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The X-Trax Radio Media Party

2003 - Part 1

Warning contains semi-nudity

EMR Logo

Held at their EMR Publishing offices at 5-13 Leeke Street London on Friday 27th June

It's a copy free photo feature so if you're there grab your picture if you're not send it

Wecome Committee

Welcoming committee at the door getting stuck in!

x-trax Graphic Designer Russell Warnock & Editor Helen Adler with George Hiles EMR Sales

Steve Silby, Jimmy Edwards, Ben Carlsson

A smirking Steve Silby left with x-trax cover girls along with Jimmy Edwards "Powergold" right & Benny Carlsson centre one of his Swedish clients

Leeke Street Marquee Leeke Street Marquee

Leeke Street marquee filling & Waiting for the Pole Dancers


Flying the x-trax flag

Steve Taylor, James Curran

Virgin Radio's Steve "Tetley" Taylor with James Curran

Will Jackson, Helen Quigley, Stuart Thomas

Traffic Link's Will Jackson left with girlfriend Helen Quigley & Stuart Thomas

Kate & Dave Barker

Hairdresser Kate with former Medway FM boyfriend Dave Barker now at 107.1 Rugby FM who kindly supplied the Live phone jpg images


Bubbles over some of the milling crowd

Pole Foam Kates Foam

Pole Dancer completed her set & foam anyone?

Helen Adler

EMR Publishing's Helen Adler

Portaloo Guard

Portaloo Centurions

Gob Smacked

Who's market trained gob is this?

Answer in EMR Party - Part 2

EMR Logo

A copy free feature if you're pictured but not named

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For the following gig see EMR Party 2004

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