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A Power Cruise by fast RiB to all three of the Offshore Forts used throughout the 1960's by the Radio Pirates

This Radio Forts Special on 19th June 2005 covered over 40 miles with over 2 hours at sea

Preparations for cruise

Kitting up with self inflating life belts at Neptune Jetty Herne Bay Kent

Knock John Naval Fort

The Knock John Fort once home to Radio Essex later Britain's Better Music Station

Knock John Naval Fort east end

The massive Eastern leg still in reasonable condition despite having had no maintenance or repair since left by caretaker crews in 1958

Knock John Naval Fort under south wing

Underside of the Northern Wing

Knock John Naval Fort west end

Today the forts are used as home & roosting for Sea Gulls

Knock John Naval Fort looking east

Leaving the Knock John

Shivering Sands Army Forts from north east

Approaching Shivering Sands from the North East once home to Radio Sutch & then Radio City

Shivering Sands Army Forts looking north west

The standard supply boat approach having rounded the Southern Shivering Sands Buoy to come alongside the G1 Gun Tower

Thanks to Neil Edwards for the above picture

Shivering Sands Army Bofors Tower

Bofors Tower from the South

Shivering Sands Army Control Tower

Control Tower

Shivering Sands Army G1 Gun Tower Shivering Sands Army G1 Gun Tower

1. G1 Southern Gun Tower from south

2. The Tower from G2 gun Tower

Shivering Sands Army Control Tower

Control Tower from beneath G2 Gun Tower

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