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Thetford, Norfolk

Copy Free feature February 2012

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Walk 1 - Leave the Bell Inn turn left & walk over the River Ouse road bridge ...

Bridge Street

24. Above looking back across the bridge towards the Bell Inn & St Peters Church beyond

Old Anchor Inn

25. The Old Anchor Inn

Across the river from The Bell Inn was also use by Dad's Army, notably the first scene in the first episode 'The Man of the Hour' was filmed in the restaurant

The area has been subject to archeological digging, it's believed a ancient market town was on the site

The site is due for redeveloped with the loss of the Old Anchor & adjacent bus terminus, many oppose the scheme saying it will damage essential tourism

Trail Pavement Plaque

26. Thetford Heritage Trail pavement plaque

N.B this is the only one we could find on the bridge at Bridge Street

Captain Mainwaring Statue

27. Linger to have your picture taken with Captain Mainwaring

The sculpture by Sean Hedges-Quinn depicts George Mainwaring in uniform as played by Arthur Lowe who died in 1982 aged 66, the statue was unveiled on 19th June 2010

Turn left onto Old Bury Road ...

Old Bury Road

28. The first house on the left

Old Bury Road doorway

29. Infamous doorway

In 1975 the door was used in the episode 'The Face on the Poster' when Corporal Jack Jones face is used on a recruitment drive poster. The images gets mixed up with Jones depicted as an escaped prisoner. A Polish officer appears from behind this door & arrests Jones

Turn right onto Star Lane ...

St Mary's Church

30. St Mary's the Less Church

Two scenes were shot here: 'Shooting Pains' with Private Joe Walker clambering over the wall to see his girlfriend ...

St Mary's Church yard

31. St Mary's the Less Church Yard

... and 'The Showing Up of Lance Corporal Jones' with the platoon digging for victory

St Mary's Church plaque St Mary's Church frontage

32 . St Mary's the Less Church 33. C hurch plaque & frontage

The chuch is derelict & for sale

Turn right towards the traffic lights, then left onto The Chase ...

GR Post Pillar Box

34. Post box at the junction of the Chase & Newtown

... then left into Newtown ...

60 Newtown

35. #60 Newtown

The 1968 monochrome episode ' Museum Piece' has the milkman with horse & cart accompanied by the Platoon en' route to the Peabody Museum for weapons, making normal door to door deliveries

In 1969 'The Lion Has Phones' finds the Platoon hiding in roadside dustbins as part of a camouflage exercise

59 Newtown

36. #59 Newtown

The digging for victory scene from 'The Showing Up of Lance Corporal Jones' was filmed in the garden of #59 & two scenes from 'Shooting Pains' with St Mary's prominent

Retrace your route passing St Mary's Church, cross the road & turn left into Mill Lane ...

2 Mill Lane 2 Mill Lane

37 & 38. #2 Mill Lane

Mill Lane was used in what was one of the funniest scenes in British comedy 1973's 'Deadly Attachment' with the line 'Don't tell him Pike'

A German U-Boat Captain lead Jones on a string attached to grenade down his trousers. The string breaks, luckily Sergeant Wilson had primed the grenade with a dummy detonator

25 Mill Lane & converted warehouses

39. #25 Mill Lane

Mill Lane was also used for incidental background shots

Walk back along Mill Lane taking the right hand path over the footbridge ...

Footpath off Mill Lane

40. The path leads to the footbridge

River Ouse

41. The River Ouse

Parkland walks

42. Parkland paths


43. Favourite flower, snowdrops signal first signs of spring

Continue forward passing Coffee Mill ...

Coffee Mill race

44. Coffee Milll race

The Mill ground Coffee until the late 1950's

Coffee Mill plaque

45. Coffee Mill plaque & current use as a Masonic Hall

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