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Lovely Old Ships

Photographs from the private archives of Gerald Ransley Clarke

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Issue: 3

Dated: 17th November 2008

Fishing Boat enters Folkestone Harbour

A Fishing Boat entering Folkestone Harbour

Folkestone Harbour

Folkestone Harbour basin in the early 1930's

SS Biarritz

SS Biarritz leaving Folkestone Harbour on 9th July 1933

PS Brighton Belle

PS Brighton Belle off Hastings

PS Brighton Belle, Eastbourne

PS Brighton Belle off Eastbourne 27th August 1933


Listed as a four funnel liner is the Olympic scrapped in the summer of 1935

26/2/10 - The photo captioned originally "Listed as a four funnel liner possibly the Mauretania scrapped in the summer of 1935" is actually the Olympic, also scrapped in 1935 Thanks for some pleasant browsing - John Reilly, Hamden, CT, USA

14/4/20 - The Olympic's fourth funnel was a dummy which served as a engine room ventialtor. She and her four sister ships were designed as 'Four Stackers' not only for asthetic reasons, giving them a garceful balanced look, but to keep up appearances with the largest and fastest ocean liners which from 1897 all had four funnels - Philip Cash

PS Harlequin

A little camera shake but she's the PS Harlequin 2nd August 1933

SS Kenilworth

The 12,975 ton SS Kenilworth Castle of the Union Castle Line at Southampton was laid down in 1904

RM Majestic

RMS Majestic of the White Star Line 56,621 ton ship was laid down in 1913 as the Ex-German Bismark

Launched in 1914 working on fitting her out ceased during WW1. The German Ship Yard was forced to complete her before she was handed over to Whitse Star as compensation for the loss of Britannic in 1916 but they did so as Bismark. Only when the British crew took her to over in March 1922 was her name and funnel colours altered. She was the largest ship in the world until the arrival of Normanidie in 1925 - Philip Cash

RM Majestic Boat Deck

RMS Majestic boat deck

RM Majestic Lounge

Lounge on the RM Majestic

SS Atlantis

The SS Atlantis in Southampton Docks, the 1513 ton ship was laid down in 1921 & is seen here from the deck of the RMS Majestic

Southampton pictures from 27th August 1934

Queen Mary Bow profile Queen Mary Full Bow profile

The Queen Mary at Southampton

Queen Mary Port Side

At 80,443 tons & 1018' in length quite a beast

Queen Mary Port Side, ready to sail

Queen Mary ready to sail pictures from 20th July 1936

F5 Flying Boat

An F5 Flying Boat fitted with twin 375 HP Rolls Royce Eagle 8 Engines

Dutch Sailing Barge

A Dutch Sailing Barge pictured in the early 1930's

PS Queen of Thanet

PS Queen of Thanet

PS Queen of Thanet, Calais

PS Queen of Thanet comes into Calais

PS Queen of Thanet, in Calais

PS Queen of Thanet in Calais on 19th June 1932

SS Canterbury

SS Canterbury at Calais on the 19th June 1932

Gun Boat Ailette

The French Gun Boat Ailette at Ostend on 14th August 1935

Gun Boat Ancre

French Gun Boat Ancre leaving Ostend on 12th August 1935

SS St Briac

SS St Briac at St Peter Port Guernsey on 23rd July 1936

View a page on the St Briac from 'Channel Island Railway Steamers' by Kevin Le Scelleur of Jersey

Download pdf file on the history of the St Briac & dives made on her wreck

Grateful thanks to Geralds son Andrew & his daughter Suzzane for providing the archive & giving permission to publish these amazing photograhs

28/10/08 - My grandfather was Captain of the fine St Briac for several years just prior to the date that Mr Clarke's photograph was taken he retired on May 1st 1936 - William Tracy

3/08/08 - Truely excellent photographs, thanks for sharing them - Martin, Faversham

4/08/08 - Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the feature on the old ships. Fascinating. Peter remembers the Daffodil operating from Southend Pier. He also went on a ferry between Southend Pier & Sheerness a couple of times in the early 1960's but cannot remember its name.

Last year we went up to Clacton for a day by train, there were line problems & it took hours to get there but wen we arrived there was a steamer tied up at the end of Clacton pier & we considered going back to Southend by Pier it would probably have been quicker that day; certainly would have been very pleasant

Nice to see you featuring some pictures from this side of the estuary for a change. I know Tilbury isn't the most handsome place in the county but ... Paul Bailey

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