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The Radio Nova International Jingle Collection

Nova Jingle CD cover


Radio Nova Jingles Track 1

The package was used by Ireland based 738AM, 102.7FM & satellite Radio Nova, the biggest & most successful pirate station * See footnote

Chris Carey in the 70's


Radio Nova Jingles Track 16

Station owner & boss Chris Carey formerly of Radio Caroline & RNI (Radio Northsea International) pictured here in RNI's on air studio on board the Mebo 2. See more of Radio Northsea International in the 70's onwards with RNI with Robin Banks in 2001

Nova jingle CD track listing


Radio Nova Jingles Track 23

It was Chris who decided then that the jingles should be made available on CD in a limited edition of 100 copies

Noiva jingle CD track listing continued


Radio Nova Jingles Track 30

We've now been asked to make a selection of the tracks freely available. Click on track numbers to hear the Jingles

Nova jingle CD track listing continued


Radio Nova Jingles Track 40

Tony Allen in 1973


Radio Nova Jingles Track 53

The jingles were in part voiced by Tony Allen, here pictured on Radio Caroline's MV Mi-Amigo in 1973

Nova jingle CD


Radio Nova Jingles Track 54

Nova jingle CD cover


Radio Nova Jingles Track 64

Vogue to have Bill Mitchell voice drops in those days as cuts 64 & 65 admirably demonstrate


Radio Nova Jingles Track 65

Chris Carey in 1985

Thanks to Chris Carey pictured above during the Radio Nova period, and Tony Allen for their contribution to this feature


Chris Carey Easy 40 (14th July 1985)

N.B Recorded from a car radio on the Helensborough coast of Scotland

* Footnote Email from AJ Beirens

Hi Bob Hadn't heard the Radio Nova jingles 53 and 54 for many many years. They were produced by Steve England & Terry Davies in 1979 for our station Radio Nova International at Ventimiglia (Italy, just on the border with France) There is also a Dutch language version of this jingle. The quality of the French jingle is superb, one would never know the lines are sung by English lads who at the time didn't speak any French. We sent them a tape with the French text repeating every word & every part of the sentence many & the result was absolutely perfect. When I was in Dublin in the early 80's getting offshore Radio Paradijs ready on the Liffey, Chris was also setting up a station in Ireland. He didn't have a name yet & no jingles... so our jingles made all the difference... Cheers - AJ Beirens

One of my biggest regrets during the time I ran Sounds Alternative is that there were very few photos taken at the time, currently I cant find any at all. I will have a word with a few of the old crowd that I have still have contact with to see if any photos still exist. I know I have press cuttings and letters.We were among the list mentioned in the House of Commons early in 1984 as an example of some of the pirates still broadcasting regulary. I could probably write a book about the antics around that period. Maybe one day Imight put pen to paper. I presented the occasional programme on several of the other Birmingham pirates during the late 70's until the mid 80's, including jointly running Empire Radio on short wave in May 1978 to mid 81'ish. On April 1st 1979 we broadcast a hoax TX as Radio Nova International on 6206khz claiming to be bradcasting from Camporosso in the Italian Riveria.! Very amusing at the time. We recieved a tremendous ammount of mail for this transmission and recieved coverage of many of the international sw dx progs running at the time inc, Swiss Radio International, Radio Nederland and Radio Sweden. I will let you know if I locate any sounds alternative photos. Regards - Mark

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