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Sky Sticker

Caroline Satellite Sticker 2000

Hans Ven Der Laan - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Paul LaMare - North (F) Technical Operator (T.O) - 1964 - 1965

Ross Revenge in the Knock Deep 1984

Ross Revenge in the Knock Deep 1984 (Kim Frazier)

Stevie Lane 80's Caroline (R) - March - May 1986

21/10/09 - My years with Caroline were some of the happiest, most exciting, most memorable and most rewarding times of my life, during which time I made some wonderful friends who I will never forget - Stevie Lane

Jay Jackson, Grant Benson, Diane Laren

Jay Jackson, Grant Benson & Diane Laren starboard side Ross Revenge 1984

Bob Larkins - South (M) interviews later newsreader 1965 - 1966

Leo De Later - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Diane Lauren - 80's Caroline (R) March 1984

Bob Lawrence 1979

Bob Lawence 'Buzby' on air 1979 (Jeremy Chartham Archive)


Bob Lawrence welcome back to Caroline's music from the Love Ship 1979

Bob Lawrence - 70's Caroline (M) 1978 - 1980, Satallite from 1999

7/01/09 - Bob joined Caroline in August 1978 under the name of Richard Thompson & remained until the ship sank in March 1980, picking up the nick nane 'Buzby'. There after he's been heard on a number of ILR's as well as running his own production company producing commercial V/O's for in-house radio stations & ILR. Worked alongside Rob Ashard in 2008 as continuity voice on T/V's 'Dancing On Ice'

Buzby's handy work

Buzby's handy work

David Lawrence

Diane Lawrence

Mi-Amigo anchorage 1975

Mi-Amigo anchorage 1975

Mark Lawrence - 70's Caroline (M)

Arnold Layne see Roger Scott

Paul Lecoq

Alex Lee - 80's Caroline (R) October 1989

Geffrey Lee - Radio Engineer

Jackie Lee, Leendert Vingerling

Jackie Lee with Leendert Vingerling starboard side walkway Ross Revenge October 1987

Jackie Lee - 80's Caroline (R) May - October 1987

Richard Lee - 80's Caroline (R) January - March 1988

Milan Leggett - Atlanta ( M) Former KLIF Dalas Radio engineer 1964

Oonagh Leigh - Caroline House, Secretary to Ronan O'Rahilly 1964 - 1967

Colin Leighton - Caroline House, Accounts 1964 - 1967

Jerry Leighton

Jerry Leighton

Jerry 'Super' Leighton - North (F) 1965, then Caroline House 1966 return to (F) until 8th August 1967

Paul Le Mare - North (F) Studio Engineer - 1966

Sana Leone

Bob Le-Roi

Ross Revenge 1984

Bob Le-Roi - 70's Caroline (M) recorded 1973,  Overdrive (R) recorded 1985, 1986, 'Henrietta' 1983 - 1987 see Graham Croft, Satellite from 1999

Original Radio City (299), BBC Medway, KFJZ/Z97 Dallas, BBC Kent, Invicta, Radio Fax, Commercial Production, Juke Box Memories, Channel Travel Radio, Medway FM, TLR, Kent Coast Radio, White Cliffes, (The Sound) Coastline, EKR, Southern Radio, DMG Radio, GWR, Calypso (Malta) GCap, BRFM, Red Sands Radio, European KlassiK Rock

Barry Lewis 1992

Barry Lewis with the Ross Revenge in Granville Docks Dover 1992

Barry Lewis - 80's Caroline (R) 1987

Johnny Lewis

Johnny 'Lad' Lewis starboard side graffiti 1984

Johnny Lewis see Stephen Bishop

Keith Lewis - 80's Caroline (R) November 1986 - January 1987

Mi-Amigo in the 1970's

Mi-Amigo in the 1970's

Tom Van De Linden Mi-Amigo Captain - (M) 1972

Michael Lindsay - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

Mike/Michael Lloyd

Tom Lodge 1964

Tom Lodge Caroline publicity shot 1964

Lodge, Dane & Rosko

Tom Lodge, Rick Dane & 'Emperor' Rosko looking through the mail on Caroline South 1966

Tom Lodge 1996

Tom Lodge in the Ross Revenge studio on the Medway RSL 1996

Tom Lodge - 1st Caroline 1964 then North (F) later South (M) 1964 - 1967

Tom Lodge Junior - Satellite from 2007

Jerry Van De Loo - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Linda Lovelance

Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe in the Maidstone Satellite Studio

Tom Lowe - Satellite from 1999 - 2001

At European Klassik Rock the predecesor on the frequency that Caroline inherited stayed during the transitssion, appearing in various timeslots, mainly Saturday nights on the Radio Caroline South strand. leaving in 2001 to work for freelance radio work

Will Luikinga - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Mike Luvzit

Mike Luvzit 1966

Mike Luvzit

Mike Luvzit preps his Weekend Wing Ding

Mike Luvzit - North (F) later South (M) 1966 - July 1967

Caroline Petrol Hand Out

Phil Lynott

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