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Radio Sutch & City - Roll Call

Issue: 27 : Updated: 4th March 2021

The most comprehensive A-Z listing of the Crew: Engineers, DJ's, Assistants & Volunteers, all of whom helped put & keep the first Fort based stations on-air from the Shivering Sands Towers (Maunsell Army Sea Fort)

Where known we've listed programme & DJ themes

Screaming Lord Sutch Club

Screaming Lord Sutch Fan Club Multi View Photo

David Sutch with his manager Reg Calvert concieved the idea of their own Teenage Pirate Radio station

The Cornucopia in the 1950's

London registered 'Cornucopia' pictured in the 1950's

The beginning an old fishing vessel was to be the launch platform for the Radio Sutch publicity stunt on 25th May 1964


'Cornucopia' joins the 'Beat Fleet' (26th May 1964)

Shivering Sands G1 in May 1964

Shivering Sands G1 with Brian Paull, David Sutch & Unknown with hand-held transceiver (May 1964)

The story fired the imagination of the press, the stunt literally 'grew legs' with Reg Calvert with others taking over the abandoned Army Forts on Shivering Sands

Jack the Ripper Sleeve Jack the Ripper Single

Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack the Ripper 7" single sleeve
Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack the Ripper 7" single

Radio Sutch Theme: Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack the Ripper - Decca 45 F 11598 (1963)

By September David Sutch had relinquished his stake in the station to his Manager Reg Calvert

Green Onions Single 20 Beat Classics CD Cover

Radio City theme
Georgie Fame - Beat Classics CD

Radio City Themes: Initially a montage tape of instrumentals was used to open the station

Then Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames - Green Onions C/W Do-Re-Me - Columbia DB 7255 (April 1964) cover of Booker T & the MG's 1962 classic USA #3 1st January 1962, UK #7 15 December 1979 also on CD 20 Beat Classics Polydor 847 810-2

There's a Bond Between Us LP Sleeve

Radio City Closedown Theme from late 1966

Graham Bond Organisation - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf's is opening track on 'There's a Bond Between Us' - Columbia 33SX 1750 (Released on 10th December 1965)

Note: The Track was adopted as the station midnight closedown theme by Tom Edwards from late 1966, it was also the Radio Essex 222 station theme tune

Radio 310: No Theme, programme was a take-off of Radio 390 after the midnight closedown before the Engineers shopping list. Three broadcasts made in July 1966 by Ian MacRae (John Strange) & Alan Clark (Roger Webb) with Jeremy the Engineer (Tony Pine) & Tony Silver (Phil Perkins)

The Party's Over Sleeve & Single

Final Closedown Record

Shirley Bassey -The Party's Over C/W of 'With These Hands' - Columbia DB4421 (1960) the final record played before the National Anthem on the final closedown 8th February 1967

Note: This was not the general close down theme as reported elsewhere

Tendering Shivering Sands in 1965 original print

Tendering Radio City on Shivering Sands in 1965 

Above one of two limited addition prints produced to mark the 50th anniversary of 'The Tower of Power' - 'Tendering Radio City' is available to purchase

Afternoon Spin: Theme Unknown?

You're Driving Me Crazy Sleeve & Single

Anti-City Show Theme

Anti-City Show: Temperance Seven - You're Driving Me Crazy - Parlophone R 4757 UK #1 30th March 1961 used until & including the final programme hosted by Alexander Dee, the show was replaced by 'Feedback' named in poll by listener

Selected Programmes

Selected Programme Listings (Late 1965)

Auntie Mable Hour Friday at 20.00 & Sunday's at 14.00: No theme, 'in-show' based on the Jack Jackson Show & Kenneth Horn's 'Round the Horn' spearheaded by Ian MacRae with Alan Clark & others including Engineer Ian West

N.B Jack Jackson was a trumpeter & dance band leader turned DJ on Radio Luxembourg his BBC Light Programme 'Record Round-Up' (1948-1977) included 'cut-ups' spliced into surreal comedy clips

Created by Barry Took & Marty Feldman 'Round the Horn' starred a host of stars: Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden & Bill Pertwee, running a weekly episode over four weeks radio series from 1965 - 1968

Go-Go-Po-Go Sleeve & Single

Basildon Request Show Theme

Basildon Request Show Sunday's at 09.00 - 11.00: Percy Faith & his Orchestra - Go-Go-Po-Go c/w The Theme from a Summer Place - Philips PB989 (1959) #2 4th March 1960 a one hit wonder, was to become a recorded show with Peter Jameson

Cobweb Corner: Saturday's at 21.00

Outrage Single

Discomania Theme (also see Phil Jay)

Discomania: Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - Outrage - Columbia DB7727 (1965) a recorded show with Phil Jay

When The Saints Go Marching In Single

Early Bird Show, occasional theme used by Chris Cross

Early Bird Show: Radio City's Breakfast Show. DJ's own theme, sometimes with Chris Cross, Chris Barber's Jazz Band - When The Saints Go Marching In (1957) Pye 7NJ. 2023

Mann Made Album Cover

Early Bird Show, later theme

Early Bird Show: Later theme Manfred Mann - The Abominable Snowman, from the Mann Made LP His Masters Voice CLP 1911 (October 1965)

Feedback: Theme Unknown?

Stones Sleeve & Single

5x4 Theme

Five by Four Monday - Saturday 17.00: Rolling Stones - Stoned C/W I Wanna Be Your Man - Decca F 11764 (1963) #12 14 November 1963

Later Alan Clark became regular host when aboard with various George Martin orchestral versions of Beatles songs used as show theme

From Me To You Single

From Me To You Theme

From Me To You: (Radio Sutch) Beatles - From Me To You Parlophone R5015 (1963) #1 18 February 1963

The original Radio Sutch programme with Reg Calvert continued for a time on Radio City

Gulliver Request Show: North West London Employment Agency sponsored programme - Theme Unknown?

