Grand Forts Tour : Legendary Locations

Throughout the summer from April until October come on a cruise from the All Tide Landing at Queenborough


Trips take in the sights of Queenborough, Sheerness, Grain Tower, The SS 'Richard Montgomery'  the Thames Estuary and the southern Forts. Sailing close to all the Forts. Some are accompanied trips imparting history with limited opportunities to board Red Sands with work parties :  Grand Forts Tour

Legendary Locations : Filming at Red Sands Fort with the American Travel TV Channel  Expedition Unknown 'Legendary Locations' with sights of the toppled Red Sands Radio antenna : Legendary Locations

Tribute to David Sinclair

Midway between the Essex and Kent coasts on an old abandoned MoD WWII Naval Fort. Far away from the comforts of home the smallest & most amateur of the 1960's Offshore stations, Radio Essex gave a 'leg up' to many fledgling wannabe DJ's

David Sinclair

Owner Roy Bates wanted his station to be local and appealing to a middle aged audience. With little  money and scant resources he took on young guys keen to cut their teeth in radio, one such lad was

:  David Sinclair Tribute

Thame Estuary Sunset

Hidden Britain by Drone

The Red Sands Forts have been visited by numerous Film & TV Crews from all over the world. Some produce programmes on the Forts inception, design, construction and Wartime use, others on their Offshore 'Pirate' Radio activities

Some the Engineering aspects as forerunners to Oil Rigs, other simply to marvel at their imposing design

The Towers have been used many times as back-drops for Films, Pop and Rock music promotional videos and historic documentaries

A number of Television shows used them in feature films such as 'Flame', an episode of 'Danger Man' and in 'Doctor Who'. In 2008 Red Sands Fort was chosen as the preferred film location by the Rock band the Prodigy for part of their promotional video 'The Invaders Must Die'

Here we go behind the scenes on  two days filming of Channel 4 Television commissioned programme :  Hidden Britain by Drone

John Hatt at the Wash

John Hatt Tribute

A tribute to John Hatt's long career from Offshore Radio Presenter/Newsreader on Radio Essex, 390, Caroline and Britain to his work a Special Effects Technician for TV and Film  : John Hatt

South East England was ferociously attacked throughout WWII. Defenses against air and seaborne threats can be found all along the coastline. Here we look at some of the foreshore  :  Medway Thames Defences

Red Sands Radio Productions

Red Sands Radio Logo

'Bob's 60's Splash' programmes produced and broadcast on a number of stations including  Radio Mi-Amigo International the powerful Short Wave station transmitted from Germany : Red Sands Radio Productions

Robin Banks

Tribute to Robin Adcroft-Banks  

A great fan of the Forts since the late 1960's he visited Red Sands Towers in 1967 whilst Radio 390 were still on-air. With Fort Radio outlawed, two years later he boarded with pals to begin the Seatribe adventure. Resurrected in 2003 he was involved with the Red Sands Fort until 2017

Venturing from free land based to Radio Caroline, then Radio North Sea International, where he was an engineer and reluctant DJ. Later he was build and commissioned a number of stations in the America's and Africa. Chairman of projectredsand he worked hard to secure a future for the Red Sands Fort, the last fully configured set of Maunsell Army Forts. Together we set-up Red Sands Radio on the Towers but no matter how hard I couldn't get him on-air : Tribute to Robin Adcroft-Banks

Offshore Documentaries

Swale Wreck

Swale Wreck

A wooden vessel dating from the 1940's sits on the shore of the Southern Swale below Ridham Docks. Originally believed to be an old ferry it's now though she's an WWII Minesweeper. The photographs date form 1984 up until 2018 and show how she's deteriorated : Swale Wreck

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