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MX5 Bluebell

A copy free feature of the MX5 Owners Club (South East) at the Bluebell Railway at Sheffield Park East Sussex on the 1st August 2004

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Cars arrive & park for the 12 noon service from Sheffield Park Station - "Tickets Please"

Just hanging loose by the window as the Golden Arrow Pullman passes through Horsted Keynes

Horsted Keynes Carriage workshop & a painting of Dorchester hangs in the waiting room at Kingscote

Station advertising signs & the pedestrian underpass at Horsted Keynes

Learn the experience of bringing an engine to a standstill from the brake van & a station advertising sign of Brighton in the 1930's

Derelict boilers at Sheffield Park & nose of 92240 in the engine shed

Golden Arrow fireman & driver, the train from the footbridge at Sheffield Park Station

The Bluebell Line is preserved as it was in 1937 for more about this great Sussex family attraction access their website

The Bluebell Railway voted railway of the year in the 2004 Good Britain Guide

To round off a BBQ Chef Jules makes a grab for Commis Chef Derek's old banger

Whilst Arthur's first in the queue to sample the delights

Jules serves the hungry crowd as Kay considers sweeter things in life

How'd you fancy this lot invading your garden?

Kay's car on a pebble beach, or is it?

For your miniature MX5 mail for more information

Thanks to Max', Jules & Don & especially Kay for the loan of her home & garden rounding off an exceptional day

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