Man Alive Single

Hit Sounds (City Hit Sounds Theme)

The Tony Hatch Sound - Man Alive, Pye 7N 15972 1965 from the TV Series Theme which ran from 1965-1981

N.B it's unclear cerytainly used as a filler if not main show theme

Red Roses for a Blue Lady LP Sleeve Red Roses for a Blue Lady Single

Linda Lee Theme from album
Linda Lee Theme single

Linda Lee: Makers of clothes for the fuller figured woman (15 minute Sponsored Programme) - Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra - Red Roses For a Blue Lady - Polydor 59 009 (1964) appeared on a number of albums

The programme normally hosted by Alexander Dee

Everybody Loves Somebody LP Sleeve

'Red Roses for a Blue Lady' can also be found on 'Everybody Loves Somebody' LP - Polydor 2482 288

Riders In The Sky Sleeve & Single

Last Round Up Theme

Last Round Up: Ramrods - Riders in The Sky - London 45 HLU 9282 (1960) #8 23 February 1961. Released in USA - Amy 813 (1961) # 30 20 February 1961 & Germany - London DL 20 383 (1960) as (Ghost) Riders In The Sky

Margate Request Show: Theme Unknown?

Easy Project CD Cover

News Banner along with other excellent 60's period instrumental tracks compiled by Sequel Records in 1995

News In/Out: Edit of Ray McVay - Kinda Kinky - Pye 7N 15816 (1965) & Revenge - Pye 7N 15777 (1965) Kinda Kinky also used by Paul Kramer

Wheels Single

On The Road Theme

On The Road: Weekly sponsored motoring show taken by South Essex Motors - String-a-longs - Wheels - London HLU9278 (1961)

Spanish Flea Sleeve & Single

Outdoor Girl Theme

Outdoor Girl Show: Ladies cosmetic sponsored 30 minute pre-recorded programme introduced by Trevor Lucas - Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea - Pye International 25335 - #3 9th December 1965

St Martin's Place 7-8 St Martin's Place

Outdoor Girl Cosmetics had offices at 7-8 St Martin's Place London WC2

Elisabeth Serenade Single Serenade LP Sleeve

Religious Broadcast Theme 7" single
Serenade album

Note: Re-call the track also being played from an LP rather than the Polydor single

Religious Broadcasts - Gunther Kallmann Choir - 'Elisabeth Serenade' (Elizabethan Serenade) - from 'Elisabeth Serenade' album Polydor 237 310 (1962)

Southend Request Show: Theme Unknown?

You've Got Your Troubles Sleeve & Single

Radio City tender call for assistance tune

Tender Call: Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles - Decca F 12173 UK #2 8 July 1965, USA - Press 9773 #7 11 September 1965, lead by Rod Allen (Rod Bainbridge) the Fortunes were one of Reg Culvert's stable of groups under the Kings Agency

Top Twenty (City Top Twenty) Sundays' at 19.00

The Cruel Sea Sleeve & Single

The Cruel Sea

Fillers, the stations used many a favourite was the Dakotas - The Cruel Sea , Parlophone R5044 (1963) #18 11Th July 1963

Warren Ashton – Recorded shows & band interviews, broadcast on Saturday at 13.30 from middle of 1965

Theme: Unknown?

Karel Beer – Was a drama student, joined Radio City in mid-1965 as an unpaid trial DJ, now a Karel Beer Comedy & Concert Show Promoter

Mike Bell - Said to be a trial DJ, no details available

Theme: Unknown?

Colin Brian – No Details Available

Theme: Unknown?

Tony Brandon

Tony Brandon

Tony Brandon – Journalist & Comedian with some media experience, trailed at Radio City for a week, then went to Radio London 266 (Big L) Luxembourg, later BBC Radios 1 & 2, Southern & County Sound, finally Saga Radio

Theme: Unknown?

Ross Brown (RWB)

Ross Brown (1966)

Ross Brown - Only known picture of Ross in his Radio City time modeling the Tower of Power Tee-Shirt at the London Office

For Sale the Original Radio City Tee-Shirt : The 2014 Anniversary Tee-Shirt

Ross Brown (RWB) – Came from Australia in late 1965 as an experienced radio announcer. Was at first a News Reader then DJ, was the model for the 1966 Radio City Tower of Power Tee-Shirt. Left after Radio City's closure for Radio 390 in an administrative role, went to Caroline South then North as Freddie Beare. Returning to Australia he studied as a mature student at University & now works in the Australia Civil Service

Raunchy 65 Single

Ross Brown Theme

Theme: Ernie Freeman - Raunchy '65 - Ava C-176 in USA (December 1964) in UK London HLA 9944 (January 1965) was a re-recording of his Imperial X5474 rendition (October 1957) Bill Justice had the biggest success with the track USA #2 18 November 1957 UK #11 10 January 1958

Graham Bunce – Engineer from late 1966 until February 1967, he went to Rediffusion Television & BBC Local Radio until retirement in 2013

Woolf Byrne

Woolf Byrne (1965) (Woolf Byrne Archive)

Woolf Byrne – Saxophonist formerly with the Mannish Boys played with Guitarist Johnny Flux, both joined Radio City as DJ's. Woolf staying three months in 1966 as 'The Big Bad Woolf'

He moved to Britain Radio 355, then Radio 390. Worked as a model, actor, record plugger, later heard on BBC World Service German language service

HHerb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Going Places album

Woolf Byrne Theme 1

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - The Third Man Theme from the Going Places album A&M LP 112 (October 1965)

Andre Brasseur - Special 230

Woolf Byrne Theme 2

Andre Brasseur - Special 230 original Belgium 45 on Palette Records PB 40.231 (14th June 1965) also on the Early Bird album an Palette Records in Germany HTSLP 340011 (1965)

Golden Guinea Authentic Sound Effects album

Golden Guinea Authentic Sound Effects album - GSGL 0143 (1960)

N.B Andre Brasseur - Special 230 was remixed adding car extra SFX from the BBC for the South Essex Motors Commercials

Honey Badger Single

Woolf Byrne Theme 3

Harry Roberts Sound - Honey Badger - Philips BF1484 (1966)

Reg & Candy Calvert

Reg Calvert with Candy (Press Photograph)

Candy Calvert – Encouraged by her father was a voice on Britain's first teenage station at just 13, recorded with her fathers guidance 'Candy’s Pop Shop' for Radio Sutch & briefly Radio City

N.B Candy was bequeathed Kings Music Publishing Company Limited by her Mother Dorothy, see below

Theme: Unknown?

