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Tribute to Paul Stutch

Paul Stutch in Spain

It's with sadness we learn of the death of Paul Stutch (Stutchbury) who died of a brain tumor on the 31st December 2008. I first met Paul at the Invicta Maidstone Studios in 1988, unbeknown to us at the time we'd work together again when I asked him to join Medway FM. Paul had previously been on the weekly Rock Show on Coast AM 603/1242 taking over the reins from Brian Martin. He left Invicta to pursue other interests, shortly after the station consolidated it's operations selling the Maidstone Earl Street & Canterbury East Station buildings in a deal with George Wilson to move to a new development in Reeves Way Whitstable, rumored named after our then Invicta M.D Nigel Reeve

With the winning of North Kent I.L.R I asked Paul to join the team to present a weekend show he remained with us until 2000. In 2002 he took himself off to live in Spain to enjoy the culture & sunshine running a bar/nightclub & it was in Spain that he died. Paul was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet & a pleasure to work with. Cheerful, helpful & invariably wearing his trade mark smile. Paul you're in our thoughts & greatly missed, R.I.P. Mate - BLR

I worked with Paul at Invicta Radio during the early 90s but after he left to join Medway FM & I lost contact.
I'll remember him as being a thoroughly decent bloke & one of the all too few good guy's. My thoughts are with Paul's family. R.I.P. Paul - Bob Mower (Matthews)

Pual Stutch Medway FM Presenter Postcard

In this life it can be rarely said of someone that they are a true 'Gem' but in Paul's case it's true. Paul was a true gentleman and a person who gave his all to people. He loved having a laugh and larking around which is why he got on so well at Medway FM. I can confidently say my time at the station with him was some of the best I've ever had. We just enjoyed ourselves doing the job which is something that is sadly missing from today's Radio. Paul loved music, his fags and calling everyone "Geez", I am proud to have known him and his memory will live with me for the rest of my days. "Stutchy" a diamond friend & true Geezer" - Ian James

Pual Stutch Comic Card

I first met Paul Stutch when he actually had some hair! when the Invicta studios were at Station Road East in Canterbury. I'd been invited to the studios by Chris Ryder, Paul was doing a Classic Rock show & being an 80's Rock fan decided give him a listen. We met up again in 1997 at Medway FM. Paul had just joined now minus his hair and was doing the evening show. I think it must have been his first show at the studios in Rochester as he had bought with him a box of Cart's that he was hoping to play and was muttering to himself that Bob the boss told him there were no Cart' machines to use. So I offered to take them up to Medway Hospital Radio where Winston Nurse copied the contents onto mini-disc & transfer onto Medway FM's B.C.X play-out system so 'Living on Classic Rock' with Paul Stutch again hit the airwaves

Following several schedule changes I was given a Saturday and Sunday evening show, being completely nervous I decided to practice spending several days in Studio 3, unaware that Paul was listening in from the live on-air studio. After coming off-air one evening he came into the studio and gave me some fantastic helpful advice and helped me put together a demo to go home and listen to. I'll always remember Paul's kindness, the great rock tracks he played, the celebrity 'what's ons' compiled by Mark and Wendy Kember of Snodland, the "Ghandi Stutch" jingles that Ian James had made and placed in Paul's button box instead of his own and the Sunday afternoon competition he ran that had 3 of us answering the phones for in excess of 3 hours - Tony Gold

I am deeply, deeply saddened to receive this news, as you know I worked closely with Paul at Coast AM at the Earl Street Masidstone Studios on the 'Living On Rock' programme which I'd been so fortunate to inherit from Kerry Juby. Paul was then at a fairly early stage in his broadcasting career and was just so keen, always, always smiling, willing to learn absolutely everything about our industry and he had a superb, almost encyclopeadic, knowledge of rock music. His contribution to Living On Rock was immeasurable. He has remained in my thoughts over the years as one of the most genuine, happy and true people I have known. I have met many genuine and lovely people but Paul is right up there amongst the best of the best. I am proud to have known him and honoured to have worked with him. My condolences go to his family. Sleep well "Stuchy" and keep smilin' "Geez" - Brian Martin

I'm shocked and stunned to hear about Paul Stuch. I met Paul by way of a roundabout route through his brother Mark. I'm a transport enthusiast and Mark was a railway enthusiast. I got to know Mark's family when they lived in Barnehurst and later when they moved to Slade Green. My interest in radio was known to the family and it was Mark's brother Paul who said to me "Why don't you come down to the Dartford Radio Joyce Green/Bow Arrow hospital radio station where I work and get involved, they'd love to have another pair of hands" I was known as John Alexander, Paul actually started his radio career there, but was also a mobile DJ and kept busy with bookings all around the area. I left Radio Joyce Green to pursue a 'pirate' path and lost touch with both Mark and Paul after I moved to live in Devon 10 years ago. I did pay one final visit to the little studio that Radio Joyce Green broadcast from just before the hospital complex was flattened in the name of progress. It was only a few years ago that I came across the name again and realised he and his family must have moved deeper into Kent. Paul was indeed a real gentleman and liked by all his listeners. Paul certainly introduced me to some good people and tried hard to put me on the straight and narrow, and he nearly succeeded but once a pirate etc. I am so pleased that he went on to develop a career in radio and music and just hope that he is at peace now - John Burch

I have read your tribute and am truly amazed at the thoughfulness and genuine kindness from all who have taken the time to write in. My parents and brothers will be so pleased to see this. Paul was remarkable and I miss him terribly but as was played at his funeral he did it "My Way" and ended his days in Majorca which he called home for a number of years. Even out of season, so many people from all around the island came to pay their respects. True to Paul, his final request was that his ashes be tied to a rocket and sent into space!! They were however scattered in the sea off of Alcudia with rockets going off on the beach. A service was held here too where over 100 people came at very short notice. A BIG thank you to all. Karen xx

Lovely tribute to Paul. I Worked with Paul for a couple of years at Millennium 106.8. He was loved by everyone and is missed. I hope you don't mind that I've posted a link to it from Wikipedia. Best regards Frank de Pellette

12/12/10 - I was an old friend of Paul's from the early nineties when we worked together at Thamesport on the Isle of Grain. We all used to be amazed when straight after a 12 hr night shift working in the port, Paul would do the breakfast show on Invicta Supergold, and still sounded bright and sharp!

I was very, very sad to find your obituary page about Paul. I was writing out my Christmas cards and came accross Paul's name in my address book with what I knew to be an old address of his. Knowing his DJ work made me "Google" his name to see if I could find him, and your page came up

Paul was an outstanding bloke, he was solid as a rock and I loved his sense of humour. He was someone I always hoped I would meet again and saw him as a true caring friend

I rembember when Paul was at Thamesport, he had a fair sized house in Snodland with a few empty rooms. The new port always seemed to have visiting Engineers looking for somewhere to stay and Paul often took them in. His place was known as "Stutchbury Towers". There were often parties at Paul's but Paul had to crack the whip a few times to stop things getting out of hand! It was all good humoured though

On Christmas Eve 1992, Paul gave a dedication to my son Martin on Invicta Supergold. I still have a recording of that and have just played it again

Many thanks for creating the page in memory of Paul. He will be really missed by all those who have been lucky enough to have known him. Regards Chris Parish

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