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Whitstable Classic Music & Motors 2014

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Copy free feature on the Classic Music & Motors held on Tankerton slopes on 7th August 2014

Ford Zodiac

29. 1960 Ford Zodiac

First registered in 1983

Ford Consol, Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club

Looking towards Hampton & Herne Bay

30. Long Rock & Hampton in distance

31. Mercedes 'Kit Car'


32. 1972 & 1969 Minis

British Mini Owners Club

1972 Mini for sale

33. The 1972 (Tax Exempt) Mini for sale

Model toy cars

34. Model (Toy) cars too


35. 1988 Jaguar

Member of the Jaguar Enthus Club

Austin Cambridge

36. 1961 Austin Cambridge A55/60

Refurb project with Farina Body Styling

Austin Cambridge-Oxford A55/A60 Owners Club

37. Metalic Line Green

Unknown vehicle late entry?

Morris Oxford Estate

38. 1960 Morris Oxford

Jaguar Owners Club : Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

39. Same model as 37

Another unknown vehicle late entry?

40. Is she a Gas (Guzzler)?

Final unknown vehicle late entry?

Ford Cortina

41. 1966 Ford Cortina flashing her rear end

42. Cadillac & Pontiac, Grand 1950's American Tin

43. 1966 Volvo P1800

Brought to fame by Simon Templer in 'The Saint' played by Roger Moore

Simon Templer's Volvo 1 : Simon Templer's Volvo 2 : Volvo P1800 Owners Club

Ford Hot Rod 1

44. Hot Rod based on 1950's Ford Popular owned by Peter Moynihan

Behind Ford Model Y owned by Tony Valentine

Ford Hot Rod 2

45. 1953 Ford Anglia Rod owned by RG Electronics

The Hot Rods are all part of the Old Skoolers Car Club

Ford Capri Model T

46 & 47. Fords - Capri Rear & Model T Front Ends

Jaguar Bonnet Mascot

48. Jaguar Bonnet Mascot

49. Genuine Lamborghini Murcielago

Owned by Sam

50. Lamborghini Murcielago

Built by Paul Coles

51. Farrari 360 Spider

Owned by Costor Stankovich

Interesting chat

52. Interesting chat!

53. Sailing away until next year

Classic Music & Motors Logo

A new season of Classic Music & Motor Shows including the Whitstable Show will be announced in the New Year

Plus a surprise new event & venue!

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