Sono Jingles


You sang along to the Pirate Jingles, unknowingly you loved PAMS Series 18!
ow you can have your own custom sung Sonovoiced (Sonovox) Jingles
Made to measure these sonojingles are full licensed for radio broadcast

Checkout the history of the Sonovoice and hear samples of  Sonovox Jingles available to you 
Sono Jingles

Army Forts in WWII 

3.7" Shell

Dutch Researcher Evert Jan-Foeth has investigated the Wartime history of the Thames Estuary Army Forts providing new information and archive documentation :  Army Forts in WWII

Red Sand Fort 1964

Radio K.I.N.G & Radio 390

Senior Engineer Lawrence Bean of Radio 390 has discovered a few old photographs in a store room on his farm

With pictures of the short live K.I.N.G to the hugely popular Radio 390

Radio 390 Car Sticker

On the Tender, being hoisted aboard, and the later picture of the Radio 390 team at Whitstable Harbour and at a re-union after the very final close down :  Radio K.I.N.G & Radio 390

Thames Estuary 'Live'

A cruise in to the Thames Estuary to the SS Richard Montgomery, & all the Offshore Forts with a broadcast of the 'Splash'   :  Thames Estuary 'Live'

Red Sands Radio Logo

Heard on a number of UK stations a large part of Europe and further afield

The 'Bob's 60's Splash' programme is produced, presented  and broadcast from our Thames Estuary Studios

Small Group

Additionally our studios write creative copy have a stable of voice over artists for the production of radio broadcast commercials : Red Sands Radio Productions


The 390 Tapes

Taken off the Red Sands Fort on the final tender returning to Whistable Harbour on 28th July 1967 a huge box of tapes has been languishing in an out building on Lawrence Beans Farm

Many of the reels are 7" 7 1/2"ps tapes of The World Tomorrow by Garner Ted Armstong 

Others pre-recorded programmes, along with notes and running orders

Finally, the close down messages recorded for broadcast on the final ever day of Radio 390 :  The 309 Tapes

Offshore Documentaries

LV18 at Night

RNI 2001

Uncovered extra photographs of the Harwich Broadcast from the old Railway Ferry Pier RNI 2001

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: Caroline Early Days

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: Red Relics

: ReM Island

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