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Malta's Calypso 102

Updated: 8th August 2016 Issue: 1

The station broadcast from Victoria in the centre of Gozo to the holiday islands of Malta

Gozzo Line Ferry the Calypso

Connect to Gozo from Malta by ferry or helicopter above Gozo Channel Line's ferry the "Calypso" that sails between Marfa Point Malta to Mgarr Port on Gozo

Arial view Marsalforn Marsalforn from the air

Calypso Hotel Marsalforn

Owned by radio station boss the Calypso Hotel at Marsalforn

View from Nadur to Comino & Malta

View from Nadur to the islands of Comino & Malta

Calypso 102 main studio Main on air studio

Studio view to Marsalforn

View from the studio looking down the valley towards Marsalforn


Calypso 102 Radio Commercial Sequence

Studio view to Victoria Citadel View from studio looking left towards Victoria & the Citadel

Studio view to Xagara

View from the studio looking right towards Xagara

Mark Mizzi & Joe Zamitt at lunch

Mark Mizzi "Sports Editor" helps baby Joe Zamitt "Traffic" cope with lunch at Malta's best restaurant, "Grabiel" in Marsascala

Simon Lumsden at Fort Rinella

News editor Simon Lumsden "Forting" with the famous Armstrong 100 Ton gun at Fort Rinella, one of many batteries built in the 1800's to defend Grand Harbour Valletta

Nadur town centre Nadur town centre

Calypso 102 car

The much abused but incredibly reliable Calypso Daewoo - Who hasn't driven it?


Calypso 102 Broadcast from Victoria, Gozo's capital at the heart of the holiday island

For more of Calypso see More Malta

Calypso FM closed down for the final time this morning. Radio Maria a Catholic Radio Station began playing hymns & prayer meetings from noon today on the former 102.3 frequency of Calypso FM. heated argument going on in the press between Fr Benedict (the owner) and Enzo Gusman

Having been an integral part of this adventure, thought you should know. Cheers Pierre Mejalak - 30th June 2004

Calypso 102 staff in 1995

Radio Calypso the early days circa 1995 Joe Zamitt, Joe Cassar, Steve Joy, Jackie Storer, Dave Roberts & Jason Zamitt

Just been looking at your site about Calypso 102. As a regular visitor to Malta since 1995 I always listened to Calypso, I wonder if you knew of a link anywhere to the jingles from 95 that Calypso used? especially the news introduction that had a long fade out into the news,excellent jingle! cheers Lee Schofield

Calypso jingles & beds came from a multitude of sources most were cut-ups & re-inventions of old material just like the old Pirates! - Editor

06/08/16 - Fantastic to see the Radio Calpso pages, may I offer a correction to the photo you have of the presenters. The guy far right is Jason Zammit and the guy in the white t-shirt at the front of the group is me, Dave Roberts. We didn't have a Mark Zammit at that time.
Great to see it... Brings back soooooo many memories. Cheers. Dave Roberts

Calypso Radio's back on the air in Malta - Simon 15/11/04

Calypso 99.8 Logo

Hear the new model at


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