Dorothy Calvert

Dorothy Calvert pictured with pet Monkey William (1966) (Susan Moore-Calvert Archive)

Dorothy Calvert - Wife to Reg became General Manager from June 22nd 1966 - 8th February 1967 (Died 21st February 2010)

Reg Calvert

Press Picture of Reg Calvert (1966)

Theme: Presented a number of programmes on Radio Sutch championing his own bands, in the early days presented his own show From Me To You

Reg Calvert - Affectionately known as Uncle, Reg’ was Boss and Founder of both Radio Sutch & City, he ran Kings Agency at 7 Denmark Street, London (WC2H 8LZ) with Terry King (Terry Meacher) the music publishing and promotion arm Kings Music (Died 21st June 1966)

Susan Calvert

Susan Calvert (Susan Moore-Calvert Archive)

Susan Calvert - At the behest of her father appeared once on Radio Sutch in 1964

Tony Caroll

Tony Caroll (1965) (Local Press Photograph)

Tony Caroll - Above the only known period photograph of DJ Tony, a press cutting of him lifted from the Fort by helicopter arriving at RAF Manston with an acute appendicitis in June 1965 taken by Ambulance to Kent & Canterbury Hospital never to return (Died 2nd August 2007)

Theme: Unknown?

Alan Clark

Alan Clark (1966)

On a Fort could be either Shivering as Alan Clark or Red Sands, Radio 390 as Christopher Clark

Alan Clark – Auditioned in November 1965 stayed with the station until its closure on 8th February 1967, moved briefly to Radio 390 as Christopher Clark with mainly recorded programmes. Lawrence Bean, John Glendinning (Ray) & David Lye made the decision to use more recorded material in the latter part Radio 390'. Alan then joined Netherlands Independent Radio News, TVS, then Meridian Television. Current occupation unknown. Alan was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 29th July 2014

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows LP Cover

Alan Clark Theme

Theme: Originally by Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows from 'Lesley Gore Sings Mixed-Up Hearts' album, was in the soundtrack of the 1965 film Ski-Party - Mercury SR 60849 (1963) written by Marvin Hamlisch Alan used the instrumental album version below

Camatara Think Young LP Camatara Think Young LP Cover

Camarata & His Orchestra - Think Young Album Cover
Camarata & His Orchestra - Think Young Album

Alan Clark Theme

Taken from the Camarata & His Orchestra, featuring Tuttis Trombone Album 'Think Young' - Coliseum SBG 39, Stereo DS S1001 (1965)

Ralph Cooper

Ralph Cooper

Ralph Cooper – A USA DJ recorded shows produced by Gary Stevens from January 1967 (Died date unconfirmed)

Ralph was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 15th July 2014

Theme: Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Living Soul, Prestige USA PR7468 (1966)

Living Soul

Ralph Cooper Theme

New Yorker Holmes played Organ in his six piece group. Living Soul is a 5 track album & his only recording which was also published in the UK (1967) Germany (Undated) Japan (1998), The Netherlands (1966)

Chris Cross

Chris Cross (1965)

Chris Cross – Walked into Denmark Street Office in September 1964, became a DJ & voice of many early commercials. Left radio in late 1965 became a property valuation surveyor for the Malawi government. Returned to the UK with wife Jenny in 2014. Chris was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 8th July 2014

Bad Penny Blues 78 Mexican Shuffle EP

Chris Cross Theme 1
Chris Cross Theme 2

Themes: Humphrey Lyttleton & His Band - Bad Penny Blues - Original 78 Parlophone R 4184 (1956)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Struttin' With Maria first appeared on the album 'Lonely Bull '- A&M 101S (1962) also C/W single Marching Thru' Madrid - A&M 706 (1963)

Cliff Cuttelle

Cliff Cuttelle on Knock John Fort (1965)

Cliff Cuttelle – Whitstable born apprentice printer at local firm Elvey's in Suffolk Street, was back room helper did a two stints as a DJ. Acted as a Fort Guard/caretaker on Knock John with Jerry Pitcher in the summer of 1965. Cliff has since been living overseas in Dubai & at his other home in Thailand. He visited Whitstable in 2012 he passed over a tape which was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 15th July 2014

Diamonds Sleeve & Single

Cliff Cuttelle Theme

Theme: Jet Harris & Tony Meeham - Diamonds - Decca F11563 (1962) #1 10 January 1963

Colin Dale, David Sutch & Tony Dangerfield

Colin Dale, David Sutch & Tony Dangerfield (Colin Dale Archive)

Note: Tony Dangerfield joined the Savages as an 'on-off' bass player in 1963

Colin Dale - A Neighbour of David Sutch, Colin helped in his band the Savages, when Radio Sutch was set up he like everyone in the small team around acted as a DJ

Colin Dale's Website : The Savages

Theme: Unknown?

Tony Dangerfield, David Sutch, Colin Dale, Geoff Mew

Tony Dangerfield, David Sutch, Colin Dale & Roy, David's driver

Roy Daley - First appeared on-air over Christmas 1964 as a friend of Reg's he'd been an occasional Fort custodian (Guard) He popped up again on a a recorded programme with 'Gordon' called 'Woman’s Scene' in 1965

Theme: Unknown?

Rick Dane – Worked in South Africa on radio & as a tour promoter, joined Radio City briefly before moving to Caroline South in 1966, he was briefly on BBC Radio 1 & short term on TV's Top Gear motoring programme

Theme: Unknown?

Tony Daniels – No Details Available

Theme: Unknown?

