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Whitstable Harbour Memoirs

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Air Shot of Whitstable Harbour 17th July 1991

Whitstable Harbour on the 17th July 1991

Tony Blair off Wind-farm

He didn't arrive by air rather the 10.20 train on Thursday 13th July 2006

Tony Blair & Alistair Darling off Wind-farm

British PM Tony Blair with Trade & Industry Secretary Alistair Darling above along with Environment Secretary David Milband made the visit to Whitstable

Tony Blair off Wind-farm Tony Blair helped ashore

To take a fast RiB to the offshore Wind-farm on the Kentish Flats

Tony Blair helped ashore

Lending a helping hand Port Controller Graham Croft said "You don't want to fall" Tony Blair "No that would never do"

Derek West meets Tony Blair

Derek West shakes Blair's hand outside the temporary Wind-farm service facility at Whitstable Harbour

Derek afterwards said "It'll be something to tell my Grandchildren"

Tony Blair

About to leave in the Black Range Rover & return to London

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Beer

Ooo look what we've found amongst the flotsam& jetsam at the end of this page a drop of Shepherd Neame fine Whitstable Bay Ale

Grateful thanks to Mike Wier Harbour Master, Whitstable Harbour Office, The Whitstable Times & the Kent Messenger

With Special thanks to Port Controller Graham Croft for sharing his pictures

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