Books: Unusual, rare, some hard to find media related publications, manuals & guides. Including fiction & non-fiction titles

English Music

W J Turner


Private Files of the Stars

John Sachs & Piers Morgan


Sony Rock Review

Lesley-Ann Jones, Robin Eggar, Phil Swern


James Dean Postcards

Pomeganate Artbooks


Band of Brigands

Christy Campbell


Pickwick Papers

Charles Dickens


The First Violin

Jessie Fothgill


British Isles

Lionel W Lyde


The Lake District

Red Guide


Flight to Victory

Ronald Walker


Elizabeth the Queen

Richard Dimbleby



A Wainwright


BBC Childrens Annual

May A Jenkin


Lakeland Yesterday V1

Irvine Hunt


The Home Book

Mrs D D Cottington-Taylor


Set in Silver

Alfred H Shorter



Walter Jerrold & Ernest Haslehurst


Heritage from Stone

Brian Boyd


Pictorial History of Brighton

Clifford Musgrave


Fountains Abbey

Dr Charles H Moody


The Boys World



The Boys Own Book

Percival Westell


Windsor Castle

Edward Thomas


George VI King & Emperor

Major J T Gorman


His Majesty's Speaches

HM King George 5th


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

King George Jubilee Trust


HRH Prince Philip

John Dean


Praise of Westminster Abbey

Lawrence E Tanner


Westminster Abbey Calendar & Diary 1931

The Dean of Westminster


Westminster Abbey Calendar & Diary 1932

The Dean of Westminster


Westminster Abbey Calendar & Diary 1934

The Dean of Westminster


Westminster Abbey

Adam Fox


Westminster Cathedral

English Counties Periodicals


Our Fighting Forces




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