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Whitstable Harbour

through the years

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Issue: 0 Date: May 2018

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Whitstable Harbour, foreshore, scenes & working vessels our photographs & archives, historic photographs & old postcards

We plan to add more photographs and facts to this feature as they become available

Horsebridge 1880's

1. Horsebridge (Approx' 1880's)

Harbour Basin 1880's

2. Harbour Basin (1880's)

Old North Quay Head & East Quay 1890

3. Old North Quay Head & East Quay (1890)

Old North Quay Head & East Quay 1890's

4. Old North Head & East Quay Whistable Harbour (1890's)

Marine Crescent, Old Neptune, Horsebridge & Harbour 1890's

5. Marine Crescent, the Old Neptune, the Horsebridge & the Harbour beyond postcard (1890's)

Whitstable Harbour 1890's

6. Whitstable Harbour (1890's)

Barges off the Horsebridge 1900's

7. Barges off the Horsebridge (1900's)

The Harbour 1900's

8 The Harbour (1900's)

Whitstable Harbour work horses 1900's

9. Whitstable Harbour work horses (1900's)

Coal Jumpers working the barges 1900's

10. Coal Jumpers working the barges (1900's)

Harbour Basin 1900's

11. Harbour Basin (1900's)

Harbour Basin 1900's

12. Harbour Basin (1900's)

Harbour Postcard 1902

13. Whitstable Harbour Postcard (Approx' 1902)

Reprinted a number of times from by P.P Co No 1278

Harbour Postcard 1900s

14. Whitstable Harbour Postcard reprint (1900's)

Whitstable Whelkers 1905

15. Whitstable Whelkers - Charlie West, Bill 'Fiddle' West, 'Darkie' West, Bob Bishop, William West, Charlie Carlton & Harry Day (1905)

With fishing in decline in Sherringham, Norfolk the West & Bishop family moved to Whitstable

The Old Harbour Light 1900's

16 & 17. The Old Harbour Light (1900's)

West Beach Postcard 1908

18. West Beach Postcard (1908)

Scooner off the East Quay Head  1920's

19. Scooner off the East Quay Head (1920's)

Horsebridge Beach 1920's

20. Horsebridge Beach (1920's)

William West & Aileen 1920

21. William West & Granddaughter Aileen at Whitstable Harbour (1920)

The Street 1921

22. The Street (1921)

The Street 1921

23. The Street (1921)

Old North Quay Head & East Qauy 1920's

24. Old North Quay Head & East Qauy (1920's)

Reeves Beach Postcard 1920's

25. Reeves Beach Postcard (Approx' 1920's)

Neptune & Marine Terrace Postcard 1925

26. Neptune & Marine Terrace Postcard (1925)

Old West Quay 1925

27. Old West Quay with crane & Daniel Brothers Barge No1470 (Approx' 1925)

A new crane was put up in 1984 using the same concrete base

Aerial view of Horsebridge Pier 1920s

28. Aerial view of Horsebridge Pier (late 1920's)

Horsebridge Pier 1920s

29. Horsebridge Pier (late 1920's)

Old Horsebridge Pier 1930

30. Old Horsebridge Pier (1930)

Derelict Horsebridge Pier 1950s

31. The derelict Horsebridge Pier (1950's)

Built from the timbers of the hoy 'Herbert' in 1913 the Whitstable Hoy Trading Company Pier was demolished in 1956

The hoy Herbert' 1930's

32. The Hoy 'Herbert' scrapped in 1913

Long Beach 1930's

33. Long Beach once known as Tankerton Beach (1930's)

F176' Gamecock' 1930's

34. F176' Gamecock' painting by unknown artist (1930's)

Children brave rough seas by the Old Neptune 1930's

35. Children brave rough seas by the Old Neptune (1930's)

The Royal Native Oyster Stores 1932

36. The Royal Native Oyster Stores (1932)

Whitstable Horsebridge 1930's

37. Whitstable Horsebridge postcard titled - 'Evening Shadows' (1930's)

Aircraft by the Oyster Stores 1936

38. Avra Anson #K6166 from 48 Squadron at the Horsebridge (25th June 1936)

The military aircraft flying North out of RAF Manston the aircraft suffered engine failure switching over from the main fuel tanks to the emergency tanks and was successfully ditched by Pilot Officer A.R. Atkins, from the School of Air Navigation at Manston about 6 miles off Whitstable coast. Towed back to Tankerton in the afternoon, and then the Horsebridge ended up being writen-off

T.S Vigilant 1930's

39. T.S Vigilant by the Old Neptune (Approx' mid-1930's)

Harbour Beach 1939

40. Harbour Beach (1939)

Westbeach 1940's

41. Westbeach Postcard (1940's)

Whitstable Harbour 1940's

42. Whitstable Harbour (1940's)

Whitstable Harbour Quay 1940s

43. Whitstable Harbour West Quay & Old Lighthouse from the Yacht Club Beach postcard (1940's)

Coast Guard Station 1940's

44. Coast Guard Station (1940's)

Coast Guard Station postcard 1940's

45. Coast Guard Station postcard (1940's)

Harbour Deadmans Corner 1949

46. Deadman's Corner Whitstable Harbour where debris flotsam & jepsam collects (1949)

Whelk boasts pictured belonged to Charles Camburn father of Jean of 'West Whelks'

