kingswear Castle makes our shores

See also the P.S Medway Queen

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