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Thetford, Norfolk

Copy Free feature February 2012

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Coffee Mill race

46. Coffee Mill

Formerly owned by Ibex Coffee it was sold to Twinnings, these days the Coffee Mill, Thetford helps regulate the flow of the River Thet

Pass through the Car Park, turn right onto Nether Road ...

Nether Row

47. Nether Row

Used in several episodes in 1969's 'The Armoured Might of Corporal Jones' as his butchers van is converted for Platoon transport & an ambulance

Nether Row

48. Nether Row

In 1969 Nether Row's with its distinctive cottages became 'Percy Street', also from 1969 'Man Hunt' has Private Walker discover a parachute he has made into knickers. Unable to recall the colour, Captain Mainwaring & Sergeant Wilson knock on doors asking the lady of the house if they might see their knickers

Nether Row Road Sign

49. Nether Row

In 'The Big Parade' from 1970 the Platoon try to capture a Ram. Marching back to town the Vicar & Verger are lost for words. Finally in 1972's 'Time On My Hands' the town folk watch on as the Platoon try to rescue a German pilot

Continue to the end of Nether Row, at the junction with Old Market Street turn left ...

Market Street

50. Thetford Carpets on Old Market Street

Palace Cinema

51. Palace Cinema now Winners Bingo Hall

On the corner across from the junction with Raymond Street, Rampart Way & Guildhall Street you'll find the Palace Cinema. This building featured in 1970's 'The Big Parade' & 1972's 'A Soldiers farewell' with the Platoon watching films

N.B The cast assembled after each weeks filming once the last public film had finished to view the weeks 'rushes'

Leave the Bingo Hall to walk along Guildhall ...

Taste of Poland

52. Taste of Poland, Guildhall Street

A wide & varied cuisine can be found in Thetford you'll find Portuguese & Polish cafés, restaurants, delicatessens & shops then on the right oposite the Guldhall ...

Pike Lane The Guildhall

53. Pike Lane 54. The Guildhall

Pike Lane

55. Pike Lane

For the 1972 episode 'Time On My Hands' a German pilot has parachuted & caught on the clock tower, dangling the Platoon go into the hall to rescue the pilot

In 'The Captains Car' Mainwaring is given a Rolls Royce staff car & decides to have it camouflaged, but it breaks down outside the hall. Jones tows away the Mayors Rolls by mistake taking the wrong car for a paint job

At the end of Guildhall Street turn left on Well Street, then cross the road into King Street ...

Dad's Army Museum

56. Dad's Army Museum, 20 King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AP

Dad's Army Museum poster

57. Dad's Army Museum

Dad's Army cast in area

58. Dads Army Cast & Crew

Litary Norfolk has more on Dad's Army along with the lyrics to 'Who do you think you're kidding Mr Hitler' adopted by Radio North Sea International broadcasting as Radio Caroline in it's Offshore Radio survival campaign of 1970

King Street is pedestrianised, you'll find a whole range of sole traders ...

J Jones the Butcher

59. There had to be a J Jones the Butcher

Kings House

60. Kings House

Seat of the Thetford Town Council

Kings House plaque

61. Kings House plaque

Kings House conservatory

62. Kings House conservatory with public rear gardens

Thetford Town Council Logo

63. Thetford Town Council logo

St Peters Church

64. St Peters Church on the junction of King Street & Whitehart Street

St Peters Church plaque

65. St Peters Church plaque

Return to The Bell Inn ...

Bell Inn door pull Bell Ghost Ale

66 & 67. Bell Inn, door pull & Bell Ghost real ale pump handle

Yes pull us a pint we deserve it, Bell Ghost Ale by Green King is brewed exclusively for the Bell Inn, Thetford

What's it like, excellent but hey don't take my word for it!

Here are a few relevant interior shots of the Bell Inn ...

Walmington on Sea Restaurant

68. The restaurant appropriately named

Captain Mainwarings suite

69. Captain Mainwarings Suite

Private Frazer Room Ian Lavender Suite

70 & 71. Private Frazer Room & Ian Lavender Suite

Ian's room has a private balcony overlooking the river

The rooms are available for conference hire & you can stay in the suites used by the cast

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