Whitstable Harbour & Bay 1950's

47. Whitstable Harbour & Bay (Approx early 1950's)

Whitstable Harbour East Quay 1950's

48. M.V 'Lumimnence' & M.V 'Nascence' on Main East Quay & Old Lighthouse from the Yacht Club Beach postcard (1950's)

Coast Guard Station Beach 1950's

49. Coast Guard Station Beach 1950's)

Westbeach 1950's

50. Westbeach (1950's)

Whitstable Harbour Basin 1950s

51. Whitstable Harbour Basin with M.V. 'Vigilant' unloading on North Head postcard (1950's)

Whitstable Harbour 1950s

52. Whitstable Harbour Basin with 'Leona' centre postcard (1950's)

Reeves Beach 1950's

53. Whitstable Harbour & East Quay from Reeves Beach (1950's)

West Whelk Boat 'Floreat' approx' 1950

54. Charles Camburn Whelk Boat 'Floreat' (Approx' 1950)

Marine Terrace Postcard 1951

55. Marine Terrace Postcard (1951)

Stormy Seas from Reeves Beach 1953

56. Stormy Seas from Reeves Beach (1953)

'Mullard' 1950's

57. ? & 'Mullard' (1950's)

Whitstable Harbour 1954 Harbour Basin 1954

58. Whitstable Harbour Basin with 'Oriel' in foreground (1954)
59. Whitstable Harbour Basin (1954)

Looking towards the Isle-of-Sheppey from the South Quay 1956

60. Looking towards the Isle-of-Sheppey from the South Quay Postcard (1956)

Whitstable Harbour Anderson Rigden & perkins 1957

61. Anderson Rigden & Perkins with middle, Bob West & 2nd right Ian Lawson with 'Harvester II' left on the outer West Quay (1957)

Whitstable Harbour 1950s

62. Whitstable Harbour Basin postcard (1950's)

Long Beach late 1950s

63. Long Beach (late 1950's)

Whitstable Sunset 1950s

64. Whitstable Sunset from yacht Club (Undated)

Whitstable Harbour take over 1958

65. Whitstable Harbour hand over in 1958

The closure of the Whitstable-Canterbury 'Crab & Winkle' line in 1952 and the decline of the Harbour Whitstable Urban District Council purchased Whitstable Harbour from the British Transport Commision on 1st January 1958 with local government reorganisation in April 1974 Canterbury City Council became the Harbour Authority with a Harbour Board established in 2003

Whitstable Harbour and East Quay 1958

66. Whitstable Harbour & East Quay from Reeves Beach (1958)

Whitstable Harbour 1960

67. Whitstable Harbour Postcard (1960)

Whitstable Harbour 1950

68. Whitstable Harbour Basin, left the'Harvester II' Quayside postcard (1960 )

Whitstable Harbour 1961

69. Whitstable Harbour postcard (1961)

Whitstable Harbour 1961

70. Whitstable Harbour Basin, Useful', 'Mallard' centre with 'Scotsman' astern postcard (1961)

Whitstable Harbour 1961

71. Whitstable Harbour South Quay (1961)

Pictured the Old Railway Line's (Crab & Winkle) Engine Shed left, planning permission has been granted (January 2018) to the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company for yet another restauarant! The Old Steam Packet Public House with Harbour Masters flat above last occupied by John Bloom. The building became Whitstable & District Angling Society (Angling Club) and broacast centre for Red Sands Radio when it came ashore from the Forts in 2009 - 2014. The building was vacated in 2016 and now lies unused until the Harbour Board decide on the sites future, it is rumoured the building is beyond use and will be demolished!

Whitstable Harbour 1960s

72. Whitstable Harbour Basin, with the 'Harvesters I & II' centre postcard) (1960's)

Whitstable Harbour from Reeves Beach 1960s

73. Whitstable Harbour Basin postcard (1963)

Whitstable Harbour Quay 1950s

74. Whitstable Harbour from Reeves Beach postcard (1960's)

Whitstable Harbour Quay mid 1960s

75. Whitstable Harbour (1960's)

Whitstable Harbour 1960s

76. M.V's 'Greta' & 'Solent' both Dutch registered ships unloading bags of potatoes on the main East Quay (1960's)

The coaster 'Greta' namesake of the 1892 - SB (Sailing Barge) Greta Whitstable Harbour summer resident

Red Spider Cafe and Beach Huts 1960s

77. The Red Spider Cafe & beach huts (1960's)

I bought the hut with the back window in 1980 which had been there since 1924. The beach huts & Cafe were demolished in the late 1980's for Sea Defence Works which raised the beach level to the promenade, a replacement hut lasted one evening before being vandalised! I removed the hut which became an outside store at Advance Servicesin Oxford Street

'Stella Matutina', F 121 'Harvester I' F33 1964

78. 'Coaster Stella Matutina', F 121 'Harvester I' F33 ? (1964)

Harbour from the South Quay 1964

79. 'Vigilant' on the North Quay Head, the 'Harvesters I & II', 'Burtonia' on East Quay B Berth, ?, ?, F102 West Whelk Boat HH036 ? Harbour from the South Quay (1964)

The Burtonia cvapsized and sank on passage Gunness to Ghent when the cargo shifted with the loss of four men on the 30th November 1972

Whitstable Harbour Quay 1965

80. 'Tartan' enters Whitstable Harbour postcard (1965)

Harbour Basin 1965

81. Coaster ? Louise, ?, F21 'Faustilus', F6 'Romulus' (1965)

Coaster 'Nacuoa' with recreational boats 1965

82. Coaster 'Nacuoa' with recreational boats (1965)

Harbour Basin 1965

83. Coaster 'Saba', F45 ?, Barge ?, Coaster 'Anny', 3 other boats ?, F6 'Romulus', LO 545 'Sea Hawk Queen' (1965)

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