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Thetford, Norfolk

Copy Free feature February 2012

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Walk 2 - Leave the Bell Inn, turn left onto Bridge Street, cross the bridge & turn left passing Captain Mainwaring's statue

Cross the river footbridge taking the right option into the park land ...

Statue of Duleep Singh

72. Statue of Maharajah Duleep Singh

To find a fine statue to the last King of the Punjab Maharaja Duleep Singh who took the throne aged five & was deposed in 1849 coming to England where with a healthy £50,000 pension settled in Suffolk

Statue of Duleep Singh close-up

73. Maharajah Duleep Singh, close up

His legacy & fine collection of art collection was donated to the Ancient House Museum

More on Maharajah Duleep Singh

Continue forward on the footpath through the park with water on your right ...


74. Pigs

Norfolk perhaps has almost as many free range Pigs as Turkeys

Ducks by the river

75. Road Bridges

You'll reach the Ickield Way ...

Nuns Bridges Road Sign6

76. Nuns Bridges Road

Nuns Bridges

77.The Nuns Three Bridges

Old route

78. Old Route

Part of the ancient Icknield Way a prehistoric route from South West England to North West Norfolk, the old way has been trampled by Roman Legions, Viking, Normans, medieval pilgrims & WWII Tanks

Turn right & into the car park at the last bridge, cross the foot bridge & return to the road

Turn right back over the bridges, at Ford Road turn right, pass The Dolphin on the left to find Thetford Castle ...

The Mound from Castle Lane

79. The Mound, Thetford Castle from Castle Lane

Once perched on top of the 40' high earth works & Iron Age Fort stood a 11th Century wooden Bailey (Castle) surrounded by a Motte, if you've the energy climb the Mound

Walk round the Motte clock or anti clockwise take the only metalled path ...

The Mound from Castle Street

80. The Mound, Thetford Castle from Castle Street

The Albion pub on Castle Street

81. The Albion on Castle Street from Mound pathway

Turn left to walk towards town ...

Castle Street

82. Castle Street

Castle Street

83. Castle Street

Continue along Castle Street, cross the road into Well Street then right back onto King Street ...

Castle Street, Market Place, Magdalen & Well Street

84. Castle Street, Market Place, Magdalen & Well Street junction

At the end of King Street turn right onto Whitehart Road ...

Whitehart Inn

85. Old Whitehart Inn

Whitehart Inn plaque

86. Whitehart Inn plaque

The Ancient House

87. The Ancient House Museum, Whitehart Road, Thetford

Turn back toward The Bell Inn at the junction of Whitehart Road, Bridge & King Street turn right toward Minstergate to the Charles Burrell Museum ...

Charles Burrell Museum

88. Charles Burrell & Sons works

Charles Burrell & Sons built steam traction, agricultural engines, steam trucks & trams. From small beginnings in 1770 they were a major force & key employer in Thetford until the industry decline in 1928. The Museum opened in 1991 & is testament to that past

Charles Burrell Museum

89. The Charles Burrell Museum

Minstergate, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 1BN

Tourist info; 01842 751 975

Continue forward taking the underpass under London Road ...

Thetford Priory

90. Thetford Priory, overview from the entrance gate

A series of shots of the Medieval Monastic ruins

Thetford Priory Thetford Priory

91 & 92. Bold & weathered remains

Founded in 1103 by Roger Bigod a close associate of William the Conqueror

Thetford Priory

93. Looking towards Priory Lodgings

The Monastery was affiliated to the Benedictine Abbey in Cluny France

Thetford Priory

94. Priory Lodgings

Dissolved in 1540 the building were left to decay & subsequent ruin

Thetford Priory

95. Priory Lodgings

Thetford Priory

96. Priory Lodgings, central arch

Thetford Priory

97. Priory Lodgings from right

Thetford Priory

98. Priory Lodgings, small right arch detail

Thetford Priory

99. Priory Lodgings, window detail

Thetford Priory Thetford Priory

100 & 101. Priory Lodgings, window detail & Church Arch remains

Thetford Priory

102. Priory Lodgings, window detail

Thetford Priory

103. Church remains

Thetford Priory Thetford Priory

104 & 105. Cloister & Church

Bell Inn, night shot

106. The Bell Inn

Retrace your steps back to the Bell Inn

Thetford Foods

107. Maybe a stop on the way

Thetford Food Centre where you can purchase an interesting array of foodstuffs ...

Tongue & Fruit Beer Pike signals

108. Get your tongue round this one 109. Are you stop or go on that

A bottle of Polish fruit beer & sticking it out from behind a smoked pigs tongue with a final sign from a 'Pike' signals under the canopy of the Bell Hotel

Arthur Lowe & Dad's Army Cast

110. Captain Mainwaring & Dad's Army reaction to that sort of cuisine 

Additional information Visit Norfolk : Norfolk Tourist Information Centres

Additional photographs by Sandy

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