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Tribute to Linda Lamus

19th August 1944 - 9th December 2008

Bristol Docks

One of Lindas favourite hometown haunts Bristol Docks

Few colleages in Radio will know of Linda but in Television, Theatre, Promotion, & creative Poetry writing circles she was an inspiration to many

Quick to condemn her own words as 'rubbish' she relentlessly recrafted dozens of already superb works

Linda Lamus Portrait

Studio portrait of Linda

Linda was one of the loveliest of people you could ever wish to meet, charming & genuinely interested in all people regardless of race & creed. Linda traded on teasing; she along with everyone she knew was christened with a special name. She had several alto egos for herself & flipped between them as fancy took her. She'd worked in the theatre both as an actress & writer, in press promotion, television & as an incredibly talented poet, severely critical of her own works. Her unbreakable trait was a total disregard for time. Ready when she was ready, it was a marvel to behold as she step into a cab having kept the fuming driver waiting 20 minurtes or more. Underway in less than 20 yards the drivers were disarmed & soon rated themselves amongst her closest friends. Linda you were amazing, sleep well - Bob

Poem - Sunrise Poem - Package Poem - Crocodile

Words of poetry by Linda

Linda In Memorium Linda In Memorium

Order of Service

15/09/09 - The poetry festival in Bristol had a special night for Linda with a few words from Colin, who organises it, and then three poets he new Linda liked. It was billed as 'A Night for Linda' and the Arnolfini cinema, where it was held, was almost full. The family all attended at what will probably be the last formal event held in Linda's memory. They have all been very difficult to attend but have helped a great deal. Linda's collection of poetry books will become a memorial lending library for Linda.

An amazing person to love and who I still miss very much and always will. I can only count myself as incredibly lucky to have found somebody so different, but still so right, to fill my new life. - John

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