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Communicator in Suffolk

Updated : 6th December 2011 Issue : 2

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We left on the 19th December 2003 as the JWR Apollo towed the MV Communicator to Lowestoft

Here we continue the tale along with notes from those involved as ship is repaired, cleaned & refurbished for its next incarnation as the 'Super Station'

MV Charterer

'Flashback' shows the former 'MV Tananger' as the 'MV Charterer' before she became the 'Gardline Seeker' then the radio ship 'MV Communicator'

The 'MV Garline Tracker' which escorted the Communicator into Harwich was formerly the 'MV Ryfylke'

Gardline Shipping Ltd of Lowestoft, UK in addition owned the sister ships 'R.V. Gardline Endurer' & the
'R.V. Gardline Locator' the ex HMS Blackburn aircraft recovery vessel built in 1945 in Blyth

558 studio

Securely moored within the docks work parties boarded the ship to work diligently towards making the ship habitable & again usable as a radio ship

Laser 558 studio on the MV Communicator

558 studio

Damp & tatty signs of a harsh life

I'm going to put the ship's main engineer in touch with you, his name is Martin Gilbert I'm sure he'd welcome assistance - Jaybee

558 studio

Studio pictures taken on 18th April 2004

Laser 558 Newsroom

Laser 558 News Room

Laser Newsroom

News Room

Refitted Newsroom

Now re-fitted

I have asked Martin to contact you just incase he hasn't can you please go to the ship in the next couple of days with the Harbourmaster John Wooley and locate some of the spare ropes on the old girl as some of them are coming loose according to John. Best Regards - Dave Miller

Newsroom carpet

News Room carpet

Galley prior to refit

The galley prior to refit

Galley refitted Galley refitted

The refitted galley 18th April 2004

Galley refitted new floor

Galley floor

Galley refitted new floor

Smart & Clean 18th April 2004

Hi guys I'm hoping to get water and the heating working plus some Cabins Habitable this time if possible. I have a list of work that I hope to get done while we are there. Regards Martin

Newly painted Newsroom

Freshly painted bare walls of the Mess Room


A usable Mess Room


Decorated & with all mod cons

Messroom Table

Mess Room table prior to new carpet fitting

Mess Room seats

Mess Room seats

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