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Whitstable Harbour Day & Oyster Festival


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Harbour Basin from Fisherman's Huts

Whitstable Harbour basin from on top of the Fisherman's Huts

Historic Divers

Whitstable Historic Divers getting ready for the plunge

Diver in Tank

Diver in Tank

This year for the 1st time spectators were able to view a diver at work inside a giant tank

Diver in Tank close-up

Fully submerged illustrating the conditions working divers endure

Historic Divers at Pump

Hand pumping air using original authentic equipment

Diver & Boy Dead Horse Morris Man

Bemused boy faces diver alongside Dead Horse Morris Man

Heron Model Boats

Heron Model Boat Society who's strong membership regularly show & sail their vessels in the region

Stilt Walkers

Oysters landed the Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers & Oyster Procession

Lead the Oyster procession

Bloco FogoBloco Fogo Band Band

To the rhythmic percussion of the Bloco Fogo Samba Band powerful, colourful & impressive voted by all as the best yet

Oyster Maids & Sirens

Oyster Maids & Sea Sirens


Local Photographer Jon in front of the Clergy

Crowds on East Quay under Fisherman's Huts

Crowds watching one of the numerous basin displays

East Coast Smack CK 178 arrives

Simon on his East Coast Fishing Smack CK 178 arrives

See her under sail in Greta 4

Young Oyster Taster

Brave little visiting soul Emma from Milton Keynes tries her 1st Oyster

Greta & Celtic Storm

SB Greta astern of Celtic Storm one of the Kentish Flats Wind-farm contract service craft

For more of the Wind-farm see Greta 2 & Whitstable Harbour Recent Memories

David Wild's Punch & Judy

David Wild's Punch & Judy

David Wild's Punch & Judy pulls the crowds

Attracted children of all ages

The Splitt Brothers

Crazy as coots the Splitt Brothers provide street entertainment

The Favourite Trust

The Favorite Trust representative shows pictures of the astonishing rebuild by Ashley Butler which is nearing completion

The old sailing Smack is beached at Island Wall where she's laid since 1944 having been holed by bullets from German aircraft at the height of WWII

Tug Kent & Lucy B

The Medway based Tug Kent & the Lucy B on the East Quay

Tug Kent & Lucy B close-up

The Lucy B was built by Ashley Built who's skills were employed to rebuild the Fishing Smack Favourite

PA Equipment from Radio Cabin

Radio Cabin Community Radio supplied the PA equipment above Chairman Glen rests after a hectic day

See Radio Cabin for Public Address Systems & on-line Community Radio

RiB passes harbour head

One of the RiBs used for our Power Cruises passes the Harbour Mouth making it's way to the Harbour Ramp having completed another pleasure seekers excursion into the Thames Estuary

See sailing dates in Boat Trips

We began Harbour Day in 1992 after 14 years with nearly 70 separate exhibitors& displays & 40,000 visitors to Whitstable Harbour & The Oyster Festival launch the town has earnt a reputation of being the premier coastal resort of SE England

For all the Whitstable Harbour Days navigate from Whitstable Harbour Dayz

For more of Whitstable Harbour see Whitstable Harbour Recent Memoirs

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We look forward to more Harbour & Festival Fun in 2007

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