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Whitstable Harbour

& foreshore through the years

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Issue: 4 Date: 14th September 2018

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Whitstable Harbour, foreshore, scenes & working vessels our photographs & archives, historic photographs & old postcards

We plan to add more photographs and facts to this feature as they become available

Scooner Zabrina 1873

The Scooner 'Zabrina' built in Whitstable in 1873

Reeves Beach 1880s

Reeves Beach (1880's)

Horsebridge 1880s

Horsebridge (1880's)

Harbour Basin 1880's

Harbour Basin (1880's)

Old North Quay Head & East Quay 1890

Old North Quay Head & East Quay (1890)

East Quay 1890

East Quay (1890)

Old North Quay Head & East Quay 1890s

Old North Head & East Quay Whistable Harbour (1890's)

Harbour and Sea Street 1890s

Titled - Ludgate Hill, Whitstable (1890's)

Harbour & Sea Street from Ludgate Hill, Harbour West, note the embankment

Starvation Point Harbour and Sea Street 1890s

Ludgate Hill, Harbour & Sea Street (1880's)

Whitstable Harbour 1890's

Whitstable Harbour (1890's)

Stone House 1900s

Stone House (1900's)

With Reeves Beach beyond

Whitstable the bay 1900s

Whitstable the Bay (1900's)

In older postcards often refered to as Tankerton Beach, this photograph from the exit from the Shrubbery by Tower Tea Garden and the Bubble cafe is more in Whitstable than Tankerton which

Barges off the Horsebridge 1900's

Barges off the Horsebridge (1900's)

The Harbour 1900's

The Harbour (1900's)

Whitstable Harbour work horses 1900's

Whitstable Harbour work horses (1900's)

Coal Jumpers working the barges 1900's

Whitstable Harbour 'Jumping Horse' (used 1870's - 1928)

The wooden five step 'Jumps' had two men on ropes that 'jumped' off the 'Jumping Horse' backwards lifting coal baskets from barge holds to the deck, the process was repeated to load the coal onto the railway trucks

Harbour Basin 1900's

Harbour Basin (1900's)

Harbour Basin 1900s

Harbour Basin (1900's)

SB May in Whitstable 1890s

SB May enters Whitstable Harbour Basin (1900's)

SB May was built in Harwich in 1891 by Cann, John & Herbert for the Canfield Brothers, Flour Millers of Ipswich

She was sold in 1964 to Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd a subsidiary of Tate & Lyle she went into private hands in 2011

Evening Whitstable Harbour 1900s

Titled - 'Evening' Whitstable Harbour (1900's)

Long Beach and foreshore from sea

The Beach Whitstable 1904

The Beach Whitstable (1904)

Long Beach

Coast Guard Station 1905

Whitstable Coast Guard Station (1905)

Marine Terrace ahead, today behind the fence the Tennis Courts

Whitstable Whelkers 1905

Whitstable Whelkers - Charlie West, Bill 'Fiddle' West, 'Darkie' West, Bob Bishop, William West, Charlie Carlton & Harry Day (1905)

With fishing in decline in Sherringham, Norfolk the West & Bishop family moved to Whitstable

Whitstable Harbour 1905

Whitstable Harbour (1905)

Evening off Whitstable 1905

Evening Off Whitstable (1905)

Harbour Postcard 1902

Whitstable Harbour Postcard (Approx' 1906)

Reprinted a number of times from by P.P Co No 1278

Harbour Postcard 1900s

Whitstable Harbour, reprint (1906)

The Old Harbour Light 1900s The Old Harbour Light 1900s

The Old Harbour Light (1900's)

Reeves Beach 1900s

Reeves Beach (1900's)

Barges in rough seas off Whitstable 1906

Barges in rough seas off Whitstable (1906)

Harbour and Sea Street 1908

Harbour & Sea Street (1908)

Note embankment path

West Beach Postcard 1908

West Beach (1908)

Whitstable Natives Cooling Themselves

Whitstable Natives Cooling Themselves (1900's)

Central Beach Postcard 1900s

Central Beach Postcard (1900's)

By Royal Native Oyster Stores, Reeves Beach beyond

Marine Terrace 1910

Marine Terrace (1910)

Whitstable Harbour 1911

Whitstable Harbour (1911)

Whitstable Harbour 1912

Whitstable Harbour with SB 'Why Not' (1912)

Whitstable Beach 1913

The Beach Whitstable (1913)

The beach between the Harbour and Reeves Beach

Whitstable Beach 1913

Alternative image - The Beach Whitstable (1913)

Coast Guard Station 1913

Coast Guard Station (1913)

Coast Guard Station 1913

Coast Guard Station (1913)

Marine Terrace 1913

Marine Terrace (1913)

