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Stony Stratford

A copy free feature of a springtime walk around the Stony Stratford

'Stratford' Anglo Saxon a foord by which a Roman Road crosses a river

'Stan-eg' meaning: Stony translates as Stone Island

We take in the picturesque & historic sights of the small Town on 21st April 2015

A Civil Parish with its own Council Stony Stratford lies within the Borough of Milton Keynes

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Market Square Car Park Sign

1. Market Square Car Park

Begin your walk in Market Square ...

Stony Stratford Street Plan

2. The Town Plan

The street pattern laid out in the Middle Ages, to the backs of the dwellings narrow strips of land were known as 'Burgage Strips' for rear access

Market Square

3. Market Square

Richard the 1st granted a corn & cattle Market in 1194

Crown Inn

4. The Crown Inn, Market Square

Charles the 2nd granted four annual Fairs could be held in 1662

Old Court House

5. 'The Old Court House'

Once a Victorian Police Station, the Judges Chamber & Cells has been converted to offices

Cox & Robinson, Pharmacy

6. Market Square: Cox & Robinson, Pharmacy

Go to the Northern side of Market Square to Church Street ...

Sundial House

7. Number 40 Church Street 'Sundial House'

Was a bakery dating from 1739, further down the street ...

36 Church Street

8. Number 36, Church Street

Up until the 1980's part of the 'Sharpe & Woollard' leather works founded by Samuel Sharpe in 1815

Continue along Church Street past the Library ...


9. The Library

Continue to the end of the street to the Church ...

St Mary's Church 1 St Mary's Church 2

10 & 11. The Church of St Mary & St Giles Tower

Date from 1487 & is the only part of remaining from the rebuild in 1776

Take path round rear of Church, through the Lynchgate onto the High Street, part of the London to Chester Roman Watling Street cross the road to Shell House opposite ...

Shell House

12. The 17th Century 'Shell House' 

So named because of its Shell Canopy

Cock Hotel

13. Cock Hotel, boasting its 18th Century facade

In 1520 the Inn was bequeathed by Thomas Piggott of Beachampton, set up as a Charitable Trust profits maintained the Bridge & Causeway over the Great Ouse

Bull Hotel

14. Bull Hotel, 19th Century facade

A Maid at the the Bull Inn is believed to have the great fire of 1742 which destroyed 146 buildings

Both Inns have impressive signs & the saying 'Cock & Bull' story originates here

In 1708 Parliament he Countrys first turnpike (toll road) between Stony Stratford & Hockcliffe was created

Stony Stratford became an ideal 'watering hole' with its many Pubs & Inns for 30 daily horse drawn carriages

Cross back over the High Street to the Stratford Arcade ...

Stony Stratford Arcade

15 & 16. Stony Stratford Arcade

At the entrance the 18th Century Chemist Shop retains original fitted draws

Continue to number 97 ...

Cross Keys Plaque Cross Keys Sign

17 & 18. One of the oldest surviving buildings

Bears its old sign & Medieval timber roof

Once the 'Guild Hall' & first Court Rooms in 1897

Continue to number 107 ...

107 High Street

19. Number 107 High Street

Designed by local Architect Edward Swinfen Harris in 1892 the inscription over the entrance reads 'Nisi Dominus' the first words of Psalm 127

Continue to the Road Bridge ...

Stony Stratford Bridge

20. Stony Stratford Bridge over the Rover Ouse

Return along the High Street to St Paul's Court ...

St Paul's Court St Paul's Court Chapel

21 & 22. St Paul's Court

The Victorian Building was constructed by the Reverend WT Sankey in 1863

A Private School & once a Cigar Factory until purchased in 1895 by Mr Fagan run as a School again until 1962 it's now a restaurant

St Paul's Court Detail

23. St Paul's Court detail

Turn left into Tower Passage ...

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