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Gateway FM

A brief history & some pictures of the Basildon, Essex Community Radio Service

Gateway FM Banner

1. Gateway FM banner

Set up initially to run RSL's in 2007 the success of the 1st 'test' led to a group of like minded individuals forging the idea for a full term Community station for Basildon

Gateway Office Wall Montage

2. The office wall photo montage

The main hub of the operation is based at Kelting House with office, studio module switching & transmitter

John n Mark finding tunes

3. Mark Crosby I.T & Webmaster with John Good, reception get down to checking the playlist for their favourite tunes

The Four Directors of Gateway FM are Yvonne Williams, Ros Connor's & Michelle Durant & Danny Lawrence Gateway are a community interest Company with over 100 members

Screen snap of playlist

4. Tomorrows playlist

Daytime playlist is quite soft the likes of the Carpenters rubbing shoulders with Bread & the softer songs of today

It their own words 'Day time play list varies due to the nature of the show - Breakfast is music right across the board . Mid morning- housewifes style show and guests. Good afternoon is very laid back style with topical guests where drive time is more up beat again. Specialist shows include- soul classical polish. Russian jazz blues and Schools out. Weekend schedule- music is more upbeat with shows such as sport record club. Live/loud for new bands folk and the normal breakfast/afternoon shows. Simply there is a menu for everybody'

TX, Switching, Processor Rack

5. Internet switching, compressor, power amps & TX rack

Gateway has received funding from the National Lottery to run a series of work shops for those with disabilities & sight problems


6. Getting ready to go live

Gateway work with Job Centre Plus and are sponsored by the Government Agency Groundwork

Studio module configuration

7. Standard configuration small studio set-up, Soundcraft, a pair mics & CDs, Mini-Disc, Telco, Internet & Playout PC

Danny, Mark & John

8. Danny Lawrence overseen by Mark & John editing the overnight tracks in what is the main studio also used for production & training

The Gateway Roadshow team have attended over 40 local events in 2009 sponsored by Pathways to employment

BeOS Playout screen snap

9. A screen snap of the American BeOS playback software

Danny Lawrence who joined Gateway in January 2008 as Business Development Director took the Company to runner up in the local business/business man awards of 2008

Good song

10. That sounds better

Gateway work with James Hornsby & Woodlands School who together run the areas three main centers of education

White Board of Christmas schedule

11. Christmas '09's schedule

Eastgate Studio Module

12. Eastgate Shopping Centre module

Based in the centre of Basildon, Gateway opened a satellite studio in 2008 that operates throughout the day in the Eastgate Shopping Centre providing Gateway high public visibility

Danny at Eastgate Studio Module

13. Follows the standard configuration, pair of mics & CDs, Allen&Heath mixer, Playout & Internet PCs, Mini-Disc, Telco

In 2008 over 200 students from local schools colleges joined 50 courses ran by Gateway which now provides Open Study College (OCN) accreditation in radio

Pitsea Academy statement

14. Academy statement

Opening another studio module 5 miles away at Basildon Upper Academy in 2009, the station has taken a turn to become an important part of the day to day curriculum

Visual wall snap 1 Visual wall snap 2 Visual wall snap 3

15. 16. 17. Snap shots of Academy Video wall

Students from the age of 11 are with guidance encouraged to participate, and with training produce stand alone programmes

Yvonne Williams

18. Yvonne outside the Basildon Academy module

Gateway provide alternative timetable for schools including disabled or exclusion students which are certified by Trident in its capacity of providing work experience to young people

On Air Sign

19. On - Air

All three module studios go to air throughout the day the compact module at the Academy with programme input from staff & students

Ros Connor's

20. Ros on Drivetime

The Academy module goes 'live' daily from 16.00 for Drivetime with a familiar face

Ros Connor's was on News at Invicta then TLR in Thanet for a time before the Kent local radio shake up's

Tyler & Robert's Tuck Shop

21. Tyler & Robert well stocked up with 'Tuck' complain about distorted headphones

'20 watts RMS might be the reason guys'

Gateway run the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme & 12 young people have won the Essex Arts Award

Basildon Travel News

22. Prepare Basildon travel news

Ros pulls a face

23. Goodness I can't stand that song, must I play it?

Tyler's Travel

24. Tyler's Travel

Talking driving, Gateway won a grant from Ford Motor Company : Ford Trust for their training & work with local charities

Gateway FM Winter '09 Flyer

25. Gateway FM December '09 Flyer

Gateway FM has just completed it's 6th RSL & operates full time on the internet

They have an application for a full term Community Licence with Ofcom we wish them luck

23/2/10 - I'm pleased to tell everybody that Gateway FM have been awarded a full time license by Ofcom - Danny Lawrence

23/2/10 - Absolutely fantastic news Danny and congratulations, it’s thoroughly deserved! - David Bishop

23/2/10 - Thanks for the call. I'm thrilled you achieved you achieved your objective, great feeling isn't it. Well done, well deserved, nose to the grindstone now! - BLR

23/2/10 - Good job - Dave Glass

23/2/10 - That is brilliant news....congratulations to all the team and a very well done for all the hard work - we deserve it! waaaaaahooooooooooooooooo! - Darren Bull, Brentwood

23/2/10 - Brilliant news, well done Danny and the whole team, well deserved. Truth is the real work starts here - Chris Jones

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