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The Swale Wreck Mystery

Thought to be a WWII ex-Navy wooden hulled Minesweeper lies at Elmley Ferry, Murston laying in the mud on the South mainland side of the Swale channel

Stuck in a meeting in Sittingbourne desperate for a cooling swim I made my way to the nearest water, these photographs shots were taken on a 35mm Pentax SLR using Kodachrome Negative film stock on 5th August 1984

The Hulk

The Hulk

You can see the pilling's at the old Ferry Crossing, redundant gas pipes transverse the channel with warning signs on the Sheppey side

Stern of the ship

Stern of the ship

There's been much debate about the wreck which is thought to be either a 136 feet long 270 ton British Yard Minesweeper (BYMS) Built in America for the USA and UK

Stern of the ship

Stern of the ship

The Royal Navy leased 150 of the unnamed J-826 vessels which were probably returned to the USA, one went to explorer Jacques Couseau and named 'Calypso'

Starboard side of the ship

Starboard side of the ship

Several people recall a pair of Mine Sweepers stationed at Elmley

The other consideration is she's a German Navy Schnellboot

Overview starboard side of the ship

Overview starboard side of the ship

Country Recycling Plant

Country Recycling Plant

Above view from the wreck site up the Swale towards Ridham

Here are some photographs taken on a Nikon DSLR on 24 September 2018

Seal Bank

Seals basking on their sandbank in the Swale

Happy Seal

Contented Seal

Ferry Buoy

Elmley Ferry Southern Buoy


The Wreck and Fishing Boat 'Galeus'

Location 1

Where is the Wreck?

The wreck is shown right adjacent to the the Elmley Ferry, left of centre the two sections of Fowley Island and Conyer Creek

Wreck Close View

Closer view of the Wreck

Wreck 1

Wreck at high water

Wreck 2

Closer view showing Wreck

Said to have been inhabited for a period the Wreck was fire bombed perhaps to dissuade the 'campers'

Wreck 3

Wreck final image

You can access the Wreck from the A2 taking Hampstead Lane, Church Road, Blacketts Road

This will take you to Murston Farm and the sea wall, from the Barge Wreck walk the Saxon Shoreway East to the wreck

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