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Issue: 3 Updated: 11th December 2012

An early autumn walk from Herne Bay through Reculver Country Park to the Reculver Church Towers on 12th September 2010 during Heritage Open Day Week

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Reculver Country Park Plan

1. Reculver Country Park Plan

Beltinge Para-Gliders

2. Para-gliders at Beltinge

Winds up

3. Hanging on for the right kind of wind

Oops crash landing

4. Airborne for two minutes before an undignified landing in the sea

Distant Reculver Towers

5. Reculver Towers from the coastal path (The Saxon Shore Way)

Distant the worlds biggest (at time of publication) 100 wind turbine farm of the Thanet Array at Foreness 17.5 km (15.2 miles) from shore

Depicting WWII Fort, Dam Busters and Windfarm

6. The 617 squadrons 'Dam Busters' Lancaster Bombers practised their 1943 raid at Reculver, the Towers closely resembling those of the German River Ruhr

Also depicted a WWII Gun Tower and distant windfarm in a wall motif at the Visitor Centre

A film of the Barnes Wallace 'Bouncing Bomb' runs can be viewed at the Visitor Centre and museum which should be visited before going to the Reculver Towers

We suggest a visit to close by RAF Manston Airfield and museum

Windfarm & Shivering Sands Forts

7. The 30 turbine windfarm on the Kentish flats 5 miles from the shore with plans for an additional 17 Wind Turbine Extension and Shivering Sands Fort 3 miles beyond

Reculver Towers from the Saxon Shore Way

8. Reculver Church Towers & Roman Fort site is now maintained and managed by English Heritage

Red Sands Army Forts

9. Red Sands Fort with the Essex coast beyond

Heritage Open Days a National event with historic and interesting buildings being opened to the public

Normally held in early September Canterbury, Whitstable & Herne Bay events are organised by Simon Hopkins

Local authority websites are sometimes slow to inform but try Canterbury City Council for dates and future programme

Reculver Towers close-up

10. The Towers are actually spires of the 12th Century Church of St Mary's which originally stood over 3/4 mile from the sea, erosion has left the structure perched 6' from the cliff edge

£4.5 was spent Reculver foreshore workings undertaken in 1995 Reculver Sea Defenses

Sea Defences & Coastline towards Herne Bay

11. View from the bridge section between the Towers

View towards Herne Bay with the Isle-of-Sheppey right

Granite blocks form part of the sea defence

Nave, aisles and chancel

12. With the exception of the spires, save for parts of the nave, aisles and chancel the Church was ruined by a devastating fire

The inland water beyond is the Oyster hatchery of Seasalter Shellfish

To the right are the only remains of the 1st century Roman Fort which guarded the Northern end of the Wantsum Channel, the rest collapsed into the sea around 300 years ago

Red Sands Fort from Reculver Towers

13. Red Sands Fort from the Reculver Towers

Knock John Fort from Reculver Towers

14. Knock John from Reculver Towers

Coastal path towards Herne Bay

15. Coastal path West towards Herne Bay

Clay cliffs towards Herne Bay

16. Clay cliffs at Reculver looking West towards Herne Bay

Aerial view of Reculver to south west

17. Reculver looking South West

Reculver towers and site from above

18. Reculver Towers and Fort site from above

Reculver caravan park from air

19. Reculver Caravan Park

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