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Letters H & I

Danny Vraagt, Freddie Bolland

Transfer of 10,000 ltr of Diesel & 8,000ltr of water, Danny Vraagt on the tender & Freddie Bolland on the Ross Revenge 1988

Mike Hagler - 70's Caroline (M) 1974

Graham L Hall Card

Graham L Hall - Satellite from 1999

Keith Hampshire - South (M) 1966 - 1967

Support Free Radio Sticker

Abraham Hangerfield (F) Captain Fredericia - 1964 - 1965


Trot Boat Ticket

Caroline Tender the 'Trot Boat' is the water taxi to ferry yachtsmen from their mid-stream moorings to the 'All Tide Landing'

Andre Hardy - Caroline (R) Queenborough, Tender Skipper 'Sheppey 3' 1997

Mi-Amigo in the mid-1970's

Mi-Amigo in the mid-1970's

Tom Hardy - 70's Caroline (M)

George Hare - (F) Liaison Officer with Caroline House under 'Record Production' Dublin - 1964 - 1967

Captain Harris (M) breif period in 1979 as skipper of the Mi-Amigo

George Harris - Caroline House, Engineer - 1964 - 1967

Caroline 319 Sunstrip

Kevin Turner's 1962 Mini-Saloon with Albert & Georgina Hood Caroline 319 Sunstrip circa 1979 (Kevin Turner Archive)

Nigel Harris see Stuart Russell

Richard Harris - Recorded programmes Atlanta (M) 9th May - 2nd July 1964

Rick Harris

Rick Harris in the Laser 558 Production Studio 1985

Rick Harris - Laser 558 Jock guest DJ (R) 1985

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MV Fredericia in 1964

MV Fredericia in 1964

Dee Harrison - North (F) July 1966 - 27 August 1967

Rob Harrison/Robbie Jay (R) February - May 1988, Internet service since 2011

Was on the the ship on & off for about a year worked at Riviera Radio since 1991

Bob Hart - North (F) Studio engineer 1966

Victor Hartman - 80's Caroline (R) March 1990

Harvey ? - South (M) Radio Engineer

Caroline Roadshow Photocard

Harvey the Rabbit, Robbie Day & Rob Eden

Harvey the Rabbit live Jock at the Caroline Roadshows in the 1970's

Peter Hayes

Peter Haze

Bill Hearne - North (F) 1965 South (M) 1966 was Station Promotions Executive & the voice of Caroline Cash Casino

Rene Van Helst - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Ruud Hendrix see Rob Hudson

Edward Hoffman - North (F) 1965

Tony Peters & Albert Hood

Tony Peters with Albert Hood & a little Kevin Turner peaking from Studio (Kevin Turner Archive)

Albert & Georgina Hood - South, International (M) 80's Caroline (R) Ross - Tendering, supplies comfort for crews - 1968 - 1991

Mi Amigo Buoy

Wreck Mast and Buoy of the MV Mi-Amigo (1968)

Soon after the Buoy mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again

Jimmy Houlaghan - Ronan's minder

In Memorandum Andy Howard

Andy Howard in Memoriam order of service

Andy Howard - 80's Caroline (R) Radio Engineer but appeared occasionally as Bilbo Baggins 1985

Andy went on to become chief engineer at Kiss FM & sadly passed away result of a brain hemorrhage in Hayward's Heath Hospital on 28th December 2008

Mel Howard - South (M) 1965

Rob Hudson/Ruud Hendrix - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Captain Ian, Raffles

Captain Ian with ships dog Raffles behind painting walkway Ross Revenge 1985

Ian the Captain - 80's Caroline (R) Captain Ross Revenge 1985

Caroline Irvine - Caroline House, assistant to Frances Van Staden - 1964 - 1967

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