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History of Offshore Radio

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The History of Offshore Radio

The original 1970 Album released on Impulse Book Club

Value: Not Appropriate as unlisted in music catalogues

Overall: Highly collectable

This album attracted lots of attention & was a must have when released

It seldom appears for sale so for a bit of fun we thought we'd run another On-Line Auction with bids by email

History of Offshore Radio LP Sleeve

Track Listing

The renowned album produced in 1970 with commentary by Paul Harris author of When Pirates Ruled the Waves

 A selection of recordings from the Offshore Commercial Stations from 1958 - 1970

Includes The Scandinavian's : Mercur, Nord & Syd

The Dutch CNBC, Veronica & Uilenspiegel, Radio Nordsee from the REM Island

The Brits : Caroline, Atlanta, London, Scotland, 270, Britain, England, & the Pirates on Poles : Sutch, Invicta, KING, Essex, BBMS & 390

The City Drama, 355, London, 270 closedowns & Radio Caroline's defiant continuation

Then off New Zealand Radio Hauraki goes aground

The final 70's chapter with RNI attacked & Capital Radio on the King David

Condition: Pre-owned by 1960's Pop Group Pinkerton's Assorted Colours (special feature coming soon) album is unmarked & one of their 4 copies so little played

Sleeve original has some delaminating & slight marking on rear but generally in tidy order

Suggested opening Price £10.00?

2 March
Sharon Arnold
4 March
Fred Calilleri
7 March
Steven Aitkin
9 March
Vim Welmers
10 March
Simon Street
10 March
Robbie Dukes
19 March
Steven Nolland
22 March
Chas Billiard
23 March
Will Rijs
3 March
60's Clint
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