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A Tribute to Chris Cary, AKA Spangles Maldoon, Herb Oscar Anderson, Harry

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A tribute to Chris who sadly died aged 62 whilst in Tenerife

A few words & some photographs you may not have seen before

Chris Cary on the Mi-Amigo

Chris Cary

5th October 1946 - 29th February 2008

Mi-Amigo night supply visit

It's 3rd September 1972 the Mi-Amigo anchored at sea off Scheveningen

Bought for a 'drop in the ocean' price of £2.400 the Mi-Amigo was fitted out under cover of a Offshore Radio Museum for England, by 29th September the Mi-Amigo was testing on 235 metres 1187kHz

1970 Radio Caroline 259 Sticker

Would she have made it back without Chris, no

Chris Cary & Andy Archer

Spangles Maldoon with Andy Archer in the studio on the Mi-Amigo


Spangles Maldoon tests Mic' on Caroline Mi-Amigo mid-day 9th November 1972 (T132-1)

Supplies from the Dolfun

Money's really tight, meagre supplies come aboard from the Dolfijn

Group down below on Mi-Amigo

Down below on Mi-Amigo 3rd left Tony Allan, Steve England, Crispian St John, Angeleque, Leon Keezer, Spangles Maldoon & Peter Chicago

Kate & Cris Cary

Kate & Chris Cary

A wave goodbye

Mike Storm, Crispian St John (Howard Rose) was news reader Jay Jackson on 1980's Caroline, Alan Clarke, Chris Cary, Graham Gill, Andy Archer, Chicago

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