Red Sands Fort Sailing 2015

With the end of the sailing season we share photographs from some of our voyages out into the Thames Estuary during the summer of 2015 to the Red Sands Forts

Plus the latest press cuttings on the proposed Fort Hotel : Red Sands Fort Sailing 2015

Redsands Towers Buoy
Painted Fort

Red Sands Radio Fort News

An eventful time for both Red Sands Radio & the Thames Estuary Fort: Rumours abounded about Hotels Painted Murals, here are the facts on Red Sands Radio & the Red Sands Forts : Red Sands Radio Fort News


Sealand all the W's

Continuing our features on Sealand with more photographs of the post fire restoration by Church East it's all the W's ...

Water Tanks, Wind Turbine & the Woodburner installation, plus the new Michael Bate's interesting book 'Holding the Fort' :  Sealand all the W's

Stony Stratford Pharmacy

Stony Stratford

Don't be put off; we take you on a walk around the town of Stony Stratford in the Borough of Milton Keynes. Discover its rich history & some lovely old Inns : Stony Stratford

Annoying Television: Not the programmes, rather the BBC 1 Continuity Announcer, who in our contributors mind makes a hash linking BBC One :  One Subject One Link



A concept by Army Major General George Owen Squier 'Muzak' was first heard in the early 1920's it grew ever popular. It's little known that Roy Bates of Radio Essex was considering Elevator Music for the aborted Tongue Sands operation : Muzak

City of Rochester


Our popular feature 'Old Ships' has since published created quite a lot of traffic and feedback. So it's with pleasure we continue with a collection of old photographs of a number of the Paddle Steamers & Pleasure Ships that cruised the British eastern coastline : Steamers

Lots of pages have been updated & include new photographs & information.: Fort Fax : Sutch & City Roll Call :  Radio Essex 222 :  Tower 1 : Tower 2 : Tower 3 : Tower  4 : Revision Notices continued below Kenilworth Castle

FOR SALE - Alice Air 2000 Parts : LA Dynamic Signal Processor : Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator - FOR SALE

Offshore Documentaries

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

More classic shipping with thanks to Ros Playdon who's supplied some fascinating information, photographs, drawings and brouchures of a trip to South Africa

Sailing throughout the 1930's the route was one of the ships regular runs, the feature captures the spirit of the bygone age : Kenilworth Castle 

Revisions Continued : Tongue Tower : MV Fredericia : Caroline Roll Call : Essex 2003 : SS Richard Montgomory : Dave the Fish :


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