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Mebo 1 & 2 in Libya - Part 2

Second part of ourclean lines exclusive feature on the former Radio Northsea International ships in Libya

Reproduced from 35mm transparencies discovered in a shed they'd suffered from exposure to damp but we've enhanced the quality to improve viewing

Mebo 2 in Tripoli

Mebo 2 in Tripoli outer harbour

Modified aerial system allowed up to four separate transmitters to run in conjunction without interference

Crew that sailed Mebo 2 to Tripoli

Another picture of the sea crew that sailed the Mebo to Libya

Heinz Hunter

Heinz Hurter in the main studio

Max Stapfer & Captain Van der Kamp

Max Stapfer Mebo's Swiss manager in Libya with Captain Van Der Kamp once Captain of the Mi-Amigo was Captain of the Mebo as it was sailed from Rotterdam to Libya


Max Stapfers wife Suzie

Radio Jamorharija the foreign language service in English & French on 1610kHz used Veronica's 10kW Continental Electronics transmitter

Non Stop Pop in English was transmitted on 774 kHz at 40kW & sometimes 100kW to jam Radio Cairo

The Holy Koran service on 100MhZ

Heinz Hunter

Heinz Hurter continues the tests & transistor monitoring of output on all frequencies

Alfonso tempts Piet from galley

Alfonso in the Grand Hotel Galley of the Mebo 2 with Piet

Robin Banks on deck

Robin ready to grab the grub at a BBQ on deck

Captain Van de Kamp, Suzie & Max

Captain Van Der Kamp, Suzie Stapfer, Max Stapfer playing around in the main studio

Ships cat with Piet

Piet pets the ships cat

Ships crew about to leave Mebo 2

Ships crew ready to depart for home in Portugal having completed the voyage from Rotterdam to Libya

Tripoli Harbour

Tripoli harbour from the top of the Mebo 2 mast

Grateful thanks to Robin Banks for these unique rare pictures of the Mebo's in Libya

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