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"Never more than a minute"

US Flag Issue: 5 Date: 26th January 2021 US Flag

Laser 730 & 558 in photographs with up to 60" of audio


Laser 558 Jingle Montage (Studio)

MV Communicator in Knock Deep

Laser's MV 'Communicator' finally at anchor in the Knock Deep

Communicator with Ross Revenge

Approaching from the South with the 'Ross Revenge' in the background


Gale force 9 wind through 'Communicator' masts, engineer Stuart Vincent describing the phenomena to Bob Le-Roi on Invicta Drivetime

Communicator flags & InmarsatCommunicator starboard weathering

Communication flags and starboard side weathering

Chris Carson with flowers

Chris Carson with flowers from tender skipper Graham

Deck mast insulator Communicator broadcast arials

Deck insulator; feed to aerial looks rough but it effectively covered most of Europe

Rck Harris & Charlie Wolf

Rick Harris with Charlie Wolf in the production studio


Laser 558 test announcement with positioning statement


Inmarsat; did it ever work?

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly "Posin" in the main studio

Communicator bridge

MV Communicator bridge wheelhouse

Bob Le-Roi & Craig Novac Bob Le-Roi

Little and large Bob with Craig Novak on deck amongst the paint chippings

Communicator Mess Room in 1984

Mess Room (1984)

Communicator Mess Room in 1985

Mess Room (1985)

Jonell in Communicator Mess Room in 1985

Jonell in Mess Room (1985)

Laser 558 Music Rotation Clock 1985


Craig Novak, teaching American!

Zodiac on deck Jonell

The Zodiac on deck, Jonell gets her buoy!

Holly Michaels

Holly Michaels

Communicator starboard full view

Leaving the ship on a beautiful evening on the North Sea

Worldwide Broadcast Corporation Card

5/7/08 - During 1984 & 1985 I was 15/16 & stayed at our caravan at Walton-on-Naze whilst living in Dagenham. Euroseige was fantasic, I was in won over for 2 weeks in the school holidays listening to Laser, then I spent 2 weeks in Germany on my return Charlie had gone

In those days I woke up to Laser & went to sleep by Laser the Abba & that's all folks was great

Happy Times- Chris Keensale

Broadcast Management Consultants Card

Enjoyed your article on Laser, do you anyone who has or where I can get one of those notices - the one warning boat owners during eurosiege? it would look good in my studio (a talking point) a reasonable sum offered. Tony

I've just got round to checking out your latest update. Great photos of Laser. Especially good to see a picture of Erin Kelly. Very nice lady. I met her a few times. She was called Erin Cavanagh when we first met. I recently saw a picture of her on the WYCD Detroit web-site and noticed that she had become Erin Weber. However she now seems to have disappeared from their line-up and presumably has moved on yet again - and is probably Erin Something-else by now! all the best, Jon

Just had another look through your excellent site & saw Laser. When I was seventeen I listened to one of the early tests from Lazer when they used a helium balloon to fly an antenna. Being a sad sort I taped the last hour or so before they shut down ( I did not hear another test on this frequency, they began properly a few months later) Regards Paul

26/11/09 - WOW ... amazing information you have!

26/11/09 - WOW amazing information you have! Here are a couple of links that I have up that you might be interested in! Laser Photos & Audio Clip

All the best - Kirk aka: KC In The Morning

US Flag But was it really "All American Radio"? US Flag

The Laser 558 Auction sale of the Laser 558 khZ TX crystal (Sold)

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