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Maunsell Sea Forts & WWII Weekend - Page 3

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The third event to be held at Whitstable Castle on Tankerton Hill over the weekend of the 14th & 15th April 2007

Field Gun

Field Gun framed by Tulips


Austin Commercial the mobile NAFFI

NAFFI serves refreshments

Always a popular haunt with Tin Mugs of Tea & Coffee with this year Bread & Butter Pudding

Dan Bransby & Charlotte Brown

Charlotte Brown with boyfriend Dan Bransby of Bridge 95.6 (BRFM - Swale) wearing his smart Radio City T'Shirt

See Dan on Radio London 2001

Whitstable castle tower 1

Time to climb the Tower

Clock mechanism

Recently the Tower has been thoroughly cleaned, made bird proof & secured with the Clock mechanism being rebuilt

Clock pendant

Clock pendant showing date 1844


Roger Annable of the Castle Centre Association says the bell's is thought to hail from Egypt, the Belfry is to be re-worked with the bell cleaned & re-hung

Bowling Green

The Castle Gardens & Bowling Greens with Whitstable Harbour in the distance 

The Castles grounds include a large swathe of land opposite the main gates & the Tea Gardens 

Castle gardens

The tents from above, the only complaints for the Army "We were pestered by seagulls & squirrels"

Whitstable castle tower 2

The roof tops

Wynn Ellis Crest

The Wynn Ellis family crest only visible from the Tower Top

Fisherman's Hut & Harbour from Tower

The Fisherman's Huts in Whitstable Harbour & the mast of SB Greta

Windsor House

Looking down on the Windsor House Tower block in Belmont Road

View from Top of Tower

View from the very top

Whitstable castle tower 3

To the right the 17th Century Manor House Roof Tower then oldest part of the Whitstable Castle

Whitstable castle tower 4

From the top Town coordinator Linda Mason chats to visitors

Whitstable castle tower 5

Beautiful ornate chimney stacks for the top

Back next year

Time to make a move but we'll be back next year

See the dedicated site for the history of Whitstable Castle

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