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A plea for help from Paul Trip who has a problem tracing a part for his AKG D19:

I've just acquired an old circa 1960s AKG D19 microphone but have no way of trying it out as I don't have a mic lead/adaptor to fit the connection on the microphone

I'm very excited to hear whether it works & if so, what it sounds like. I was wondering if any of your readers, listeners & viewers could help?

AKG D19 Full View

As you can see from the photos it's not in the greatest of condition & unfortunately it's also missing the mic's capsule switch that enables you to switch between 'S' ('Stimme' for voice I believe) & 'M' ('Musik' for .. you get the idea)

From my research it's a screw-on 'tuchel' 3 pin DIN connection

Ideally a female 'tuchel' 3 pin DIN connection at one end to a standard male XLR at the the other

Alternatively is there a female 3 pin DIN adaptor that will attach to a standard XLR mic lead?

AKG D19 Rear View

My reason for interest in getting this microphone up & running again is that I believe it to be the same microphone that Abbey Road engineer Geoff Emerick used for miking up Beatle Ringo Starr's Ludwig Drumkit

I've always been a fan of that particular sound for drums

AKG D19 Mic Head View

I'm very grateful for your help & if anyone can find the missing part it would be very much appreciated as I've been round the houses with this one

Kind regards & many thanks

Have a look at Paul Trips Music Website which is well worth a listen - Ed

Good News we've been told by a number of our visitors that the connector is sometimes available to purchase at on-line auction sites like ebay

Thanks to Thomas, Dave, Graham & Peter for your helpwe're sure Paul is grateful

3/01/09 - I had one of these. They're sublime, especially on ride cymbal. Paul's looks as though it has been modified by the addition of the switch into the strip of holes running down the mic body. Mine didn't have that. I suspect that\'s an ON/OFF switch. To change the mic from Speech to music you rotate the aluminium collar just under the mic head. There's a red dot on the body which lines up with either S or M on the collar depending on the setting. (You probably realised this anyway!) Can't help with the connector though. I paid £4 for mine at a boot fair and it came boxed with no lead. One of the blokes at work gave me the right connector which I sold when I sold the mic. Keep looking though coz this mic is well worth the effort. Such a smooth neutral sound for a dynamic. This is the mic God uses on ride cymbal! Best wishes. Andy

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