Daphne ? - Shop assistant at the Record Centre & Eric K Martins 'live in girlfriend', she left him & the business in 1970 for Peter one of the team behind plans to re-launch another radio station from Shivering Sands Forts (despite the MoA)

Terry Dawson

Terry Dawson (Andy Archer Archive)

Terry Dawson - Christened himself ‘Terrible’ Terry Dawson, spent 5 days on the Fort in 1965 admits he was a hopeless DJ with no idea what he was doing. Asked to leave he went to the RAF but the grounding urged him to reinvent himself as Andy Archer on Caroline from late 1967 was with Radio Northsea International (RNI) in 1970, moved to Tyne-Tees TV, Radio Orwell then back to Caroline in 1983 he worked on three other ILR's before landing at BBC Essex until his retirement in 2013

Theme: Said to be Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - Flamingo, originally from the USA album SRO - A&M SP 4119 & 119, 7" Single - Pye International 7N25383 (1966) Since Terry only appeared briefly in 1965 it's highly unlikely to have been his theme as Radio City hadn't begun receiving advanced promotion records

Alexander Dee

Alexander Dee (1965)

Alexander Dee – Lived in Mickleborough Hill, Herne Bay with parents & sister. Went to acting school, joined Radio City in February 1965, ginger haired, short-fused mimicked a mid-Atlantic drawl that was soon dropped. Left for Radio 270 in early 1966. Returned to Shivering Sands in 1969 to set-up an aborted Hippy Commune. Last reported to be a shop assistant in 1972. It's unconfirmed but we were told some years ago that Alex had died. Alex was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 15th July 2014

Manhattan Spiritual Single

Alexander Dee Theme

Theme: Eric Delaney - Manhattan Spiritual - Parlophone R 4925 (1962)

Keith Delmont – No Details Available

Theme: Unknown?

Dick Dixon

Dick Dixon (1964)

Pictured by the old Radio Sutch transmitter used as shore link with call sign 'Pigeon-Blackbird

Dick Dickason used name Dixon later Dickson – Amateur radio handle G6DIK. Became an Engineer/DJ on joining Radio Sutch having heard a plea for a transmitter engineer in his then hometown of Ramsgate in September 1964. A very direct character was to be sacked by Reg after the Knock John boarding. Therefore went to Radio Essex 222 as Engineer & occasional fill-in DJ. Dick was a technician of University of Kent at Canterbury (England's European University) until his retirement in 2010. Dick was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 8th July 2014

Wonderful Land Single Stars Fell On Stockton Single

Dick Dixon Theme 1
Dick Dixon Theme 2

Themes: (Radio Sutch) Shadows - Wonderful Land (Radio City) C/W Stars Fell On Stockton - Columbia DB 4790 (1962)

Peter Dolphin – TV actor joined Radio City in June 1966 following the boarding left radio to continue acting (Died 1st May 2009 aged 73)

Theme: Unknown?

Fred Downs

Fred Downs (1965)

Pictured carrying a station visitor ashore from Harvester II

Fred Downs - Whitstable Fisherman Skipper Owner of the Harvester's the Station Tenders (Died by drowning off Whitstable Harbour in 1974)

Luc Dunne – Originally from Ramsgate, Isle-of-Thanet. Now lives in Deal, joined Radio City as cook in late 1965 sometimes appeared on-air chatting to Tom Edwards

Jeremy Edwards – Friend of Chris Cross made one visit to help out over Christmas 1965

Theme: Unknown?

Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards at the Desk built by Phil Perkins (1966)

Tom Edwards – A holiday Camp host he sent a demo to Radio City in September 1965, on the strength of which as 'Tatty Tom' so named as quite a snappy dresser became popular & the stations senior announcer remaining until closedown. Tom moved to Caroline South, then BBC Radio 1 & 2 respectively before going to Thames TV as a Continuity Announcer. Tom was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin'on Monday 21st July 2014

The Baron Sleeve & Single

Tom Edwards Theme 1

Themes: Edwin Astley - The Baron Theme (TV Theme) - Decca F12389 (1966)

Teensville Single

Tom Edwards Theme 2

Bobby Graham - Teensville - Fontana TF 667 (1966)

Wigwam Single

Tom Edwards Theme 3

Ted Heath & his Music - Wigwam - Decca F11727 (June 1963)

Skyliner Single

Tom Edwards Theme 4

Mitch Murray Clan - Skyliner - Clan 597001 (1966)

Johnny Evlin

Johnny Evlin/Evlyn (1965)

Johnny Evlin/Evlyn- Joined Radio City in 1964 as a Radio Engineer, a smart Nigerian gentleman, had his leg pulled by Don Witts that he was useless as he worked with Nigerian Amps, the banter between them continued until Johnny moved on in mid-1965, no further details available

Paul Elvey

Paul Elvey (1965) (Eric Jay Archive)

Paul Elvey – Ex-Army Electrical Engineer worked in Africa. Senior Mechanical Engineer on the Fort & by default the 'Early Bird' Breakfast DJ, with a small onboard crew of three he was often heard on other slots. Fired by Dorothy after the 'raid'. Paul left radio to work as an Electrical Research Engineer. He's now retired living in Spain with his wife Sylvia. Paul was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin'on Monday 7th July 2014 & Tuesday 22nd July 2014

The Magnificent Seven Single

Paul Elvey Theme

Theme: John Barry Seven - The Magnificent Seven - Columbia DB 4598 (1961) a cover of the American Western film theme

Johnny Flux - A Musician played with Wolf Byrne in the Manish Boys, they both joined Radio City, Johnny went to Radio London 266 (Big L) in November 1966 as John Edward, had a long musical publishing career, invented TV's Metal Mickey (1980-1983)

John & his wife Sue created Renee & Renato who had a UK # 1 30th October 1982 with 'Save Your Love'

See Johnny Flux

The Boys EP

Johnny Flux Theme

Theme: Shadows - Sweet Dreams from 'The Boys' EP & film of same name - Columbia SEG 8193 (1962)

Dave Gilbee - By chance met Eric K Martin & was offered the obligatory trial. Thereafter did shifts between work as an air traffic controller at Gatwick. Went to Britain Radio 355 in August 1966 as Dave MacKay. Left radio to work in retail. Returned to the air at BBC Radio Brighton, then back in his home County on Essex Radio, BBC Essex, Melody & lastly Primetime

Theme: Unknown?

Gordon ? - Appeared on a recorded programme with Roy Daley called 'Woman’s Scene' in 1965

Now let's go Double Dutch ...

