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Glyn's Caroline

Issue: 1 Dated: 16th December 2008

Davce/Glyn Richards shares photographs from his time on the Ross Revenge

Glyn on deck in a blow

Bit of a blow mate?

Audio Break

Glyn gives out Radio Caroline's address & voices rock show trailers

Starboard view of rough sea

Fairly choppy too!

Diane Lauren, Jay jackson, Grant Benson, Glyn

Diane Lauren, Jay Jackson (Howard Rose) Grant Benson, Glyn who also for a time was known as Dave Richards

Stuart Vincent, Blake Williams

Left Grant Benson on news with Stuart Vincent & Blake Williams

Audio Break

Radio Caroline with Grant Benson 1984

Fog from on deck

Typical North Sea Peasouper

Johnny Lewis grime

Johnny's favourite under arm "Grime" see Johny's website Round & Sounds

Stuart Vincent tucks in Engineer Stuart Vincent in Caroline studio

Audio Clip Blake Williams with engineer Stuart Vincent above

Audio Break

Radio Caroline with Stuart Vincent & Blake Williams

Glyn Richards on air

A rare moment of 558 mirth!

Tony James on air

Tony James

Alton Andrews in mess room

Alton Andrews avoids the Tabasco!

Glyn, Mike Barrington, Chicago

Glyn working in the galley! amazed onlookers Mike Barrington & Chicago

Johnny Lewis & bird

Johnny finally pulls a bird!

Belgium tender the Zeemeeuw

As the Belgium tender Zeemeeuw pulls away

Sunset over Knock deep

Before the sun sets over the Knock Deep

Thanks to Leendert Vingerling for his help in this feature

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