Bathing at Reeves Beach 1916

Bathing at Reeves Beach (1916)

Coast Guard Station 1918

Coast Guard Station (1918)

Fishermans Quarters Whitstable Harbour 1900s

Fisherman's Quarters, Whitstable (1920's)

Area between the Old Neptune Pub & Royal Native Oyster Stores

Scooner off the East Quay Head  1920's

Scooner off the East Quay Head (1920's)

Horsebridge Beach 1920's

Horsebridge Beach (1920's)

Old West Quay 1925

Old West Quay with crane & Daniel Brothers Barge No1470 (1920)

A new crane was put up in 1984 using the same concrete base

William West & Aileen 1920

William West & Granddaughter Aileen at Whitstable Harbour (1920)

The Street 1921

The Street (1921)

The Street 1921

The Street, alternative image (1921)

Old North Quay Head & East Qauy 1920's

Old North Quay Head & East Qauy (1920's)

Reeves Beach Postcard 1920's

Reeves Beach (1920's)

Marine Terrace 1920s

Marine Terrace (1920's)

The Beach Whitstable 1922

The Beach Whitstable (1922)

Marine Crescent, Old Neptune, Horsebridge & Harbour 1922

Alternative image - The Beach Whitstable (1922)

The Beach Whitstable 1922

Alternative image - The Beach Whitstable (1922)

Above three images showing Wave Crest, The Old Neptune Pub, Hoy Pier, Royal Native Oyster Stores and Harbour

The Beach 1920s

The Beach Whitstable (1920's)

Petal Cafe on east Beach Walk, on the beach for Teas and Ices the 194 Cafe

Reeves Beach 1925

Reeves Beach (1925)

A Glimpse of Whitstable 1925

A Glimpse of Whitstable (1925)

Reeves Beach

Neptune & Marine Terrace Postcard 1925

Neptune & Marine Terrace (1925)

Nor Wester 1928

Nor' Wester (1928)

Aerial view of Horsebridge Pier 1920s

Aerial view of Hoy Pier (late 1920's)

Horsebridge Pier 1920s

Hoy Pier (late 1920's)

Old Horsebridge Pier 1930

Old Hoy Pier (1930)

Derelict Horsebridge Pier 1950s

The derelict Hoy Pier (1950's)

Built from the timbers of the hoy 'Herbert' in 1913 the Whitstable Hoy Trading Company Pier was demolished in 1956

The hoy Herbert' 1930's

The Hoy 'Herbert' scrapped in 1913

Long Beach 1930's

Long Beach once known as Tankerton Beach (1930's)

F176' Gamecock' 1930's

F176' Gamecock' painting by unknown artist (1930's)

Stag Inn 1931

Old Postcard of the old 'Stag Inn' (1931)

The 'Stag Inn' now 'Stag Cottage' dates from the mid 1800's and has been a subject of much controversy, next to the Royal Native Oyster Stores have divided the dwelling in two as rows continue over ownership

Flint & Co' Brewery was founded in 1797 in St Dunstan's Canterbury opposite the Church

Children brave rough seas by the Old Neptune 1930's

Children brave rough seas by the 'Old Neptune' pub (1930's)

The Royal Native Oyster Stores 1932

The Royal Native Oyster Stores (1932)

The Royal Native Oyster Stores 1932

Alternative Image - The Royal Native Oyster Stores (1932)

Whitstable Horsebridge 1930s

Whitstable Horsebridge 'Evening Shadows' (1930's)

Oyster Boats at sunset 1930s

Oyster Boats at Sunset (1930's)

Oyster Boats at sunset 1933

Alternative postcard - Oyster Boats at Sunset (1933)

Oyster Boats at sunset 1930s

Alternative postcard - Oyster Boats at Sunset (1930's)

Three different editions of the same postcard available through the 1930's

Sunset Whitstable 1933

Sunset Whitstable (1933)

Whitstable Harbour 1934

Whitstable Harbour (1934)

The Street 1934

The Street (1934)

Aircraft by the Oyster Stores 1936

Avra Anson #K6166 from 48 Squadron at the Horsebridge (25th June 1936)

The military aircraft flying North out of RAF Manston the aircraft suffered engine failure switching over from the main fuel tanks to the emergency tanks and was successfully ditched by Pilot Officer A.R. Atkins, from the School of Air Navigation at Manston about 6 miles off Whitstable coast. Towed back to Tankerton in the afternoon, and then the Horsebridge ended up being writen-off

The Harbour Whitstable 1937

The Harbour Whitstable (1937)

Pictured on the East Quay the 400 ton collier 'Actuosity' owned by Frank T Everard & Sons

TS Vigilant 1930s

T.S 'Vigilant' by the Old Neptune (1930's)

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