Martin Green

Martin Green at the Record Centre (1965)

Martin Green - Spent a summer of 1965 on the Fort having applied whilst a student to an music press advertisement, became a popular DJ with little English quickly branded himself 'Your Dutch DJ on the English Coast'

The Ventures - The Cruel Sea L 22 772

Martin Green Theme

Theme: Ventures - The Cruel Sea - C/W of the 1964 version of Walk Don't Run, Dalton 96, Liberty L 22 772 & LIB 96, #8 1st August 1964 (USA) the track also appeared on various albums

The Ventures - The Cruel Sea LIB 96

The 1964 Liberty Single

The Ventures - Walk..Don't Run Dalton 25

The Original Ventures single

N.B the Original version of The Ventures - Walk..Don't Run, Dalton 25 #2 25th July 1960 (USA) Top Rank JAR 417 #8 8th September 1960 (UK)

Reg Calvert with Tamara Harrison

Reg Calvert with his sister Tamara Harrison (June 1964) (Calvert Family Archives)

She appeared in the early days of Radio Sutch this is a lash up land studio comprising a four pot Eagle Mixer, a pair of odd radiogram turntables

Theme: Unknown?

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes on Radio City (1965)

Mike Hayes – Worked at Aden Forces Broadcasting Association made a brief appearance in 1965, went to Radio 270, retired from radio he does occasional work in film & TV

Mike Hayes theme

Theme: Ted Heath & His Music - There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder, Ted Heath Plays Al' Jolson Classics, London Records LL1776 (1957)

Mike tells us he used the theme on Radio 270 but even though only with Radio City for a short spell in the summer of 1966 thinks he used the theme on the Fort

Ben Healy – Was aboard for a short spell in 1965 went to the Radio London 266 (Big L) Club before becoming senior DJ on Radio Scotland

Shaun Howard - Reports that he worked for two weeks as trial DJ in November 1964

Theme: Unknown?

Dave Jackson aka Dave Elliott that went on Radio Sutch and left a bottle of vodka in the record shop did some work at Radio City in Liverpool and Radio Merseyside

Theme: Unknown?

Colin J

Colin James pictured in his home studio (1965) (Colin J Archive)

Colin James – Recorded DJ provided a couple of tapes in late 1964

Rinky Dink Single & Sleeve

Colin James Theme

Theme: Johnny Howard Band - Rinky Dink - Decca F.11925 Released in June 1964

"For years I used ‘Rinky Dink’ by the Johnny Howard Band. I attach a picture of the very used single, which is somewhat buckled in a real Decca sleeve, not the original lost long ago". "I met Johnny many years later and told him I had used it which quite pleased him, when I told him my copy was unplayable, he offered to make me a copy and duly sent it to me on cassette, no scratches like mine"

Note: A number of Offshore Radio DJ's used the track including Tony Windsor & Tom Lodge

Jack the Jackal – Dutch Recorded DJ sent over tapes to the Record Centre, not sure if they were used

Theme: Unknown?

Peter Jameson – Recorded the Basildon Record Request Show sadly died 21st January 2015

Theme: Unknown?

Eric Jay

Eric Jay (1965) (Eric Jay Archive)

Eric Jay – Photographic Processor, from the Medway towns talked Eric K Martin into letting him do a couple of stints in 1965. Went on to work in radio/TV retail and repair, believed to have finally worked as a bus driver with unconfirmed reports he passed away in March/April 2015

Theme: Unknown?

Photograph shows Ferrograph series 4 used for recording when the station off air after 7pm & playback of religious programmes. Rack of 3" tapes above the radiator (not in use until 1966) are commercials. 7" tapes littered around, AKG D12 Drum Microphone favoured by the 60's Offshore Stations. Record rack in centre contained the City Top 10 with DJ themes in slot behind. Recurrent records to DJ's right & in corner out of view the paltry record library

Phil Jay Outrage Single

Phil Jay
'Discomania' Theme

Phil Jay - Ex-BFBS Cyprus Radio TV, worked with music businessman Larry Parnes hosting a number of Rock & Roll Tours. Recorded his 'Discomania Show' at home in Orpington, Kent from April 1965 only stepping aboard the Fort once. He was later with Radio Luxembourg, CBS Radio, BBC World Service & Radio 1, Thames TV as an announcer and finally LBC

Theme: 'Discomania' Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - Outrage - Columbia DB7727 (1965)

Eric Johnson – From Gravesend, believed to have made two visits in 1965

Theme: Unknown?

Terry King, David Sutch, Brian paull, Candy & Reg Calvert

London registered 'Cornucopia' (25th May 1964)

Left: Terry King (Kings Agency) David Sutch, Candy & Reg Calvert, John Wildman, & The Savages 

Pictured David Sutch, Brian Paull , Candy Calvert, Reg Calvert & the Savages: Drummer - Pete Phillips, Lead Guitarist - Geoff Mew, Roadie - Colin Dale, Rhythm Guitarist - Paul Dean, Bass Guitarist - Ronnie Harwood

Terry King aka Terry Meacher was recruited by Reg Calvert to run Kings Agency from 7 Denmark Street, London W1. Named after Prince George of Denmark 'Tin Pan Alley' was the cultural centre for the Rock & Roll from the 1950's. Boasting many entrepreneurial Jews & 'hang-out' for many named bands: Small Faces, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, & Rolling Stones who'd recorded at #4 the Regent Studio. Sadly we have sparse information on Terry

Nick Kirby was on the Fort in the early days of Radio Sutch. Martyn Webster reports that Nick was blind from birth living in Essex developing a passion for music he produced reel-reel tapes under the name 'Nitrosound'. No one recalls how he was able to join Radio Sutch, quite likely Reg Calvert admired his pluck and despite the dangers took him on


A clip of Nick Kirby opening Radio Sutch for the day at 11am, handing over to Dick Dixon Mid-Morning Show dates from late 1964 (Martyn Webster)

Peggy Knight

Peggy Knight (1965) (Local Press)

Peggy Knight - 18 year old Romford, Essex beauty queen Linda Bass that Reg used in publicity for Radio City, she visited the Fort much to the delight of the crew and photo journalists, her pictures appeared in many tabloids and local press. She recorded two shows on the Fort after the 7pm close-down and another ten ashore in London in 1965

See Peggy Knight feature

Theme: Unknown?

She recalls the lyrics 'Come on let's join the party, come on let's have some fun'?

