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The Isle-of-Thanet & Academy FM (Thanet)

This copy free feature begins in Margate, a seaside holiday resort since 1805 boasting numerous guest houses, pleasant sea bathing & the Dreamland Pleasure Park that featured in a number of TV programmes including 'Only Fools & Horses'

The Park (still closed at date of publication) houses the remnants of the worlds oldest wooden Roller Coaster (Scenic Railway) The Dreamland Trust hopes to reopen the venue as a Heritage Amusement Park

Margate from Westgate-on-Sea

1. Margate from the promenade at Westgate-on-Sea

Margate Harbour Wall Pier

2. Margate Harbour Wall (Pier)

Old postcard of Margate Harbour

3. Margate Harbour from an undated old postcard

Showing a mixture of commercial, fishing & leisure craft

Margate Pier Jetty

4. Margate Pier (Jetty)

The first real Pier (Jetty) dates from 1800 known as the Jarvis Landing Stage the original wooden structure didn't last long & was replaced with a iron Pier designed by Eugenius Birch opened in 1855

Margate Pier Jetty 1950's

5. Margate Pier (Jetty) in the late 1950's with MS Queen of the Channel leaving

Pleasure steamers called on the way round the coast picking up trippers at Southend, Herne Bay, Margate & Deal Piers before setting across the English Channel to Calais

Margate Pier & Harbour Company Building

6. Margate Pier & Harbour Company 1912 building is now Margate's Tourist Information Office

Representing the last remaining vestage of the old Margate Pier Company. The Jetty Pier closed in a dangerous condition in 1976 & succumbed to a major storm in 1978, despite resistance to dynamite it was subsequently demolished

Margate Pier : Pier 1978 : Kent Piers

Turner Contempory from Harbour Wall Pier

7. Turner Contemporary viewed from the 900' Harbour Wall (Pier)

Built at a cost of £60,000 it replaced the 1789 Harbour Wall (Pier) was damaged in a storm in 1808, salvageable material from the old structure, stone washed into the sea from St Mary's Church at Reculver & new stone from Whitby were used in re-construction

Giant Shell Lady

8. The Giant Shell Lady

Sitting at the end of the Harbour Wall (Pier) The Giant Shell Lady was commissioned by Margate Renewal Partnership & was created by Ann Carrington in 2008

Turner Contempory & Margate Lifeboat House

9. Turner Contempory with the Margate RNLI Lifeboat Station left

The RNLI had until 1976 maintained a station on the Pier (Jetty)

Pay & Display on Harbour Wall Pier

10. Pay & Display Parking on the Harbour Wall (Pier)

Turner Contempory

11. Turner Contempory

Opened in April 2011 Turner Contemporary was designed by David Chipperfield & cost £17.5 million

Built on the site where landscape artist JMW Turner studied the interplay of light & sea, it's difficult if not impossible to find an attractive angle to photograph the building

Alternative view of Margate Pier & harbour Company Building

12. Margate Pier & Harbour Company building from the Harbour Wall (Pier)

The Kiss by Rodin The Kiss by Rodin text

13 & 14. Rodin's Rock - 'The Kiss'

The life sized sculpture will be on display in the Sunley Gallery at Turner Contempory between 4th October 20011 - 2nd September 2012

Pier wreckage buoy from Turner Contempory

15. View from Turner Contempory first floor gallery

Unprocessed raw image shows the buoy marking the remains of the old Jetty Pier Head

Margate Lighthouse

16. Margate Lighthouse

The second 100' Lighthouse constructed at the end of the Harbour Wall (Pier) was designed by William Edmunds cost £800 to build in 1828

Margate Harbour

17. Margate Harbour

No longer a commercial harbour but pop into Margate Harbour Arm or ...

The Lighthouse Bar

18. .. The Lighthouse

Margate seafront

19. Margate sea front

Imperial House

20. Right, Imperial House

The building was saved from ruin by Ken Wills owner of Summit Aviation & Chairman of TLR (Thanet Local Radio) several broadcasts were made from Imperial House which has its own heli-pad but failed to gain safety certification

Academy FM Thanet Logo

21. Academy Radio FM (Thanet)

An integral part of the Marlowe Academy based in Sterling Way, Ramsgate Academy FM (Thanet) is supported by the Chairman Roger De Haan's Charitable Trust

Roger wanted a Community Radio Station to form part of the academy campus, the Trust supports a similar operation Academy FM (Folkestone)

Pete Wilson 1

22. Station Manager Pete Wilson

Pete has a long background in Thanet living & working in the area, where he along with Alan MacKie founded TLR

TX Rack 1 TX Rack 2

23. Transmission Rack

Several barriers had to be overcome not least a delay in launch due to a conflict with Belgium over the Ofcom licence issued for the 25 watt 107.8Mhz frequency

Mike Stevens 1

24. Deputy Station Manager Mike Stevens

Mike who looks after the music, he'd been with Invicta Supergold & TLR, like Pete he's a Thanet resident

RCS Master Control

25. Academy FM's RCS Master Control

Academy is a non-commercial radio station prevented by default from taking advertising because there's a local Commercial Station serving Thanet, even though it's programmes are broadcast from afar

Mike Stevens 2

26. Rounding up the Retro Years, today it was 1961

Who's on when

27. Nobo board, who's on when

Pete Wilson 2

28. Pete has reason to smile

Editors Review - Well done to Academy FM (Thanet) since launching in April 2010 it's fullfilled its promise with local presenters, local features a smuttering of local news & local information bulletins & community features without over cluttering crutial music output testified by steadily climbing RAJAR results

Welcome to Ramsgate Harbour

29. A hazardous welcome to Royal Ramsgate Harbour

Ramsgate Slipways

30. Ramsgate Slipways

The working ship yard at Ramsgate Slipways was founded in 1839

The River Carrier on Slip

31. The River Carrier at Slipways

On the slipway at Ramsgate, the 1986 multi purpose cargo vessel; formerly Hoo Crest, the Noah, the Cuqoew, then Curlew, finally becoming the River Carrier in 2009

Thanet Array Windfarm

32. Ramsgate Windfarm Support

The Thanet Array has resulted in an upward turn in Thanets fortunes with Vattenfall maintaining workshops & offices at the port

Viking Bay Broadstairs

33. Viking Bay at Broadstairs & finally Cliftonville ...

Jet Ski World, Cliftonville

34. Jet Ski World

Worth while popping into their cafe at Hodges Gap Promenade, Palm Bay, Cliftonville, (Margate) CT9 3DF

Jet Ski World, Cliftonville Safari's

35. Jet Ski World Safari's

Speedy trips to the Thanet Array, the Kentish Flats & the Red Sands Radio Fort

Grateful thanks to Pete Wilson & Mike Stevens for their help in producing this feature

Listen live to Academy FM (Thanet)

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