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Whitstable Harbour Day 2008

With colour pictures of Old Whitstable

Whitstable Harbour Day 2008 Flyer

A copy free feature

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Dredger Black Deep

The dredger 'Black Deep' contracted to clear the Harbour of silt in spring 2008

Island Wall cottages

Island Wall with the Neptune to left

Island Wall beach front

Further Eastwards along Island Wall towards the Royal Native Oyster Stores with Whitstable Harbour beyond

Miss Whitstable 2008 group

Miss Whitstable Sophie Goldsmith flanked by Deputy Elisha Bergin & Princesses Lauren Gambrill & Amber Russell open the day

Fezz Heads

The fabulous Fezz Heads begin their madcap set

Flood damage 29th November 1897

November 29th 1897

Flood damage 29th November 1897

Flood damaged Whitstable

Harbour Basin

The Harbour basin

Splash Dogs

The 'Splash Dogs' for obvious reasons known at Harbour Day as the 'Diving Dogs'

Splash Dogs in action

The Dogs in action off the Harbour ramp

Heron model swans!

The Heron Model Boat Club now has radio controlled swans!

Whitstable Harbour 1830

An impression of Whitstable Harbour in 1830

Crab & Winkle line opening

The Canterbury & Whitstable railway viewed from Church Street on opening day the 3rd May 1830

Busy Harbour Day

Are you in the crowd?

Shucking Oysters

The West's Shucking Oysters over 2,500 sold

Wing Walkers Flyby

Wing walkers make a flyby

Ice Cream Van

Tempted with her own ice cream at the Harbour Garden Cafe's

See 2007 for the Classic Ice Cream Van

Crab & Winkle from Tyler Hill Tunnel

The Canterbury Whitstable railway gained the name the 'Crab & Winkle Line' the single track ran from Whitstable Harbour to just behind today's Canterbury West Station

The picture above is from top of the Tyler Hill tunnel looking towards the Canterbury City on opening day the 3rd May 1830

Old harbour Gates

The old harbour gates the last remnant of the old railway line taken taken in May 2008 as the sun rises

Dredging for Oysters

Oyster dredging in Whitstable Bay

The Tug Kent

The Rochester registered & Chatham Marina based Tug Kent

South Quay

With a crowded South Quay

Masts & Flags

Masts & Flags flying in the breeze

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