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Hans Knot - Honoured

After the disturbing news of the driver 38-year Karst T who drove through the crowds watching the Dutch Royal Family on an open-topped bus in Apeldoorn on Thursday, killed five people died of his injuries

Described as a loner, Karst T drove his car into railings surrounding an obelisk as the bus turned the corner into the Het Loo palace grounds

It's nice to be able to bring you a pleasant story Hans Knot has been recognised for his diligent work writing about the Radio Media for 40 years

Hans Knot in the Picture

Hans less trademark 'bushy beard' after the ceremony

Announced on Wednesday the 29th April 2009 Hans advisor for the Foundations for Media Communication for more than 30 years where he's worked for visual handicapped people reading the radionews at the University of Groningen

Honoured by Queen Beatrix from the Netherlands, the Mayor of Groningen knighted Hans Knight in the order of Oranje Nassau

LV 18 as Radio Sunshine

Sunday 15th March - The LV18 painted on one side for the film 'The Boat That Rocked'

The above photograph sent by Hans Knot taken by one of his former students Aafke Hoekstra (PHD)

The footage shot on board the LV18 in its guise as Radio Sunshire appeared in the pre-release edit but was cut from the main film

Many & hearty congratulations to Hans who for many years was shunned by many from Offshore Radio

Hans has been a good friend for over 30 years & I'm pleased to see him recognised for his dedication, commitment & hard work - Editor

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