Paul Kramer

Paul Kramer (1966)

Theme 1

Ray McVay - Kinda Kinky - Pye 7N 15816 (1965) track also used in Radio City Newsbanner

Theme 2

Harry Roberts Sound - Honey Badger - Philips BF1484 (1966) previously used by Woolf Byrne


Paul Kramer winding up Breakfast Show at 10.00 am on Radio City using 'Honey Badger' 1966

Paul Kramer formed a Film Production Unit that made a movie with Carl Conway the voice over about Radio Caroline in 1965

Joined Radio City in July 1966, nicknamed 'Kinky', his theme was 'Kinda Kinky' see below

Moved to Caroline South then North finally Radio 270

He Died in a car accident on Putney Bridge, London on 5th December 1968

Paul was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 29th July 2014

Bob Le-Roi

Bob Le-Roi (1966)

Wearing corduroy jacket, Morris Cars tie & radio lapel badge sent in by a Dutch listener which he still has

Bob Le-Roi - First recorded shows from September 1964, went live from February 1965 and during school holidays. Subsequently worked for a number of stations, gained his own ILR station Medway FM

Bob was heard on an early programme from 1965 on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Thursday 10th July 2014

Bob was a founder Director of Medway FM, Red Sands Radio & Maritime Radio (London) Bob runs Red Sands Radio Productions making independent programmes, audio documentaries, 'Histomentaries', and commercial voice-overs. He can be heard on several UK stations and across Europe and America

Some People EP Sleeve

Bob Le-Roi Theme 1

Themes: Valerie Mountain & Eagles - Some People - from EP Pye 7N15450 also on film sound track of same name Pye NEP24158 (1962)

Solitaire Single

Bob Le-Roi Theme 2

Peter Jay & Jaywalkers - Solitaire C/W Before the Beginning - Piccadilly 7N35259 (1965)

All Quiet On The Mersey Front Single

Bob Le-Roi Theme 3

George Martin Orchestra - All Quiet On The Mersey Front - Parlophone R5222 (Released January 1965)

Dorothy Calvert Group

City DJ's: 4th left: Eric Martin, 6th left: Adrian Love, 7th left: Alan Clark, centre: Dorothy Calvert, 5th right: Luc Dunne, 4th right: Candy Calvert, 2nd right: Susan Calvert (Calvert Family Archives)

Adrian Love (1966) (Ross Brown Archive)

Adrian Love – Musician son of Geoff Love joined Radio City in 1966. After closure worked at BBC Light Programme, World Service. Ran the factory radio United Biscuits Network. Worked at LBC, Capital, British Forces Broadcasting, County Sound, Jazz FM, Classic FM & finally BBC Southern Counties Radio (Died March 1999)

Theme: Unknown?

Geof Love & Mrs Mills Singalong Together

Geoff Love & Mrs Mills aka Gladys Jordon Singalong Together (MFP LP)

Geoff Love Band Leader, arranger & composer also recorded under the pseudonym Maunuel & His Music Of The Mountains had a prolific output recording with 16 singles & 30 albums to his credit many LP's appearing on the budget MFP (Music For Pleasure) label

Geoff Love - Coronations Street

Geoff Love & His Orchestra - Coronation Street

His most notable single was a rendition of the popular Television theme from Coronation Street, Columbia 45-DB 4627, May 1961

Trevor Lucas

Trevor Lucas (ATV Archive)

Trevor Lucas - Presented by Trevor, an ATV Continuity Announcer in 1964 the 'Outdoor Girl' Show were produced by Associated British Cinemas. Listening back to the original tapes they were quite poorly produced by today’s standards. The 'Outdoor Girl Show' was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin'on Thursday 24th July 2014

Spanish Flea Single

Outdoor Girl Theme

Theme: 'Outdoor Girl Show' - Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea - Pye International 25335 - #3 9th December 1965

Eric Martin – Auditioned as a trial DJ in March 1966 when 18 staying until closedown. Left radio for a proper job but appeared again on Hospital Community Radio from 2002 & produced a recorded Country Programme for Red Sands Radio in 2009 using his real name Richard Lee

Theme: Unknown?

Eric K Martin

Eric K Martin pictured with one of the rectifier valves from the Ian West built 299 transmitter (Whitstable Times 1972)

Eric K Martin - Successful businessman from a wealthy family of brewers & pub owners, that sold out to Shepherd-Neame, Faversham. Owner of Record Centre became the Station Manager by default having responded to an on-air plea for supplies from the Shivering Sands by David Sutch, see Rick Martin

John Martin – Sent a tape to the Anti-City Show, subsequently recorded Tender Tapes & made did a couple of stints onboard in 1965

He went to BBC Radio Leeds for many years & in between managed a stint on the Voice of Peace off the coast of Israel

Theme: Unknown?

Rick Martin sometime Ricky Martin – Alter ego of Eric K Martin recorded tender programmes to fill-in during 1965

Theme: Unknown?

Ian McRae

Ian MacRae doing his thing & smoking his pipe N.B Ian West introduced him to pipe smoking (1966) (Ian MacRae Archive)

Ian MacRae – Melbourne based, Australian Radio DJ Joined February 1966 staying until 8th February 1967 Closedown. Was responsible for the outrageous 'Auntie Mable Hour' with Alan Clark & others as a side kicks. Ian was heard on Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin'on Friday 11th July 2014, Friday 18th July 2014, Friday 25th July 2014 and Friday 1st August 2014

John MacLoud Sheet Music John MacLoud 45

Theme: John MacLeod's First - Don't Shoot The Ref' - XI Fontana TF696 (1966)

Geoff Mew - Lead guitarist in David Sutch's band The Savages, believed to have DJ'd on Radio Sutch

Theme: Unknown?

Howard Michaels – Laboratory technician & Club DJ stranded on the Fort with an enforced two weeks DJ'ing stint in late 1964

Theme: Unknown?

Ricky Michaels – Australian student, joined in 1965 taking over from Tony Carroll as a DJ, assisted Reg ashore in promoting gigs/tours

Theme: Unknown?

