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Hot FM

Well it nearly escaped but we thought worth including

Rear of Astra 1.7 TI

In mid-June we were taking a walk around town & caught sight of this GCap sales reps car

The Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CD T.I looked alright from the rear

NSF of Astra 1.7 TI

Languishing at the kerbside in the close named after nearby All Saints Church on the hill off the old A299 Thanet Way, from the front nearside it looks slightly less than perfect

NSF close up of Astra 1.7 TI

Captured too by Whitstable Times photographer a few days later we learnt the car's radio had caught fire gutting the whole vehicle

Engine bay of Astra 1.7 TI

Can't imagine where the radio dial was set?

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