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Radio Sutch & City - Part 16

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May 1964 - January 1966

Issue: 1 Update: 18th March 2014

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Skull & Cross Bones

This feature is published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the very first broadcasts from the Offshore Forts by Radio Sutch, comprising interesting press cuttings & abandoned documents from the Radio City archives

Shivering Sands Forts in 1964

1. Left to right: Toppled Gun Tower G2 remains, Searchlight, Control, G3 Bofors, G4 in 1964

Using a frequency of 194 meters announced as 197 metres spasmodic tests & programmes came from the abandoned former Army Forts on the Shivering Sands from 27th May 1964

Brian Paul, Reg Calvert & David Sutch

2. Brian Paul, Reg Calvert & David Sutch

Brian was David's road manager often used in publicity stunts

The hodge podge of equipment cobbled together to make a primitive studio: Eagle Mixer, battery powered 7" platter turntable, the Halifax Aircraft Transmitter on top of a wooden Fort door, can you identify the microphone?

David Sutch in action

3. David Sutch in action

Different microphone?

Reg Calvert, David Sutch & Brian Paul wave off the press

4. Reg Calvert, David Sutch & Brian Paul wave off the Press

Radio Sutch continued until September Reg Calvert bought out David Sutch's interests in the summer of 1964

Election Poster

5. Election campaign 

N.B Election Agent John Wileman a musician who worked for Reg & was to become his minder

David stood in 40 elections & lost all, he formed Britain's National Teenage Party & later the Monster Raving Loony Party

Radio City 1965 Car Sticker

6. Radio City is born, the 1965 Car Sticker

The newly named Radio City used the old Radio Sutch transmitter on 195, 197 metres, but from 30th September acquired a General Electric TCK-7 operated on 238 metres before settling on 292 announced as 299 metres

Radio City 1965 Headed Stationary

7. Whitstable Offices, Radio City Headed Paper

A supply base & operations centre was officially set-up in Whitstable announced as the South Thames Sales Offices, these were at 20a Oxford Street

N.B The office had been used since the days of Radio Sutch when Don Witts had responded to an appeal for basic supplies

Pirate TV

8. Daily Telegraph April 1965

Reg was a very canny operator, realising that young hopefuls wanted on stage & radio fame

With little capital he took on a number of would be unpaid trial DJ's, most fell by the wayside never to be heard again, but a few carved successful broadcasting careers

Reg had used the same ethos with bands, nurturing talent whilst tapping into their willingness for fame & fortune, those at his Rock School and on Package Tours appeared in multiple band line-ups

Colin J Colin J Dartford Press

9. Colin J records for Radio City 10. Dartford's local newspaper reports


Tender Tape played at 16.45 on 29th December 1964

Tender tapes were a useful addition to the output on Radio City, with a compliment of just three onboard it was all hands on deck when the Harvester arrived. Supplies and fuel from the Tender where brought up by the electric hoist and later crew came aboard this way on a flimsy pallet

Colin J recorded two 15 minute tapes which were tried in December 1964 sandwiched in between Chris Cross & Dick Dixon also on tape introduced by Chris

Running at fairly low power and with an inferior quarter wave aerial lashed horizontally around the Forts, reception after dark during winter time was poor

Things didn't improve until a larger more powerful Lister Generator came aboard

Letter from Reg Calvert to Colin J Taylor Colin J Taylor 2011

10. Letter from Reg Calvert 11. Colin J (Taylor) in 2011

Colin J's Story - 'In 1962 a friend Ricky Bowden started regular successful dances at Crayford Town Hall, now converted into luxury flats where I became stage manager & DJ, we had acts such as Brian Poole & the Tremeloes, Freddie & the Dreamers & The Swinging Blue Jeans, plus local bands & Ricky who appeared with his band ‘The Escorts’, later he released an HMV single 'Alone To Cry' which never charted'

'Once I'd a car I was able to spread my wings as a DJ, Dartford was my starting point, with work in Orpington, Swanley & a summer season on Hastings Pier'

'With the Pirates on air I learnt how to record& editing, making a connection with Radio City my tapes were played. With only a few months left on my apprenticeship, I & having to travel to access a good tape machine & fitting this in with the rest of my life I gtave up recording'

'Since marriage & having children I increased my occasional DJ work I did some occasional voluntary work at BBC Radio Medway, before it became Radio Kent,where I adopted the name Colin James' (Not to be confuessed with Paul James Ed')

'With live PA's at the Bexley Town, Dartford & Gllingham Shows I did commentatory at H.E Services JCB Dancing Diggers Team. In the mid 80’s I assisted Rod Lucas on his Invicta ‘phone-in’ from Maidstone before going to Dart Radio operating out of West Hill Hospital in Dartford. Retired & moving to Redditch, I've been at ‘Pulse’ & ‘Choice’ Hospital Radio'

'Finally I recently remade contact with Ricky Bowden & reunited him with a lot of tracks he recorded in the 60’s & had pleasure in putting them on YouTube, just search ‘Ricky Bowden’ listen and enjoy'

Submarine Pop Submarine Pop Submarine Pop

12 - 14. Newspaper reports 6th June 1965

Radio City 1965 A Side Rate Card

15. The 1965 Rate Card front face in black & white, original was glossy card in colour see example

Radio City 1965 B Side Rate Card

16. Rate Card rear

Accounts letter 1

17. Money, following split from Caroline South (Project Atlanta)

Accounts letter 2

18. South Essex Motors

Green Shield Stamps Script

Green Shield Stamps Script

Green Shield Stamps Script

19 - 21. Green Shield Stamps campaign, hear Green Shield Jingle

Dean's Childs Play Accounts letter

22. Chasing Invoice

Accounts letter Dean's Childs Play

23. Reply to above

Lugton accounts letter

24. Company Car

Lugton accounts letter

25. King Music Limited

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