Ed Moreno Eleventy One Single Ed Moreno Show

Ed Moreno (1965)
Ed Moreno Theme Ed Moreno Programme (April 1966)

Ed Moreno – Experience radio DJ experience in USA had worked on Caroline & GBOK recorded shows for Radio City five days a week broadcast Monday - Friday at 13.00 - 14-00. Went to Radio 270 as PC & helped set up Radio Northsea International in 1970 (Died aged 47 in August 1980)

Theme: Mike Vickers Orchestra - Eleventy One - Columbia DB 7825 (1966)

Janice Nicholls – Panelist on ITV's 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' 1961 - 1966 appeared on Radio City, as another of Reg's publicity stunts

I'll Give It Five Single

Janice Nicholls 1963 Single

Video: Recorded her trade mark 'I'll Give It Five' C/W 'The Wednesbury Madison' on Decca Records F11586 in February 1963

Theme: Unknown?

Brian Paull (Right)

Reg Calvert, David Sutch, Brian Paull (May 1964)

Press Photograph with Reg Calvert & David Sutch during the first week of broadcasting

Brian Paull - Road Manager for David Sutch was roped into the stunt which took off as Radio Sutch through the summer of 1964 (Died 1971)

Theme: Unknown?

Phil Perkins (Centre)

Centre: Phil Perkins (1965)

Pictured with left: Alexander Dee, John Wildman, Dick Dixon & Chris Cross

Phil Perkins - Amateur Radio handle G3OUV. Had been with Radio Invicta as an Engineer and heard on-air as Tony Silver. Joined Radio City in April 1965 as a Radio/Studio Engineer, built the broadcast studio desk was occasionally heard on the Auntie Mable Hour. Now supplies Radio and Electronic Equipment trading as Pervisell from his base in High Wycombe

Mac Peters - Was a club trainee manager did a stint on stage at a Reg Calvert 'Package Tour' in Coventry asked to help out on the new Radio City, christened Mac Peters he did one three week stint. Leaving he renamed himself Peter Madison for BBC local radio, the American Forces Network (AFN) US Radio & the 80's Pirate scene in Ireland, he died in December 2018

Theme: Unknown?

Tony & Susan Pine with Dick Dixon, Beltinge (3rd May 2018)

Susan Pine - Wife to Tony Ran 'Pines General Stores' Island Wall, Whitstable helping with supplies and communications between shore & Fort, she now lives close to her daughter in Herne Bay

Tony Pine

Tony Pine pictured going up on the 1 ton rated crane hoist (1966)

Tony Pine - Senior Mechanical Engineer joined in September 1964 at the same time as Eric K Martin & Don Witts following a plea for assistance from the Shivering Sands Fort. Remained virtually until the end until Dorothy dispensed with his services in a disagreement over time keeping, heard on the Auntie Mable Hour as Jeremy the Engineer

Knock John Fort 1965

Knock John Fort Cliff Cuttelle left & Jerry Pitcher (July 1965)

Note: This was the first stop over on the Fort by Radio City, left aboard both Cliff & Jerry view the aircraft 'buzzing' the Tower

Jerry Pitcher, Cliff Cuttelle, Don Witts

102. Jerry Pitcher, Cliff Cuttelle & Don Witts on the Harvester II (July 1965)

Jerry Pitcher - Artist & sign writer based in the basement of the Record Centre, 20a Oxford Street, Whitstable, Jerry helped in the background gathering stores, assisting transport to the Harbour & onboard the Harvester II tender. He notably became a Fork Guard/caretaker with Cliff Cuttelle on Knock John in the summer of 1965

Bill Price

Bill Price (Bill Price Archive)

Bill Price - A Radio City 'Technician' Bill Price believed to have helped out in 1965. He was an acquaintance of Wally Duke the Projectionist at the Oxford Cinema next door to the Record Centre the Radio City Office in Whitstable who also knew Eric K Martin & Don Witts. Bill became involved in Cinema projection too and is known to have run a second hand book shop

Note: Radio City always referred to technical staff as Engineers, technician being a later term

Prinz, or Black Prinz (Prinz Holman) – Joined from his native Buxton as a DJ briefly in 1966. Quite theatrical, wore very long hair and dark glasses, was involved with a number of bands, long time radio producer and active member of the Radio Academy

Theme: Unknown?

Mike Proctor – Trial DJ in February 1965, these days working in missionary radio

Theme: Unknown?

Roy (Ronson) - A couple of tapes exist from September 1964 of a DJ calling himself Roy, these may have been used as fillers

Dennis Rookard - Provided occasional recorded pieces and outside links. Was active at BBC Essex and a contributor to various stations in his native Essex (Died March 2010)

Martin Ross – No details available

Theme: Unknown?

Neil Spence – Believed to be Dave Dennis who used his real name on Radio Invicta, not confirmed but highly likely he was a trial DJ on City before making the transition to Radio London 266 (Big L) (Died December 2007)

6/5/15 Neil Spence worked on Radio Atlanta and then Big L as Dave Dennis. Not sure if it is the same guy as not aware that he was on Radio City, Ian Biggar

Theme: Unknown?

Bob Spencer

Bob Spencer

Bob Spencer - Did a stint as a trial DJ, staying briefly before joining Radio Scotland (Died September 2014)

Theme: Unknown?

Norman St John - Australian Radio DJ did a couple of stints of 5 & 8 days in the summer of 1965. He jumped to Caroline South briefly, soon after going to Radio London 266 (Big L) on 5th July 1966. No longer in radio he's back home in Australia where he does some public speaking

Theme: Unknown?

Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens – Well known WMCA Music Radio 77 New York Radio DJ, had provided 'free' taped shows to Swinging Radio England

6 months later he transferred recording a twice weekly programme for Radio City transmitted at Midday Monday - Saturday

Later produced the six weekly R&B Shows by Ralph Cooper a Rhyming DJ

Gary was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Thursday 24th July & Monday 28th July 2014

Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Booker T & the MG's

Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk
Booker T & the MG's

Themes: Billy Doggett - Honky Tonk also used tracks by Booker T & the MG's as talk over beds

Martin Stevens

Martin Stevens (1965) (Martin Stevens Archive)

Martin Stevens - A Photo Journalist from the family of G.C Stevens that supply Lawnmower & Garden Equipment. Martin capitalised on the Pirate Radio adventure. Due to appalling weather found himself stuck onboard Shivering Sands 11th-18th January/28th February 7th March 1965, so twice became an accidental DJ. Martin was heard on the Red Sands Radio 'Afternoon Spin' on Tuesday 15th July 2014

Theme: Unknown?

