Bernard Kelly

Throughout the 1950's the Offshore Naval & Army Forts were under care and maintenance by the MoD. We tracked down a rating that served aboard the Red Sands Fort in the early 1950's

We've photographs and in an interview you'll hear his recollections of life aboard the silent Fort, Army maneuvers, bird life on the Towers and the devastating east coast floods of 1953 : Bernard Kelly

Red Sands Control Tower
Red Sands Radio Antenna

Red Sands Fort Service Call

Throughout the year the Red Sands Fort is monitored and visited regularly, with the rigors of weather, time and tides there's always plenty of preventative maintenance to carry out : Red Sands Fort Service Call

Knock John Fort

Brian Waters

A fascinating interview with retired engineer Brian Waters who worked with Roy Bates in the very early days on the Knock John Naval Fort and Radio Essex

Supported by enhanced period photographs we hear how conditions were and the challenges of making a radio station with virtually no funding on the abandoned Knock John Naval Fort in 1965 : Brian Waters

Jerry Pitcher at Knock John

Jerry Pitcher

Making a return for the first time in 52 years one of the Radio City Fort Guard returns with photographs an interview with thoughts and memories of his time aboard the Knock John Naval Fort during one of our Grand Forts Tours : Jerry Pitcher

Yet another contribution this time from Kent :  One Subject One Link

In the wake of the 1960's Offshore Stations eventually the Government were mindful or perhaps forced to increase listener choice

Radio's expended since the early days of local radio in the 1970's and later ILL

Now there are small scale seasonal event RSL's, trial stations and Community radio

The question posed by our contributor is, are the costs of running these services fair for what are small stations battling for resources: One Subject One Link

MV Resurgence

Whitstable Harbour Years  

The once sleepy back water towns fishermans terrace houses have been snapped up by DFL's (Down from London's) and Holiday Homes are now prolific

Whitstable is a highly popular destination, better know these days as Islington-on-Sea. Delving into our archives we bring you over 250 Old Postcards, Black and White and Colour photographs of Whitstable Harbour perhaps the least change part of the town, you decide:  Whitstable Harbour Years

Offshore Documentaries

Lister Blackstone Generator

Red Sands Radio Generation

Brought back into service using the original WWII Gardner LW Generators proved costly. An alternative was sought and found in a Lister Blackstone  

See pictures of a sailing to the Red Sands Fort on the Sailing Barge 'Greta' and the story of the Red Sands Radio Fort Generators : Red Sands Radio Generation

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