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Radio Sutch & City - Part 13

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Mike Bass in Generator Hall

Radio Engineer Mike Bass on a visit in 1969 pictured by the Generator Switch Board

Lister JP3 Diesel Generator

The one & a half ton 3 cylinder Lister JP3 Diesel Generator

Lister JP3 AC Convertor

Generator AC Converter

Left view Transmitter Room

Left side of Transmitter Room on Southern Gun Tower 1

Right view Transmitter Room

Right side of Transmitter Room

Record Library

Record library in the Control Tower

Control Tower Studio

A new studio was built on the Control Tower leaving the Southern Gun Tower (1) for Generation Plant & Transmitters

The original Studio had been on the Southern Gun Tower 1 at Intermediate Level, the Officers Recreation Room

Whilst the Door is hand painted Studio A there was only one Radio City studio, which other than a desk built by Phil Perkins utilised much of the old studio kit

Richard, Jenny & Chris

Long lost here he is Chris Cross an early Radio Sutch & City DJ pictured in 2009 with with his son Richard left & wife Jenny

Jenny in 1964/65 was girlfriend of Chris & often mentioned on-air, she was to join Chris on the Fort as they alone ran the station over Christmas 1965

Audio Break

Audio extract from the original open reel tape, a couple of home-cooked jingles made by Chris Cross in early 1965, there were a few even one with Chris singing his own take on Radio City

Lafayette tape box

The spool of tape from which the above audio was taken

The Fort stations all used the cheap grade tape available, Gees, Lafayette being amongst the most common

Religious and tapes sent to the Anti-City Show by listeners were also used

Then a shot out of the blue ...

04/10/09 - Hi Bob, I'm still alive, living and working as a valuation surveyor in Malawi. A far cry from being a pirate DJ. Just been surfing the internet and found this opportunity to get in touch. I am at present in UK. Would love to hear from you or any of the old team. Chris Cross

Chris & Kate

Chris Cross with his daughter Kate on holiday in Spain

Chris began training as a surveyor soon up after leaving Radio City in 1966 he's been in Malawi for nearly 30 years working independently since 1992 as property valuation surveyor for the Malawi Government

Alan Clark

Alan Clark one of the last Radio City DJ's pictured in 1987 during his time at Southern Television

Bofors & Searchlight Towers in 2008

The Bofors Tower with Searchlight Tower beyond in 2008

The story will continue in Sutch & City Part 14

Grateful thanks to the late Mike Bass, Martin Stevens, Chris Cross & Errol Sidelsky for the valuable contributions to this feature

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