Dennis 'the Menace' Straney (1966) (Calvert Family Archive)

Dennis 'The Menace' Straney

Dennis Straney (1966)

Dennis 'the Menace' Straney – An Australian Radio DJ left joined Radio City in 1965 left to be one of the first Radio 270 Men from 4th June 1966 (Died 1st August 2010)

Theme: Unknown?

David Sutch

David ‘Screaming Lord’ Sutch (May 1964)

David Sutch - Rock Horror singer with his band the Savages with Reg Calvert conceived Radio (Died 16th June 1999)

Screaming Lord Sutch LP Cover

Screaming Lord Sutch theme 'Jack the Ripper' can be found on the uncredited (Pirate) LP numbered 7777 'The Screaming Lord Sutch Story'

Radio Sutch Theme: Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack the Ripper - Decca 45 F 11598 (1963)

Gordon Swan – A trail DJ in 1965 became Assistant Stage Manager at Canterbury's Marlowe Theater (Died 1984)

Theme: Unknown?

Leon Tippler – Joined Radio City as a trial DJ moved to Radio 270, later joined Radio Atlantis off Belgium in 1974. Then worked as a V/O at Sunshine 855 in Shropshire, Radio Maldwyn & Radio Hafren (Died 9th June 2013)

Theme: Unknown?

Jonathan Walker – A trial DJ in 1964 as Jon Walker at the transition to Radio City. Worked at CBC Canada, a T/O on BBC Local radio then more TV work in New Zealand. On his return to the UK worked at Ealing Film Studios then on BBC TV News

Theme: Unknown?

Graham Wallace – No details available

Theme: Unknown?

Ian West

Ian West (1966)

Pictured in the transmitter room at the units he 'cobbled' together from parts

Ian West - Amateur Radio handle G3SZC. Lived on London Road Estate, Canterbury became the Senior Transmitter Engineer in early 1966 until the station closed on 8th February 1967. Nice guy & superb Engineer well respected by everyone & truly appreciated by Reg (Died 9th May 2009) sometimes heard as the 'Auntie Mable Hour' Grumpy Old Man character Ian West Tribute

Jeremy Wilde – No details available

Theme: Unknown?

Jill Wildman – Reg's secretary married to John Wildman

John Wildman

John Wildman (1965)

Picture on top of the radar top house on Knock John Fort on the first trip to the Fort in the summer of 1965 a guitarist was often in Reg Calvert's band line-ups', he became right hand man and Reg's driver until death

Chris Witts - Don Witts' son, encouraged to do a one off session in early 1965. Now works as a car mechanic

Theme: Unknown?

Don Witts

Don Witts (1965)

Don Witts - A domestic Radio and TV Engineer based at The Record Centre. Joined as an Engineer in September 1964 at the same time as Eric K Martin and Tony Pine, following a plea for assistance from the Shivering Sands Fort was the first Radio Engineer, Died late 1980's

Joan Witts - Wife of Don assisted in supplying Fort, Died 2016

Geoff Woods – No detail available

Theme: Unknown?

Peter York – Southampton based Club DJ appeared briefly in 1966. Was heard on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Birmingham, BBC Radio Oxford, Beacon Radio & these days is thought to be a Speedway announcer

Theme: Unknown?

There were countless other DJ's, some appearing once or twice seldom receiving more than £5.00 a week for enduring the privations of life aboard the dirty rusting Fort

Many weren't eager to go back, in the early days creature comforts were few: Food was basic mainly Fray Bentos Pies, Potatoes, with tinned vegetables, cans were placed in a galvanized bucket filled with sea water & boiled on an ancient Baby Belling Cooker, the water used after to wash either yourself with sea soap or the dishes!

Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie

Washed up on Tankerton Beach, Whitstable!

Fray Bentos a staple of the Fort stations, still made in 2017

Fussels Milk in Tea & Coffee was the norm', with a few sweets stored in between the intermediate single studio doors; mainly Roundtree Fruit Gums, Mars Bars & the like

The Dormitory was split into two with an old blanket hanging from the ceiling RSJ which give a little privacy to the sleeping area with WWII & camp beds covered in old blankets

The lounge part had a couple of old arm chairs, a small 405 line TV with a number of brass ornaments on top & an elderly Calor Gas fire

There was no heating in any other part of the Fort until much later when Tony Pine brought the WWII central heating back online

Radio Sutch & Radio City Address:

1. Kings Agency, 7 Denmark Street, London WC 2

Then ...

2. Clifford House, 15 Clifford Street, London W1

Together with ...

3. South Thames (Local Office) 20a Oxford Street, (The Record Centre) Whitstable, Kent, (Whitstable 4060)

The Cornucopia LO21

Geoff Mew, Paul Nicholas, Ron Harwood, David Sutch & Pete Philips (25th May 1964)

Colin Dale writes - Geoff has just retired after flying planes all over the world, his last job was in Quarter teaching Arabs how to fly. He has made far more money out of flying than he ever made out of rock groups

Lowerstoft registered craft was totally unsuitable for broadcasting & no radio transmissions were ever made from the vessel

Radio Sutch Press Cartoon

Press Cartoon (May 1964)

Shivering Sands Milestones:

Radio Sutch - Publicity launch from the Pool of London Tower Bridge 25th May 1964

Radio Sutch - First broadcast from Shivering Sands 27th May

Radio City – Launched 30th September 1964

Shivering Sands - Raiders boarded & shut down transmitters 20th June 1966

Reg Calvert - Tragically killed aged 38 on 21st June 1966

Radio City – Fined & final closedown just after midnight on 8th February 1967

Grateful thanks to Hans Knot for some addtional theme information

We'd be pleased to hear from anyone that worked for Reg Calvert, Radio Sutch & City in any capacity

If you're able to fill in any of the DJ/Programme Theme gaps we'd be pleased to hear from you

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